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JayyLobo BMD Application


Level 32
Community Team
Lore Team
(Alt/Applicant) JayyLobo | [Reporter] Jin Kuroki

(Main) RexLobo | [Grade-12] Micah Monet Fukushima
(Alt) UrMomRp | [Grade-11] Kaito Yamashita
(Alt) QuitUniversity | [Cat] Megara

Previous bans/warns/kicks:
I have 2 previous bans.
1. For ERP. This was back in 2018. I was in a call with a group of friends and was dared to say something inappropriate in game. I thought it would be fine since I was with my friends, but then I was banned at that time. I then logged onto an alt account which was banned for bypassing for this ban.
2. For bypassing. I logged onto my banned alt account to try and use it for an animal whitelist. I had forgotten this account was banned. When I logged into the account however, my main account got banned for bypassing on February 27, 2022. I appealed the ban and was unbanned on March 16, 2022.
I do not recall having any warns or kicks. There was one warn I was given during the Kaku-Kai vs. Bonten War for getting back up after being KO'd and actioned, but I proved my innocence with a screen recording, so it was removed.

List any applications you have created on the forums:

Describe your activity on the server:
I joined the SRP community about 5 months ago. I am very active on the server and spend at least 2-3 hours a day playing, and can spend up to 9-10 hours, sometimes more if I really get into my roleplay. My activity depends on the day of the week, as I am still in school, so during the weekdays I will naturally be online less, but I still spend plenty of time playing when I get home. My school year is ending at the end of June, so my playtime will increase. During weekends or breaks, I spend much more time online, from 5-9 hours depending on if I have any short obligations I have. I often roleplay with my friends, creating lore between characters, creating more in-depth backstory lore for my characters, having fun with my friends, and recently began to tailor my own skins whenever I have downtime while playing.

Specify your Discord name and discriminator (USER#????) and if you have a microphone:
My discord is Rexypoo#3334. Yes I do have a Microphone

Specify your country of origin and time zone:
My country of origin is the United States and time zone is EST

What are your motivations in applying for the black market dealer role?:
My motivation for applying for the black market dealer role is to experience a new type of roleplay, as well as to be a part of the crime faction. Being able to participate in the recent Kaku-Kai v. Bonten War really drew me more into gangrp. To be able to understand the inner workings of the faction will draw me to that even more. I saw the struggles firsthand during the flash events, so being able to be a part of the faction will allow me to give my assistance to ensure it wont happen again. I can see that a lot of great things will happen with the new crime lead, including more gang related events, more opportunities to gain a name, gain verification status, etc. To be able to interact in these situations as a neutral party and encounter all of these situations is definitely a driving force for me wanting to apply for this role. I am online for many hours of the day, often playing into the early morning, so I will be able to sell to those who may not be online during the "prime time" of the server.

What helps you to stand out from other applicants & what can you uniquely provide to the team?:
What makes me stand out from other applicants would be my drive to work and the ability to think in the moment. Everything I do is calculated, so I only have to do it once, maybe twice if necessary. I work in the smartest way possible, and am reliable to my team. I am almost always contactable, and am always willing to help in any way I can. I may not be the most experienced candidate, but my willingness and determination to be the best fit for the position outshines that. I can uniquely provide pros and cons to any idea, as well as giving my own creative ideas. As a reporter, I have had to come up with my own topics and come up with how to accomplish said topics in a report. Being complimented for my ingenuity by my higherups, I know I can make even more innovative ideas for the faction, as well as iron out any flaws in a plan, if there are any.

