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How does the age system works?


Level 36
So, you age up the more you play. For instance, say you played for a 24 hours, you would age up a certain amount.

The maximum you can age up to is 18. Once you’ve hit 18, you have to apply for a role (e.g. Teacher) to get a higher age. Apply here.

Do “/ar check” in-game to see how much you have to play until you hit 18! Hope this helped.


Level 3
Lemuriin I know Im late for the reply but heres a full schematic of how it works!
5minutes icly is 1 minute Irl
300Minutes icly is 1hour(I think idk is my math correct)
7.2k minutes icly is 24 hours
1.209.600 minutes icly is 1 week irl <--------------Now heres more math xD

Grade seven to grade 8 is 2hours irl (I think) wich is 600 icly minutes
Grade 8 to grade 9 is 5hours irl wich is 1.5k minutes icly
It all goes like that till grade 12.
Idk how it goes from there!

If you need anymore help heres my tag Glazzor#1909


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