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What is your Minecraft Username?: Vexosphere

Past warns/kicks/bans?: Long time ago, i've got banned for 7 days. Reason: OOC Toxicity. I won't repeat it again.

What is your timezone?: CEST, GMT+2

Please provide your Discord tag and Identifier (ExampleName#0001): vexosphere

Link(s) to all past and present applications on the server (Approved, Denied & Pending):
HS Council Application [Approved]
JSL Application [Approved]
Polish Application [Approved]

Describe your activity on the server:
This question can be interpreted in two ways; "Explain your activity based on how much you play daily" and "Explain your activity based on what you do on the server, what type of roleplay you engage in".

I referred to this question previously in the same way, so I'll do it again. I would rate my activity on a scale of 1 to 10 at 5/10. Once, without beating around the bush, I would have rated it 10/10, but the time when SRP was a magical place where you could do whatever you wanted has passed. I don't hide the fact that this server is not like it used to be, and if it weren't for the Council, I would quickly drop from that "ten" to a low five. However, I found my place on this server, which is my favorite... The Council room. You know i was active when i was in councillor, it gave me motivation to join SRP everyday.

When I started my adventure with SRP, I was involved in various types of roleplay, even CrimeRP. That's because I wanted to try everything server has to offer. I also engaged in FamilyRP, RomanceRP, and, of course, the main SchoolRP. Until recently, as you know, I played as a Councillor, but unfortunately, due to a ban, I have to take a break from that. Besides, i engaged mainly in FamilyRP and RomanceRP. After my adventures as a new player without even SRP Skin in the GangRP environment, I knew that wasn't the right path, and I quickly eliminated that option from my mind.

List your accounts and roles on this server:
{College}{B} Hitomi McMullen
{Grade-10} Neon 'Mizu' Hayasaka

Are you aware that inactivity can result in removal from the council?: I'm fully aware.


What is the student council and what do they do?:

Student council is a highly relative concept depending on the country in which it exists, but the general definition states that council members serve as a sort of bridge facilitating communication between students, clubs, sports teams, school staff, and even the SLT. In the simplest terms, it's volunteer work that selflessly intervenes with the school to make it better, safer, and more friendly. In Japanese culture, the council plays a more significant role than in most other countries. In the case of SchoolRP, they have many responsibilities and privileges. Let's start with the responsibilities ⤸

Adherence to School Rules: Councillors ensure that students follow the rules, often explaining why it's important and attempting to change their thought process. However, if people don't want to change, no one, not even the SLT, can force them to.
Setting an Example: As a councillor, it's essential to be a model student. Demonstrating good behavior is crucial because showing a bad example can tarnish the council's image and negatively influence students. If the council can do it, they might think they can get away with bad behavior too. This includes personal conduct, attending classes, following school rules, avoiding physical or psychological violence.
Providing Feedback to the Administration and Participating in/Creating Events: Council members should engage and assist in organizing school events and attend them. Offering feedback to the administration is essential to improve aspects that students don't like.
Creating Reports: Despite helping students, the council must also ensure that dangerous individuals who negatively affect the school environment are identified.

Now, about the privileges of the student council ⤸

Dedicated Room: A cozy, private room with all the necessary facilities.
Scholarship: The chance to get easily moved to College.
Participation in Detention and Issuing Detention: Council members can be involved in detention procedures.
Trustworthiness: As a council member, you are a trusted individual, usually maintaining positive relationships with school staff unless you are a corrupt council member. (Like Eichi Blackburn)
Custom Items: Members have the privilege of possessing two custom items, a walkie-talkie, and an (very) cool purple arm band.

What motivated you to apply for council? (e.g. Interests, friends, etc.):
I won't deny that before my adventure with SRP, I wasn't interested in the student council. However, after getting to know a certain person named "Emma Emerson." my character started to change drastically under her influence. Emma herself had an impact on me in real life because as a genuinely new player, I decided to apply for the council, thinking, 'Let's see what happens.' Despite my recent start and many mistakes in my previous application, I was accepted and given the opportunity to get to know this environment from the inside. Over time, I began to take an even greater interest in the council and became more involved, for example, in organizing events.

