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Gochai Twins [Urban Legend]

Discussion in 'Roleplay Documents' started by Missunderstood, Sep 16, 2020.

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    OOC Disclaimer: Yes, this was made originally from me if it's referencing any other urban myths or real life situations, it's probably a coincidence.

    GOCHAI TWINS. FILE 102, 1945[IC]


    'One is one too many.'

    I have been watching the twins. I have noticed strange.


    '1945. The birth of the Gochai Twins, at the time they were looked at as. . nuisances.' [Ms. Minami.]

    'Ehh?!Gochai Twins!Kiro and Kira?!I school with them!I don't talk to them though, I don't trust clones!' [Kinaki Chou.]

    '. . .'[Gochai 'Mum' Misaki]

    [The story.]

    It was the birth, at 1945, the birth of the Gochai Twins, Kiro and Kira. They were both female, it was odd really. Twins were not a common occurance in Karakura. They were obediant, they listened to everything, understood everything, did everything they were told. What happened to them?

    Well, at 1950, when they had just turned 5, they were considered witches, bad omen. A thing that should cease of existance, gone, erased. That is what the citizens of Karakura had firmly believed. They had believed, that these. . Things would bring them bad harvesting, nothing but bad luck.

    At the age of 5, the Gochai Twins were excuted on a stake.

    . . .


    Fire was what caused the Gochai's twins death, no. It wasn't fire, it was the lies, the lies of the town people that 'It's okay to be different'. These smiles, these smiles that the towns people gave them whenever the Gochai twins were to appeal to their interests. . .


    They turned to scikening smiles which secretely wanted them gone. .

    'Good riddance.'


    They had thought. What do they mean?

    . . .

    They did not die.

    . . .

    Why would they, why would they die.

    It was just their lies.

    . .. .

    . . ..

    Hospital. Their bodies were buried into where the current karakura hospital is.




    Was it because we were twins?

    . . .



    . . . .

    Then. That is not fair.

    . . ..


    Why did it happen TO us why did it happen to us. . .

    We are just twins.

    Every sunday, on the 28th of September.


    They ask 'Why?'

    . . ..

    If you don't answer, you will burn, life. .

    is not fair.

    So please,

    Tell me.


    What is your answer?

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