What previous experience do you have in working with a team?:
Precious experiences I have in working with a team come from my experiences in gangrp. My first gang I joined was Kaku-Kai, which was entered into a gang war. In this war, I was a member that participated in a couple of events. In the events I participated in, I gave my thoughts on the plans given by the higher ups and followed their instructions. After each event, I gave my insight on what we could have done better and what was needed to be worked on. It was mostly our members being uncoordinated, so as recommended by many members, including myself, we held trainings to practice our team work. Following the disbanding of Kaku-Kai, the remaining members of the gang came together and formed a new gang, Adobansu. In this new gang, I worked my way up to being a member of the gang's management, where I have more of a say in what goes on in the gang. I have worked together with the higherups to create a gang that is a safe environment for it's members. As a member of management, I am able to help with applications for the gang, whether they are a good match or not for our group. Also giving my own ideas on what the gang needs, or what needs to be fixed. Another team I am a part of is the reporter faction. Even though each reporter most of the time works on their own, we are still a faction. I am always willing to help my other reporters if they need. I can follow the instructions of the ones who are in charge, and can also lead if needed, as shown in my positions in the teams I am a part of.

What suggestions do you have to help better the crime faction?:
One suggestion I have to help the crime faction would be to add more diverse events. Currently, gangrp consists of players mostly baiting perms to get some sort of violence going or gang vs. gang violence. An interesting dynamic that would spice up the crime faction would be events that involve other factions, such as gangs raiding the town hall and trashing it, or destroying stores in the shopping district to build their reputation. This will allow gangs to spread their name to gain their verification status, which requires the gang to have a strong presence on the server. Allowing gangs to do these kinds of events, with staff permission, would allow for a more fun environment that can change gangrp for the better. These events should be able to be planned by any factions, such as the government faction allowing any gang to take a chance at ransacking the townhall, and the first gang to accept it could get their name spread through possibly a news story or flash event broadcast. Another thing that could happen could be a gang interfering with another gang who is participating in one of these events, which could fuel a war more than just some petty statements and writing sprays that mean almost nothing. This dynamic will allow a more competitive environment for gangs to thrive, and allow the gangs to plan for how they can grow their name through more than sprays and claiming perms.

Are you familiar with all rules pertaining to weapon profiles, combat, permissions, and player conduct on the server?:
Yes, I am familiar with these rules.
Are you familiar with that if you leave the black market at any point, the black market lead will have permanent kill permissions on your character?:
Yes, I am familiar with the fact I will have permanent KPS on my character if I leave the black market.
Are you familiar with that if your character(s) is/are killed or permanently arrested twice, you will be removed from the black market?:
Yes, I am familiar with that I will be removed from the black market if I am killed or arrested twice.
Are you familiar with that you cannot reveal any out-of-character plans or potential addition to the black market to others?:
Yes, I understand I am not reveal any plans or additions to the black market.

Full Legal Name:
Jin Hino Kuroki
Criminal Alias:
Age & Occupation:
31 & Reporter
Gender & Marital Status:
Male & Not Married
Ethnicity & Race:
Japanese & White
Known Languages:
Japanese, JSL, Russian
Former Associations/Occupations:

Highest Level of Education:
Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Creative Writing
Physical/Mental Ailments:
Known Family Members:
Okemia 'Mia' Kuroki

Describe your character's appearance to the greatest detail:
Jin would stand at a height of 6'3, weighing 195 lbs. His long, pitch black hair was a staple of his look. He constantly wore his hair in a ponytail, trailing halfway down his back. He would have sharp, crystal blue eyes. His stare was gentle, but had authority behind them. The wore light grey glasses and had black 2 earrings on his left ear. The earring on top, the helix piercing, would be attached to the earing on his ear lobe. The earring he wore would have a small cross hanging down, This was strange, coming from a man who did not believe in religion. He would have a scar down across his left eye brow, and one across his nose. He would have stubble growing on his face, despite all of his attempts to keep a clean shaven face.

Describe your character's personality to the greatest detail:
Jin is a confident, strong-willed individual. Always keeping his emotions under control, no matter what he is feeling, whether he is excited, happy, angry, etc. He speaks with an air of grace, but had natural authority in his tone of voice. Carrying himself with the highest sense of self respect, he keeps himself neutral to everyone on the outside, only letting his true self be revealed to those he deems worthy, such as his adoptive daughter and girlfriend. Everyone else gets treated respectfully, such as he would like to be treated. Of course, he keeps himself well educated on current events, since it is his job. Always maintaining a sense of neutrality in any situation, and overthinking any situation he is involved in. He is a people watcher, always listening to what others say and giving short ques to acknowledge he was still listening. He did this to get a scope of a person's character. Also having his own ways to gain connections and gain information on many different topics, skills he acquired while becoming a reporter. He speaks very eloquently, preferring to win with his words, believing that violence should not be used to deal with issues, but as a last resort if necessary. Being a father, he has a caring and compassionate side, but that is often kept hidden, as to not get in the way of his work.

