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Isaac L Green | ฅ Bigraphy 2.0 ฅ

meow sir

Level 17
Isaacリー Green

Isaacリー Green

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Full name:
Isaac Lee green




Date of Birth:
10th, December, 2003


115.0 Ib

Slim with a slight 6 pack

Skin Color:
Pale white

Eye Color:

Hair Style:
Fluffy mess

Hair Color:
Soft white

Never too revealing but always had a soft look and feel to it.

Dimples are on each sides of his face, they are mainly visible when he smiles. His fingers are crooked, only noticeable close up. Big scar on the bottom of his foot but c'mon now.. who's lookin' at his feet..

Place of Birth:



Sexual Orientation:

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Physical health:
Aside from a few scars, Isaac seems to be in great health

Addicted to drawing cats

He has attachment issues, making it hard to forget people he's cared about or have dated.

Mental health:
Perfectly fine, aside from some romance involved emotions..

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His face would be smooth and soft, no scars or anything, like it was never even touched. His eye lashes would be very delicate looking, with the length being average but still admirable for a man. His eyes seemed to stand out, as they would normally be the only color on him other then white and blue. His eyes gave a calming look with the color and look in his eyes, like they had a shine to them that never left them. His ears would also seem to be pierced as he'd occasionally wear earnings. Barely noticeable there would always seem to be cat hair along his clothes.

He tends to be quiet and shy, always acting quite nervous and anxious around people that he isn't 100% with. When Isaac is closer with someone he become more relaxed, more helping and more understanding, and less awkward unless a strange topic is brought up. He tends to act weird when people around him talk about relationships, tho he won't say much about it even if he is uncomfortable. Isaac is a people's pleasear, but he is not dumb, and usually hopefully can understand when he is being tricked or manipulated.. Tho this is rare, sometimes he may be too slow and then end up too far deep to realize it or break things off with someone as he is too soft and kind hearted. To be honest, Isaac is a push over, he always does what people want or tell him to do as he seems to be intimidated by everyone.. That might be his shyness coming through but oh well.

He is easily taken by actions, just from someone doing a few nice things for him he feels the need to repay them ten times greater. Sometimes he tries to hard to make something work when in the end it will never be able to be fixed or saved.

With him being sweet, hes usually likeable by others as he's seen as 'help'. He always helps people emotionally and always helps patch them up when they are in need.

Character Voice:
His voice is always used in a calm manner. Isaac almost never raised his voice or used it to sound intimidating or scary as he thinks people wont hang around him. In public his voice is more quiet and timid, unless its in a public area then he tires to push his voice out the best he can!

Drawing Tablet, Panda Plushie, Flower Earnings

His clothes always had a pattern to them, either it'd be clouds or color's they all seemed similar, just a different style. His wardrobe isn't very cluttered as Isaac can't think of what to wear that would fit him, so, he usually goes to his roommate for help on deciding which ones he likes and which ones fit him.

Drawing commissions, painting for the fun of it, cooking, and reading. Typical stuff

His main skills are his art skills, along with cooking..

When he gets nervous or anxious hes normally seen either sitting there awkwardly and quietly, fidgeting with his fingers..

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{ ! }
Voice recording of Isaac's thoughts about these people, also what he'd like to say to them.

Sister - Emi Geni Hachi - Dead
"I miss you so much sister, I'm so sorry for what happened but.. I do wonder what I'd be like, if you were here.. I really miss you, even if I could barely remember you, I still wish to spend time with you. Emi is the only person who has ever saw me as her own family, she treated me the best she could. She was so thoughtful and kind to others, tho everyone always made fun of her for adopting a child with her in her 20's.."


#1 Best friend - Vegas W. Nishikawa - Alive
"I feel as if your the best thing that has ever come into my life. I thank you so much for all the times you've been comforting me and staying with me threw my emotional feelings. Truly you are the greatest friend and I could never ask for someone better.. Please
don't ever leave me. Vegas is one of my greatest friends, I truly do love him and I wish to be there for him. He's extremely gentle and kind with me, it makes me sad sometimes when I can't hang out with him.."

