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Honeyybee_'s Spanish Application

Discussion in 'Reviewed Applications' started by Rachel Carolyne, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. Rachel Carolyne

    Rachel Carolyne United States Level 1

    Jun 3, 2020
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    11:21 PM
    IGN: honeyybee_
    Language your character knows: Spanish
    How does your character know this language?: Aiden originated from Spain, where most of her family still resides. Living there her whole life, she learned the language from her
    Abuela at a young age while she would be watched by her on the weekdays. After growing up with a pretty well put life, it fell apart once she hit high school and started down the road of drug abuse. This caused her and her family to fall apart, her moving constantly in and out of her home with her sister who was going through the same thing. After one large fight, the girls decided to move in with their aunt who works in Japan. Aiden did her best to learn the new language but still enjoys the use of her native language. She knew not many people would know it, but the longer she was there, the more people she met that spoke the language she loved so dearly.
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  2. godisdead

    godisdead Sweden Level 174 Administrator

    Jul 19, 2018
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    5:21 AM
    Elaborate on how your character actually learned the language. ​