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Journalism Club Application | FreePretzels


Level 7

IGN of Club Leader
(In-Game Name):

RPName of Club Leader:
Den “Wick” Celestiasume

Discord Tag (Discord#0000#):

Club name of the club you are applying for the leadership position:
Journalism Club

Why should you become a club leader over other applicants, what abilities or ideas do you have that could benefit the club you'll be in charge of?

In comparison to the other candidates, I carry fewer responsibilities on SRP. This means that I can focus more on leading journalism. My abilities include being the only cool candidate and being on the verge of tears constantly.


What is your motivation for becoming the new leader of this club
Upwards mobility and the fact that I get to bully Katsuhito and Mee even more. Plus you asked super nicely and that’s pretty poggers.

What activities and events will this club do:
(Work out at least one club members-only event & two school-wide club events)

Club Member Exclusive (Kinda): The Consensual Smear Campaign!
Den will allow all the members of the journalism club to falsify rumours about him and spread said rumours like wildfire. The journalists will be encouraged to push these rumours by interacting with the members of the school and mentioning them in their reports. It’s not bullying if it's consensual... right? Why is Den consenting to a smear campaign against himself? He’s… really bored.

School-Wide: The Tell-a-Nerd™️ Booth!
Graciously granted the name “The Tell-a-Nerd™️ Booth” by Den, this booth will allow journalists to easily get new ideas for reports from the people of Karakura High. Students can approach this booth and speak freely about whatever wacky hijinks they’ve found themselves in recently, finally giving them a chance to share their stories with the rest of the school.

School-Wide: Panel-hosting!
The current members will host a panel in the school’s gymnasium in which students and faculty alike can ask the panellists any question they desire. These questions can range from the process each panellist undergoes whilst forming a report to personal questions such as whether Katsuhito puts cereal before milk or why Den holds genuine, visceral animosity towards Asami. This event serves as an icebreaker between the school community and the journalists, potentially growing more interest in the reports they make as the community feels like they’ve personally bonded with the panellists.

How will the club benefit the school:
Journalism serves to inform the SRP community about the ongoings in Karakura High. Whereas city reporters are bound to formality, journalists are completely free to spout whatever bias they have about a topic. This allows the readers of the reports written by the school's journalists to not only get educated on new dramas happening within Karakura High's walls but also to learn what the public opinion on a topic is at the same time.

What will be the requirements for future members, if any:

First and foremost, future members must have a discord account. This way, the journalism club can easily convene with these future members about potential reports to do in the future.

They must have a relatively clean record on the Minecraft server and discord server and state their bans. At the beginning of their application, they must specify what their warn/ban history is on the server if any at all. We will consider this when deciding on their acceptance into the club.

Future members will have to describe their activity on the server in the application phase. If their activity on SRP is seen as spotty or inconsistent, they will not be guaranteed a spot in the club, regardless of their reporting prowess.

Finally, they must show a clear understanding of how to write an engaging report on topics that students would care about ICly. This will be demonstrated through the application process as they will be asked to write a short piece on an event which has taken place. Their application will be thoroughly discussed between the journalism club members as we decide whether to let this member on board.

(You're welcome, Hye)


Level 105
Council Lead
3D Modeller

As hye has instructed, you will receive your roles on the 6th

and all I can say is I'm glad it was you suffering, not me


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