Best friend - Kokoro T. Fumiko - Alive

"Thank you for staying my roommate with me and even making my Halloween outfit, yours looked beautiful as well and you did an incredible job on it! I would also like to thank you for being my personal clothing designer oh and I'm pretty sure I met your boyfriend once you were not home. He seems like a nice guy! I hope you and him stay together for a long time. Kokoro is a really sweet kid, hes thoughtful and helpful and knows when its his turn to wash the dishes and do the laundry."

Best friend - Asahi S. Goro - Alive
"If I'm being honest, I was kinda worried that you would leave the apartment looking like trash from your personally, but now that I've lived with you for a long time I've noticed that you never make messes or anything like that, only in your room! I thank you for that. Asahi is a very talented guy and hes very energetic and outgoing."

Friend - Henry M. Hamilton - Alive
"It's nice hanging out with you, tho I feel rather intimidated by you considering your height.. I don't know much about Henry but he's kind to me!"

Friend? - Yunru 'Kyoto' Shi****mi - Alive
"You insisted on helping me with the dishes even tho I didn't want you to, you really didn't have to do that! Also- I-I'm sorry that I cried on you that one time about a silly little painting.. I promise I'll get over it. Yunru is Kokoro's boyfriend, and I assume I'll see him more often. His pink hair is very pretty along with his piercings!"

Friend? - Theodore Bird - Alive
"It's been a long time since I've seen you hanging out with Vegas, or even seeing you in the first place. Where have you been? Theodore is a.. nice guy. He's Vegas boyfriend but even I don't know much about him."

Friend? - Tobias Green - Alive
"You look sad or angry most of the time, even tho I don't really know you, just know that you can always come to me if you want a hug. Tobias seems like a sweet kid, I gave him a lollipop once cause I had a spare on me, and even tho he seemed angry he still took it! I hope that made him feel better if he was having a bad day."


Boyfriend - Kioyo Ly - Alive
"Thank you so much for coming into my life.. I love the time i've spent with you, I even enjoy the time that we spend together when we take care of Bao! I hope that we are to never part, I want to stay with you forever.. You help me forget all about my past and you make me feel so happy, I don't want to leave you.. I hope that doesn't come off as creepy! I hope we can have many dates in the future. I'll always be supportiave about your music, I don't think I have heard any of it yet, but I'm sure it sounds amazing! Keep doing what you love to do, don't let me stop you. Ki is someone who I think has a really kind heart. He likes to hang out with me and even take me on dates.. He treats me nicely and whenever am around him I feel warm, like a sort of comfort."

Pet - Melloki - Alive
"MypreciousboyIloveyousomuch,yourmydreamcatthativealwayswanted- Ohmygodyoursocuteee!!! Melloki is my pet cat, after waiting awhile for her to arrive here in Karakura she finally came! I make sure to shower her with affection and give her tasty meals."

Acquaintances - Ezzelin S. Corsetti - Alive

"I don't really speak to you that much but I see you a lot of times, you always look cool with your good style of clothing! I can't really say what I think of Ezzelin.."

Ex-Boyfriend - Yamaro Kurose - Alive
"Uhm.. I think things with you have become.. awkward now.. You said you were no longer straight so, I guess theirs nothing I can really do.. Have a happy life and make sure not to starve yourself please. Even tho I wish you best, I don't want to see you near my cat ever again. Yamaro is.. quite the character.."

Ex-Boyfriend - Yukio Usotsuki - Alive
"Sometimes I still think of you.. I mean you were my first boyfriend, you were so kind to me and you treated me kindly but you never spended time with me.. I know I'm the one who broke things up but- I just.. Dunno.. Yukio is an amazing person! He's very cute.."

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Level 31

Burning wild burning low
Rising and falling
Remain Silent and Strong
Yamaro K. Hamilton [Baseball] [Grade-12] Alive
Shunta 'Shun' Dai [Tutor] Alive
Flamenco [Bird] Dead

meow sir

Level 17

Burning wild burning low
Rising and falling
Remain Silent and Strong
Yamaro K. Hamilton [Baseball] [Grade-12] Alive
Shunta 'Shun' Dai [Tutor] Alive
Flamenco [Bird] Dead

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