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GangRP has become the abbreviated term for ‘Gang Roleplay’ over time throughout SRP, it is a very prominent part of the server, having it’s own sub sectioned community & members relating to it; just as sports teams & government workers, this part of the community is full of dedicated players driven by their passion for what they do.


There are a multitude of ways to go about inducting yourself into Karakura’s underground; depending upon the gang. Some will recruit through In-Character methods, however the vast majority will also recruit via Discord, through an application process.

If you wish to view all of the organizations that you have the potential to become apart of, a link to the Karakura Crime Discord can be located here.


Think you’ve got what it takes to weave your way through Karakura to raise your gang to the very top? A good place to start with creating a gang is to get yourself a Discord server setup & running. Have a ranking system in mind for your gang, create the roles through Discord accordingly [e.g Lead, Elite, Lackey]. Create a roster, public & private channels reserved for your members.

Once you’ve met the following requirements, your gang has the potential to become recognized by the Karakura Black Market, to which your Discord server will receive public exposure, resulting in an influx of new potential members to bolster your gang numbers.

The requirements are as follows:
  • Your organization must have a minimum of 10 members in the gang.​
  • The group must be active on the server, if for any reason it becomes inactive/disbanded, the server will be removed from the list & your roles removed.​
  • You must have a claimed turf for your members.​
  • The gang must have a good reputation in terms of following rules & keeping civil in out of character situations.​


In order to kill off another character, there are a few steps that should be taken before doing so. Killing someone’s character isn’t something that should be taken lightly, so it’s important to ensure that you’ve got everything in order before going through with your plan.
First thing’s first, ensure that you actually have kill permissions on your intended target. You can do this by viewing the combat section of the official rulebook here, then breaking down each definition & spoiler tag to figure out what does/doesn’t apply to your situation at hand. Another crucial piece of information, always readily available screenshots of specifically what it was that granted you Kill Permissions on whatever endeavor that your character has gone through. In the world of GangRP, it’s important to consistently use your F2 key to take screenshots in order to provide proof of happenings when required by a member of staff. One last failsafe method of verifying your permissions is to DM any member of SRP staff for their approval/validation of your permissions, once that’s been granted, you should be absolutely in the clear.


Right, so you’ve gotten the permissions, you have proof of getting the permissions via screenshot or video clip, & now you’re ready to prepare.

It goes without saying, but, you’ll need a weapon to carry out the actions as you cannot kill with bare fists nor everyday miscellaneous objects UNLESS you have that player’s consent to do so. Chances are however, the player in question will not be taking too kindly to their character dying by your hand, so you’d best come prepared to be fully self-sufficient. You can acquire a weapon through a couple of methods, the two easiest being either through the Karakura Black Market, or by bartering with other players. Be warned however, should you choose not to use the Black Market, other players may scam you in the process of seeking out weaponry. What are you going to do, call the police and tell them that someone didn’t sell you an illegal weapon?


High-Risk High Reward
So you’ve got a weapon, what else is needed? Well, depends upon how you want it done. A mask is a good way to ensure your identity remains at least somewhat a mystery. You can buy these at shops, off other players, or the auctionhouse. Should you character have a unique hairstyle/coloring that is highly uncommon around the city, you’ll want a mask that covers your entire head, rather than just the face as there is a chance that features such as unique hair might be used to aid people in identifying who your character beneath it is. Be warned however, a mask in an open invitation for the police to come and search you, so be hyper aware of your surroundings when you’ve put one on with something illegal in your inventory.

Low-Risk High Reward
Don’t want to take any chances with a mask or fancy full-body clothing with a head covering? That works too. If you simply wear a casual outfit, no masks, appearing as nothing but a normal citizen can be greatly beneficial. A wolf among the sheep if you will; when you wear a mask or any sort of full-body gang attire, people will automatically be guarded around you, & may even report you to the police. I’ve used this method quite a bit myself & have succeeded the majority of the time, because nobody expects some random average looking person walking down the street to whip out a knife & jam it in their throat. This also erases any potential mask related searches from the police, making life that much more easier. If you just move normally, don’t overthink things, & don’t panic this method tends to work out great. Just be mindful of where you’re committing the crime in case of any potential CCTV footage or witnesses in the area.


Really wanting to take that step to be extra careful? A few more things you can do to ensure your anonymity is to have your character wear a pair of gloves. You can do this with one of two methods; you can simply edit a pair of gloves onto your Minecraft skin itself, or you can type out an action such as /me would put on a pair of gloves alongside screenshotting said action in order to have proof should you need to provide it if the police go looking for fingerprints around a crime scene or on any weaponry.


Regardless of any In-Character conflict at hand, always remember to treat your opposition with a certain level of respect in places such as LOOC & other OOC communication platforms such as Discord. If you have a problem, call a staff member through either /help in-game or with #help in the Roleplayhub Discord Server. By keeping a cool head you'll avoid toxicity punishments, endless LOOC arguments that don't get you anywhere, & better learn where you went wrong in situations that end up with your character maimed/jailed/killed, which will greatly aid you in future scenarios. By default you're likely going to face quite a few losses when beginning; everyone does, which is why it's all the more important to be okay with losing. In the end, it's what makes the feeling of finally winning that much better.


GangRP is a highly competitive environment, which is part of why it’s always important to make sure that you’re having fun. There will be times where your rolls are insanely good, & there will be times where you’ll get absolutely decimated. You have to keep in mind that a lot of it is controlled by the rolling RNG factor, there is only so much you can do to put yourself at an advantage through actions. A core piece to the structure of GangRP ever since it’s introduction has been the taking away of other player’s characters, you need to acknowledge that if you wish to participate in this type of roleplay that you will run the risk of losing your hard-worked character with a very high chance of that happening sooner or later, & you need to accept that fact before you even start. You've got a lot of freedom to do what you'd like in GangRP, embracing new forms of illegal roleplay, new strategies for getting certain tasks done, all of it can be done with a just a little imagination & a splash of critical thinking.

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