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jailbxit | Build Team Application


Level 1
IGN: Jailbxit

Discord: Jude#7801


Explain your activity on the Server:
I am fairly active on SRP. I play for around 4+ hours on a weekday, as I do have a job in real life along with multiple sports teams that keep me busy. While I’m on the server I normally practice with my team, roleplay, meet new people. etc. As for discord I usually keep myself busy by staying updated in all the servers that I’m in relating to SRP.


Why do you want to be on the build-team?:
I want to be on the build team to not only improve my building but also to help the server as a whole. The map allows players an immersive, and fun experience which is especially important for roleplay. When it comes to experience, I have quite a bit. I’ve been on two build teams, and have been showcased by a professional builder. I am extremely committed to my builds and can execute whatever I’m asked. I’m hoping that joining the team could assist my overall experience within the server and give me something to do in my free time!


Screenshots of my builds you have completed yourself:

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