Are you aware that you’ll be having to use your creativity and teamwork ethic within the student council? (e.g. Coming up and helping with events):
Creativity has never been my Achilles' heel, so as you probably know, there's no issue with that. As for teamwork, I wasn't sure at the beginning, but over time, I think I've proven my skills. I'm not just throwing empty words around like some, but I've genuinely helped multiple times and organized things myself.

Can you list the roles in the council along with other roles that might be important to the council?:

There are two of them, one manages the High School Council, and the other oversees the College Council. They are simply individuals in charge of the council. They are responsible for their members and the overall functioning of the faction. Primarily, they are the ones who approve event ideas or create them. Nevertheless, it must be said that their role is not as simple as it may seem.

Vice-President: The right hand of the President, responsible for supporting and working together with the President. There are two of them as well. Just like above, it's not a straightforward role, and to become one, you need to show dedication to the council.

Training Committee Member: A dedicated member of the committee whose task is to train new council members. Instructions regarding the training protocol are provided by the President, and they should not do it on their own or as they see fit, as it may potentially have a negative impact on new council members.

Councillor: The most common member of the student council; however, this does not mean they are irrelevant. I have explained what the council is and what it does in great detail, and I won't unnecessarily repeat it.

Roles with which the council may potentially interact ⤸

Without students, there is no school, and without school... there's no school. You will interact with them most often as a councillor, so get used to encountering drunk students, nerds, gang members, or sweet anime girls, or else you won't be able to handle it as a council member.

Bobcats/Spartans: They are usually the ones giving students a hard time in the school bathroom, so keep an eye on them. Some of them also tend to do silly things, like eating turtle food.

Teachers/Professors: These are educated individuals who have been hired here for one purpose: to teach you something. You will interact with them during classes or occasionally at school. Respect them, but don't hesitate to report something to the administration if they violate school rules.

Employes: They have various roles; in this school, we have receptionists, nurses, librarians, caretakers, and counselors. Just as I wrote above, if something is amiss, we can report it.

SLT (Senior Leadership Team): Perhaps the scariest role you can encounter as a student; because if you see them, either you're in trouble or... you're lucky to have met them. They are the school's administration and handle everything.


You’re patrolling the school and you walk by two girls verbally harassing each other, but they didn't pay mind to you. What do you think is the correct way to go about this?

Since every situation is different, there's no such thing as a 'correct solution.' Neon approaches each person individually, rather than automatically. When Neon notices a conflict, she would first quietly assess the situation to understand whether it's something serious or just fooling around. However, if it appears to be a serious matter, she would try to get their attention in various ways, whether by clearing her throat, snapping her fingers, clapping her hands, or slightly raising her tone. Ultimately, she would raise her voice. If she managed to get their attention, Neon would inquire about the context to understand what happened. After a brief dialogue and resolving their conflict if possible, Neon would simply leave the situation be. If the conflict escalated, she would take them to the student council room to effectively bury the hatchet.

A student refuses to take their mask off after you’ve brought up detention and they’ve run away! What do you do?
In this situation, there is also no correct solution. The simplest approach would be to chase and grab the person, but this could be considered acts of violence. Neon would probably do it anyway because she values ensuring safety in the school, and as it's known, a masked person doesn't signify anything good. For her, this is more important than adhering to every rule. There's also the option to inform the school staff and the student council, describing the appearance of this individual. Nevertheless, Neon would attempt to apprehend them, and depending on the person's behavior, she would confiscate the mask.

There seems to be a councillor abusing their powers! They’re being exceptionally mean to a student, causing the student to be defensive or scared. How would you step in?
It's important to note that this is highly unprofessional behavior, and Neon definitely wouldn't ignore it. First and foremost, she would initiate a conversation with the specific council member about their behavior. She would politely inform them that she would report it if necessary because it's the height of impropriety to behave this way, not only as a councillor but also as a human being. She would also ask about the reason, although it may not be relevant at that moment, as she would want to understand the emotions that led to such behavior. If it were to recur, and discussions proved unhelpful, she would report the council member to the President or the student council advisor, Dean Angelos.

You seemed to miss a few pieces of information during a meeting, how would you go about getting that information?
Unusual scenario because I don't have a tendency to lose informations. But the simplest solution would be to just ask other council members and get informed.

