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Jax's BMD application


Level 2
IGN: (Please also list any of your alternate accounts) LadenTrack
Previous bans/warns/kicks: N/A
List any applications you have created on the forums: Chinese language application, grade correction application (due to bug)
Describe your activity on the server: Very active, on every day

Specify your Discord name and discriminator (USER#????) and if you have a microphone: JaxNotJacks#8803, and yes i have a mic but it makes me sound like im talking in a bathroom
Specify your country of origin and time zone: Born in Canada, Timezone is mountain daylight savings

What are your motivations in applying for the black market dealer role?: to experience a position of power
What helps you to stand out from other applicants & what can you uniquely provide to the team?: my leadership skills and understanding of trade
What previous experience do you have in working with a team?:
What suggestions do you have to help better the crime faction?:
like, morality wise? cuz then I'd sell nonlethal weapons. All jokes aside, I'd make weapon selling more streamlined and efficient, that way more weapons go out to the crime families, and they can get ready for whatever turf war they're about to wage.

Are you familiar with all rules pertaining to weapon profiles, combat, permissions, and player conduct on the server?: I'm fairly certain that I understand all of them
Are you familiar with that if you leave the black market at any point, the black market lead will have permanent kill permissions on your character?: Yes
Are you familiar with that if your character(s) is/are killed or permanently arrested twice, you will be removed from the black market?: Yes
Are you familiar with that you cannot reveal any out-of-character plans or potential addition to the black market to others?: Yes
Full Legal Name: Goju Liu
Criminal Alias: 50-san
Age & Occupation: (Note: if you become a black market dealer, you will be permitted the Adult role) 18, grade 12 student
Gender & Marital Status: Male, single

Ethnicity & Race: Chinese-Japanese
Known Languages: Chinese and Japanese (assuming that Japanese is the default language)
Former Associations/Occupations: N/A
Highest Level of Education: Highschool

Physical/Mental Ailments: (If inapplicable, put N/A) N/A
Known Family Members: (If inapplicable, put N/A) N/A

Describe your character's appearance to the greatest detail: A 5'4 Chinese-Japanese male with a fade and messy black hair. He has a fairy chiseled body that shows a bit through his sweatshirt. He wears black pants with a chain loop that's fairly fashionable. Goju has some light eyebags from sleep deprived nights yet his eyes themselves seem to crave entertainment.
Describe your character's personality to the greatest detail: Goju is fairly dormant on most days, being decently formal to strangers and kind to his friends. He's very laid-back and relaxed, going as far as to do dumb shit that gets him into fights, which then become such a coinflip the the fight ends right in the middle with both combatants walking away. He doesn't hold grudges, but when he snaps he'll find the best way to hurt, and mentally destroy the offender.
Describe your character's backstory to the greatest detail: (300+ words minimum) Goju as a child grew up listening to stories of revenge and justice, becoming desensitized to both subjects. The story of Japanese bombings during a certain war was one of the many stories that he heard about. Frankly, Goju couldn't care less about some patriotic vendetta from 80 years ago, he was more interested in the ingenuity of the weapons used during said war. He studied the fighting style and design strengths of every weapon he could think of, from shootouts to plain fencing. Realizing that certain weapons are only lethal when used with a specific martial art, Goju decided to research every martial art he could find a book on, although not having too much experience in them outside of Iaido and Silat. After moving to Karakura, Goju was starved for entertainment, constantly watching criminal activity get busted by the police, and the scuffles that ensued. His first real friend in Karakura was a charismatic young man, the same age as him, who managed to connect him with important people around Karakura, giving Goju more power than he ever wanted. As a person, Goju doesn't want power, he wants stimulation in the form of entertainment. Remembering an incident with China and opium, and how China was ripped apart from the inside, he decided he would attempt the same in Japan, not as revenge, no, he was above that. What Goju wanted was to bring ruin to a country that used to inflict it, and enjoy the inevitable performance that it will bring, just to satiate the hunger for something as trivial as his boredom. For now, Goju complies with the criminal underground he works in, slowly injecting poison into the Japanese society in the form of lethal weapons. On the surface Goju might look like a friendly, eccentric yet tired adult, but under that façade he is thinking, calculating about what chaos he will cause next, his boredom will give into greed, and eventually raze everything around him.
Describe an interaction that your character may have as a black market dealer: (This can be anything — a weapon deal, an event they may be involved in, or maybe an interaction with a gang)
"what are you gonna do?"
"nothing", 50-san lied, and the gang member knew so.
"It was my mistake, I shouldn't have gotten involved with the deal-" the gang member tried to explain to 50-san, his boss had an unpredictable personality that could've backfired on the entire criminal underground if not kept in check, it was best to have 50-san do nothing at all than have him do anything that appealed to his interests. He disappeared through the door where a group of criminals sat, bound to chairs.
The gang member's face drained of color, rumors of what 50-san did when he was angry could keep even Satan's prying eyes away. When 50-san snapped, he truly snapped.
"what made you think you could've gotten away with it" 50-san said to a criminal. He had a buzz cut and a tattoo on his forehead. He had a commanding aura around him, he was surely the leader.
"fuck you that's how" the criminal spat.
All of a sudden the entire air chilled, without realizing, the gang member was clenching his fists in fear.
"5 dead, 20 guns missing, and enough katanas to supply an army from the Edo period, tell me or I'll boil you alive just like they did back then" 50-san said with such a venomous voice, it could've killed the criminal right there.
The Criminal's eyes gave away to fear, but he still didn't budge.
"Shut up, you have secrets you want to keep as well, don't you Goju?"
suddenly the air felt like it was trying to prick the skin of the Gang member. How did they know that name? That name was 50-san's real name, a clever joke that could've ruined 50-san yes, but Goju was insistent on the alias "50-san."
"Oi, Senkei, watch these shits while I go contact the higher ups about what to do about this"
The criminal flinched, but agreed, then Goju disappeared back out the door. For a second there, Senkei thought he wouldn't be able to go home for the night, his wife was waiting for him. He had promised to return unscathed that morning, when he walked out the door, his wife disliked the gang lifestyle, but she still accepted him. At least this meant Senkei had a high chance of upholding his promise.
~ ~ ~
"TV reports that the explosion came from the basement of an abandoned building, killing the infamous Drago criminal group alongside a gang member by the name of "Senkei Hashida", rumors say that this was the work of the Notorious 50-san" the TV blared, echoing off of the walls of the enormous house. Goju was watching the TV later that day, after he had left the interrogation building.
"You did that didn't you" Goju's secretary inquired. "you also told them your real name, and you purposefully told them the trick to taking the weapons from Senkei san as well, didn't you?"
Laughing a bit maniacally, Goju said a simple "yeah."
"what should we do about Senkei's wife sir?"
"nothing, eventually this will cause an investigation on her after I've hid the weapons in her wardrobe, I've already tipped off the police"
"why did you do this?"
Goju thought for a second, and then answered. "Because I'm bored"
And truly there was almost nothing scarier than Goju's unsatiated boredom.

Describe any other additional information that is notable in considering your character for the role of a black market dealer: (If inapplicable, put N/A) N/A
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Level 123

Thank you for taking the time to apply for the black market dealer role. However, we have chosen to deny your application.

- Your character is greatly interesting! Within the black market, though, we value dedication to the role and that is proven through your current activity and elaborate responses to these tough questions. If you choose to re-apply, please involve yourself in the community more and detail your responses further. Take care.​

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