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Jason 'Red' Todd


Level 3
| Jason 'Red' Todd |

First•Name | Jason
Last•Name | Todd
Age | 18 years old
Gender | Male

| C H A R A C T E R |

~ A p p e a r a n c e ~

Jason Santarona-Buono is a 6’ 0” 200-ish pound high school senior. His blue eyes hide a silent rage but show a traumatic life. He has black hair that he dyes over to hide a white streak that keeps appearing. He is muscular with a fit build, but not to a point of being grotesquely muscular like a bodybuilder.

~ P e r s o n a l i t y ~

Jason is a very introverted individual unless he either knows the person or the other person approaches him first. Little is known about he due to this fact. He tends to be pessimistic and not give his trust to people until he has known them for a while or has talked to them a lot which makes him seem wary but is really a cause of past events.

~ V o i c e ~

Jason would have a normal voice but within it would be a tone of bitterness and pain

~ L i k e s / D i s l i k e s ~

Jason likes being around family and friends, listening to music, and occasionally playing simple jokes/pranks. He dislikes being in a noisy home and people who try to harm his family and friends or try to do them wrong.

| B A C K S T O R Y |

~ Childhood and Early Karakura ~

Jason was born and grew up in New York. Living here had acclimated him to a very diverse culture as people of many nationalities had lived in this area. Due to this diversity Jason had been exposed to different languages and had begun learning them. His mother had overdosed on drugs resulting in her death and his father had been killed in a car "accident" which had resulted in him moving away from New York to live with his grandfather in Karakura. He had attended school while in New York and was about to start high school when his father had died. After he had moved, he had begun school at Karakura but always felt the sense that he didn't fit in. Within his first two years of school here his grandfather had died of age-related reasons leaving him an orphan in the streets. At this point he had met Brayden Jökull who had helped him get adopted into the Jökull family.

~ The Jökull Ditch ~​

Within the Jökull family Jason had been one of the eldest siblings, upon moving into the family apartment and after seeing how many members were in the family he offered to buy an apartment to provide the family with a little more space. Chunhua and Airina Jökull had helped him find an apartment during this time and had moved in with him after he had found one. Kiyo and Sully Jökull had also moved in with them as well. Over time a lot of Santos' had begun visiting this had lead to Jason meeting Aria Santos. After a bit Aria and Jason had begun dating but Jason had kept hearing things about Aria that he hadn't liked leading to him dumping her. After some time Aria and Jason had talked and patched things up and had begun dating again but then rumors about Jason had started spreading this time leading to Aria leaving him. Due to this situation Jason had decided to drop the Jökull name until his name had been cleared but had ultimately wound up being removed from the Jökull and has never found out why. This led to him going back on old family recruitment books that he'd gathered over his time in Karakura and joining the Santarona-Buono family.

~ The Santarona-Buono Dunno ~
Shortly after joining the Santarona-Buono family Jason had met Kayli, she had introduced him to some of the other family members but he quickly ran into issues with Juliette leading to him leaving this family as well and further reinforcing in him that he doesn't fit in.

| R E L A T I O N S H I P S |

~ K o n g ~

Donkey Kong

Jason gets a good feeling from Donkey Kong, when he'd initially seen him he didn't know what to think of him, but now he's realizing that Donkey Kong is a good person and will do what he can to keep Donkey Kong out of trouble.

~ F r i e n d s ~

Kayli Santarona-Buono
Kayli may not be his sister anymore but she will always be welcome as a friend.

Leo Johnson
Jason had founded this friendship from helping Leo in a cooking class, he didn't know what to think of him at first but Leo has become one of Jason's closest friends at this point.​
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