A teacher/receptionist has told you that you are doing something that goes against what you were trained by your higher-ups. How would you react to this?
Showing respect, Neon would explain that she follows all the procedures, and if there's an issue with that, she would need to discuss it with the President of the student council. At the same time, she would listen to the allegations and try to clarify the situation.

Please provide atleast one detailed event that the council can use as a future event to showcase your creativity! (Must be 300 words or more for one event):

Christmas Event!

Every year, the student council steps in to bring the magic of the holidays to the school!

OOC Planning: This is NOT a one-date event; it would be divided into different days. Depending on the part, the event location would change.

Gifts for councillors: Student council members would decorate a Christmas tree together and decorate a room. The President would organize a drawing, in which you pick a fellow council member and buy them a gift within a certain budget, not a big one. (Event location - Council Room)

Gifts for students:
Why not use the help desk to give out holiday sweets to students and staff? It's a no-brainer... Also, each council member could wear a Santa hat during the event! (Event location - Council 'help desk')

Party-pooper hunting:
There's always someone who doesn't like holidays and will disrupt the celebrations. This person simply destroys the holiday spirit! They wreck decorations, break gingerbread cookies, and refuse to wear a Santa hat. Who could it be? Probably Ayako Kusanagi... she can't enjoy herself! It's the students' task to find this person and bring them to the student council room to face justice! Let the hunt begin... (Event location - School)

Holiday Cards:
Want to send something nice to your friend or maybe your family? We'll deliver your holiday card! Choose from a few, and we'll do the rest. (Event location - near the Gymnasium)

Big Snowball Fight:
The rules are simple: get hit, you lose! (Event location - Baseball Field)

Main Event, Holiday Festival!
(Event location - Gymnasium)

As always:
food booths, photo booths, a contest for the best holiday outfit.

Atmosphere: There must be music, a playlist of carols will be prepared. The same goes for decorations.

Christmas Story: A council member responsible for the performance will share the history of this holiday, interesting facts about it, and more.

Santa's School Visit: Everyone will get something if they've been nice this year.

★Personal Information★
(in character)

IC Section would be written by Neon herself.

Name: Neon 'Mizu' Hayasaka

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Phone number: (+81) (030)-528-7598

How would you describe your personality?:
In theory, I could make up how wonderful I am to increase my chances, but I'm not like the rest. I'm impulsive but also very friendly person. Honestly, defining myself is tough. I'm fairly helpful, yet I also enjoy being lazy; I prefer things to be handed to me, which is my flaw. Nonetheless, when I do a task, I excel at it. You can expect me to primarily show initiative and work hard. I am not perfect; I want to point it out here. No one is perfect; that is a simple fact. Despite being impulsive, I truly hate violence, and I would never engage in such contact.

Appearance/attire (Please provide a picture):


What separates you from other applicants seeking your position?:
To be honest, I don't like to answer this kind of question, because I simply don't know the other applicants and I don't know what sets them different from me - in fact, they may be better than me. You never know what you can expect from a person from just paper application. I'm an truly honest person, that's why I'm pointing it out here. This is the thing that I'm FOR SURE different from other people. I know that the people has a tendency of sitting quietly, not complaining and not doing anything about it with the fact if something does not fit them. Basically they are so comfortable with doing nothing, so there is no need to stress if for example, we are not right. If I'm NOT right, I can admit it and accept it like mature invidual would. I know that THIS is what sets me apart from the others.

Why do you want this position?:
I have certain goals in my life; I've experienced bullying in school, so I want to fight against it. I want the school to be friendly, safe, and engaging for everyone. I know for sure this is something i want to work on. Unfortunately, students doesn't feel safe sometimes in our school due to flaws in our school system. I'm going to fix this school, so everyone can either learn something and enjoy spending time here.

What interests you the most about student council?:
For the matter of fact, student council is independent group. They are just doing their work, regardless everything. The Student Council is special; teamwork is an absolutely amazing experience you can feel in your life. But if you expect council to function as a team, you need to have right members. Without them it's impossible. The essence of Student Council lies in team-work.

What could you contribute to make the school a safe and fun environment?:
A very tough question... you can't just ensure everyone's safety easily. Gang members will always be around, and I won't always be able to be nearby. But I'll give it my all. And to make the school a better place, I'll work on actually FUN events.

Thank you for reading my application!

(I've got convinced by council members to try again.)


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