Describe your character's backstory to the greatest detail: (300+ words minimum)

Jin was born on October 31, 1991 in Yoshino, Japan. He was born into the Kuroki family, a kind and popular family. His mother, Miyuki Kuroki was a kind, loving woman. His Father, Yaku Kuroki, was a stern figure in his life, ensuring the family had authority. Despite being strict, he was still an amazing man, and an even better father. His brother, Dai Kuroki, was a kind brother to him. Dai was 8 years older than Jin. At least, for the first years of his life. The boys grew up close, the best of friends, practically inseparable. Jin would learn a lot from his brother, believing he was the best role model.

The boys would take weekly hikes, adventuring the Japanese countryside they grew up in. Jin would also take up gardening, cooking, and cleaning with his mother. He truly enjoyed spending time with his mother, while his brother would learn from their father about their family business. Dai would give his father genuine ideas, which made the business grow exponentially. The family was finally able to move out of their rural home and into the suburbs, close to the major city. This city was Osaka, Japan. Moving close to the city, the boys had access to better schooling.

Jin, being 6 at the time, would be attending elementary school. In these classes, he would meet his best friend, Oosaka. Oosaka was a timid kid, but had the most beautiful yellow eyes. Jin, being the charming kid he was, would speak to this child, claiming that the sun had fallen and gotten stuck in the boy's eyes. They quickly became friends after that. Jin would introduce his friend to his family, who all loved him. When Oosaka met Dai, the three of them quickly got closer and continued their weekly adventures together. Jin would question Oosaka, wondering his true origin. The boy would tell Jin that he was mostly Russian, with only one grandparent being Japanese.

He would be eight years old when he asked Oosaka to teach him Russian. Oosaka would be real excited to teach his friend how to speak his native language. After school, the boys would make their way to the playground and sat on the swing sets, side by side. There, Oosaka would hand Jin a stack of flashcards, each with a word in Russian, its pronunciation, and its translation. Jin would appreciate the effort Oosaka put into teaching him, making fun games to go along with learning the language. This is when he learned that this was exactly how his friend learned how to speak Japanese. Jin swore to only speak Russian to Oosaka after learning the language. This attempt failed, due to Jin not knowing enough of the language. It would take the boy two full years before he learned fluent Russian. He was very excited to speak this new language, knowing it would open many doors for him in the future, even at such a young age. Jin would also know this was only thanks to his best friend's support and constant help. The boys would now have their own language they could speak to each other in. Russian became the language of their secret code.

This life took a turn all when Jin turned 9. The day would seem like every other peaceful day. But that night, the family would remember. Their home was broken into by an armed robber. This man would take the boy's mother hostage, holding her at gun point. He threatened their father to hand him all the money in the safe, then fired warning shots beside their mother's ear. The father, without a second thought, opened the safe and handed over the money, really wanting his wife to be safe. The robber left afterwards, without a trace. The family rushed Miyuki to the hospital. There, they were told her eardrums had ruptured, causing severe to permanent hearing loss. The family took a major hit. His father would immediately book JSL classes for the family, wanting to make sure his wife would still be included in family life. Jin was excited to take the class, but Dai on the other hand wasn't too happy about losing his weekends. He did not even live at home anymore, but had to participate.

Something switched within his brother. Something rotten happened to him, where he became a whole new person. He had been staying the week, but when the robber had shown up, his face was blank. He had no emotion when his mother was held at gun point. Dai had experienced something that night that changed him from the kind, loving brother, to some sort of sick monster. One night, after JSL lessons, Jin tried to speak to Dai in JSL. Dai told him to stop, but his younger brother did not listen. That night, Dai took a knife and carved a scar across his little brother's nose and down across his eye brow. He laughed, seeing his brother in pain. Jin would keep how he got the cuts to himself, in fear of retaliation from his older, much larger brother.

