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How to use neopronouns (Mainly for them who don't understand)


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Let's be respectful and not mock anyone's gender identity. RoleplayHub supports the use of neo-pronouns and prohibits any sort of discrimination/mockery towards one's gender identity. Therefore, any unnecessary comments will be deleted and will result in server-wide punishment
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i have an awful memory, and will usually just use they/them on people who i know do not aline with feminine or masculine pronouns.
i do not use neos, however i know great people that too! my one issue is with neos that are considered sacrilege; examples being like... fae/faeself, which would be cultural appropriation towards pagans, or god/godself, for obvious reasons..

however not all neopronoun users use these sorts of neos, so you can't punish everyone for it. thank you for the carrd, i'm gonna try educate myself further. great post, and cool pronouns ໒꒰ྀི ˊᗜˋ* ꒱ྀིა


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neopronouns like fae/faerself, bun/bunself, etc. are not transphobic. many people use them because they have a complex relationship with their gender. some people use rot/rotself, kit/kitself — there's an entire list of neo/nounpronouns to choose from. in fact, blatantly insulting & mocking them + those who use them is what would be transphobic.

here is a carrd that explains it in more detail. but the bottom line is: you don't have to like using them personally, but you need to respect those who do. :] & if you're struggling to use someone's neopronouns, you can always ask them if they have any aux (alternative) pronouns that may be easier to use!

/nm for this entire post because idk if it sounds passive-aggressive or not :')

I just saw how old this post is jesus


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I might not understand most of them all too well, but whatever makes you happy shouldn’t be a problem unless it’s actively offensive against another group of people


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Right okay, I'm V! Let's start off with my pronouns, I use They/Xe/He. You see He/Him and They/Them, those pronouns seem normal, correct? You must be wondering, what about that 'Xe' pronoun? Well, Xe/Xem pronouns are a type of neopronoun, a third-person personal pronoun beyond They, She or He! How you use these in a sentence is pretty simple, think of He/Him! Xe = He, Xem = Him
He/Him = "He looks amazing, look at him!"
Xe/Xem = "Xe looks amazing, look at xem!"
That's just basic, but there are other complicated neopronouns. Obviously, I'll only go over simple ones, another one is Ey/Em! Ey/Em is like They/Them but with the 'Th' cut off! You'd use them like They/Them pronouns.
If you are wondering how to use these in real life, pronunciation is key! Xe/Xem = Zee/Zem. Ey/Em = Ay/Em. Ze/Zir = Zee/Zere (Like here but with a z in front!). Ae/Aer = Ay/air

Now you know a little about neopronouns!
Have fun, keep being gay and always slay.

Remember to be respectful; I will take any comments and/or questions on this. No, this wasn't made for the angry Karens, it was made for people like Polar (since they're very dumb /j).
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