The boys would still go on weekly adventures, even after what happened. On one of these adventures, they would run into this beautiful girl, with pre-Raphaelite red hair and emerald green eyes. Her voice was angelic, as the boys stood frozen after hearing her gentle voice singing. Staring up at the tree she was sitting in, the boys stood bewildered by the girl. She was… absolutely beautiful… breathtaking. Jin, being the most outgoing of the three, would blurt out “WANT TO JOIN US, MISS ANGEL?” The girl would grace them with a kind, gentle giggle, before scaling down the tree. Her name was Rene Hana Kruger.

Jin, being a young 12 year old boy, instantly fell in love with this girl. Even despite her being 7 years older, more around his brother's age. The boys, now accompanied by Rene, would go on a new hiking trail. Jin would be the one to get closest to Rene during this trip, starting the conversations and getting to know her. He fell head over heels for this girl, but the age gap was too large, so he kept it to himself. The group would continue meeting together and turned the weekly hikes into daily adventures. They would come to learn that Rene was a lover of literature. She knew about books from all over the world. How books opened portals to other worlds, or other times. How reading can open the mind to new possibilities. These words stuck to Jin, who then began to read books nonstop.

A year later, Dai would confess to Rene and they would get together. This crushed Jin's heart, but he hid that fact from them. That they had found happiness in one another. Jin would show that he was glad that they were happy together, and the couple appreciated it. Oosaka would comfort Jin, knowing about his long crush on the girl. Even if it was just puppy love. 5 years after, Dai would get married to Rene, Jin only being invited as a guest. I guess the scars from his past wouldn't make it into the wedding party photos. Afterwards, Dai and Rene had moved away to Kyoto, many miles from their home town. No matter the amount of attempts he tried to make with his old friend Rene, he never got a response. He soon gave up and moved on with his own life. He was still very close to Oosaka, so when they moved to go to college, the friends decided to move to Karakura and attend college there. They would rent out an apartment and lived together until they both graduated.

Jin had went into college for communications and journalism, while Oosaka went to school for pre-med and biology. The boys would rarely see one another, but always set up a Saturday to go hiking together. They would climb the various mountains around Karakura, some that did not have their own set trails. Those were their favorites. But the one mountain they enjoyed hiking was the one leading to the monastery. The boys fell in love with the view and wanted to learn more about the shrine. The maidens would teach them about Shintoism. Jin was not really paying attention, as he was too busy with the view, but Oosaka took in the information. The boy did not really believe in religion before, so he thought it would be a change of pace to practice something new.

During Jin's time in college, he worked many odd jobs to pay off his debts. While doing this, he got involved in a wrong type of group. An underground gang that lived in the shadows of the city. During this time, the young Jin would be tasked with spying on individuals and bringing back private information on those individuals in exchange for money. Most of the information he gained was used for blackmail or in some cases, to track down and kill the individuals. At first, he was against it, until he was threatened himself into doing so. He was eventually desensitized to the killing and blackmail, and kept going about his private investigating for the gang. Eventually earning himself his freedom from the gang, but he still occasionally went back to get more jobs from them, when he was desperate for money. Ending up joining the gang at one point and working his way up to being a member of the gang's management. Being an official for the gang was where he truly shined, being able to give orders and flexible plans that were nearly impossible to mess up. Backup plans that have their own backup plans. There was one specific mission that he went on his own, and it was to exterminate a high value target. This was when he first killed someone. The thrill was something he enjoyed, but refused himself to do it again. Not wanting to kill for the wrong reasons, and in fear of becoming like his brother. Resigning himself from the gang and from assisting in gang activities, but keeping all he learned in his mind, never forgetting.

After the boys graduated, Oosaka moved to Kyoto to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor, while Jin remained in Karakura. Jin had applied to many jobs to make ends meet, paying off his debts and living expenses. During those odd jobs he did, he would also apply to become a journalist for many places, wanting to pursue a career in writing, knowing his creativity would help in this type of job. He became a journalist at the young age of 23, where he would write fun articles, complimented with his serious toned ones, the ones that every news reporter and journalist wanted to write about.

Describe an interaction that your character may have as a black market dealer: (This can be anything — a weapon deal, an event they may be involved in, or maybe an interaction with a gang)
Weapon Deal with a Verified Gang Member
Jin Kuroki | He would watch a single person approaching him in the sewers. As the person finally arrived in front of him, Jin would peer down at the male. The one who had requested his services. Jin's face hidden behind a plain black ballistic mask. His arms crossed behind his back as he stood up straight, maintaining perfect posture. Glancing around to make sure there was nobody around. Keeping his ears open for any sounds that may be suspicious. Once he knew they were safe, he would open his mouth, uttering, "You must be the one who contacted me. I have what you need, as long as you can pay the price." His tone of voice was meant to intimidate his customer, to make sure they would not have any ideas. What the customer did not know was that his hands were truly concealing a tactical knife he kept for his own personal use. Already knowing the perfect ways to clean the traces of him. Already wearing his black gloves, hair tied up in a bun, held under a net, with a hat on, making sure no hair would be left at the scene. He was a man to never take unnecessary risks.
VGM | "I have the money for the two ballistics and katana. Now fork it over. I don't have all day"
Jin Kuroki | A snicker would escape his lips. This child was going to speak with this kind of attitude? "Kids these days really show no respect do they.. You requested these items from me. I am expecting my payment first, and some respect. I do not care what gang you are in. You show me the respect I am due. Now you will get your goods after I get my money and an apology. I am quite impatient, so either say you're sorry, or kiss the bottom of my shoes and beg for my forgiveness." His somewhat calm tone from earlier was now turned completely hostile. The male would tap his foot impatiently, waiting for the other to complete his requests.
VGM | He would grit his teeth, about to make another remark, but realized that he needed those items from the figure in front of him. Obviously intimated by the tall individual and his voice. The presence himself sent shivers down his spine. Bowing his head in submission "I am sorry, sir. Please forgive me.." He would then hand over the money, raising his head to receive his goods.
Jin Kuroki | "Good.. here are the items you requested. Now stay safe. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I hope to see you again soon." A grin would be shown by the man, but it was hidden behind his mask. Watching the male walk off, making sure he was far enough away before he turned his back and walked off deeper into the sewers. Taking off his mask and changing his clothes when he was in the clear. Stuffing the items into his bag and placing his glasses back on his face and letting his hair down. Exiting the sewers and pulling out his journal, stuffing his face in the book. He was just an innocent reporter, writing his next story.

Describe any other additional information that is notable in considering your character for the role of a black market dealer:
Jin Kuroki is a strange character. On the outside, he is a kind gentleman who truly seeks the good in the world, someone who despises violence and is openly against children being exposed to the dangers of the world, as he was when he was younger. But he has this secret side, which has some malice. The fact he has killed on his own, and possibly given information that got others either murdered or some other form of injury shows that he can do some terrible deeds. Of course, he keeps this side of himself as hidden as possible, not wanting anyone to find out what he is capable of. His calm and composed character would make for a great BMD, as he would be able to keep a cool head, even when those who are trying to buy from him are impatient or outright rude. Of course, he will keep within reason and have them treat him with respect, as shown in the interaction above. I believe he will be a good change of pace for a BMD character and will be very enjoyable to play in this light.
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Level 123

Thank you for taking the time to apply for the black market dealer role; unfortunately, we (as a collective decision) have chosen to deny your application.

- The amount of detail in this application is greatly appreciated! However, your application does not stand out compared to the other applicants and your suggestion is merely "more events." This is something we're already working on (as I am an event manager) and already has been suggested on several occasions, both in the Crime Discord, in the Feedback section of the forums, and in other applicants of this same forum. If you choose to re-apply, work on making your application more unique — but definitely apply the same amount of detail as you have now! It is greatly appreciated! Take care.​

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