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Journalist Application - WholesomeRP

Discussion in 'Reviewed Applications' started by Tankboyy, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. Tankboyy

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    Aug 26, 2019
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    [OOC Section]

    IGN (In Game Name):


    Previous bans:

    I have no previous or current bans on this account or my main account GlockRP.

    Describe your activity on the server:

    I’m online anywhere from 3-8 hours a day either on my police account or my college student account.

    Do you have Discord?

    Yes I do, it’s Hunter!#5977

    Do you have a microphone?

    Yes I have a microphone and I constantly use it in calls.

    List your current and past applications:

    Russian Application - ACCEPTED

    Spanish Application - ACCEPTED

    German Application #1 - DENIED

    French Application #1 - ACCEPTED

    Police Application - ACCEPTED

    College Application #1 - ACCEPTED

    German Application #2 - ACCEPTED

    French Application #2 - ACCEPTED

    Lore-Team Application - DENIED

    College Application #2 - ACCEPTED

    What is your motivation for applying?:

    Well, I have a few reasons for wanting to apply for the Journalist club. I’ve wanted to join since it was news reporter but I never had the motivation for applying until now. Another reason for applying is to completely change how I roleplay. Doing something like that can change the way I roleplay on the server, finding new people to roleplay with because of this role. My character is a good student, I’ve always wanted to involve him in clubs and school roles. I’ve been playing on SchoolRP for almost a year now, though I’ve never really roleplayed as a student IN school. Usually once it’s school time I go AFK or just hang out with friends. Joining the journalist club could change that and bring me more enjoyment when it’s school time.

    What knowledge do you have of journalist Work?:

    There are a lot of things that journalists do. Those things consist of such things like, creating news reports, researching for the news reports. Sometimes even going out to try and interview people or head to the crime scene to try and be the first people to say the news to the city. Journalists are meant to spread news to the city honestly. As a journalist you need to have good writing and communication skills as well as knowledge of the media in your city.

    Why are Reporters important to SchoolRP?

    Journalists and News reporters are extremely important to SchoolRP because they give news to everyone in the city. Without journalists the city would be completely oblivious to a lot of the things happening around them. In a way Journalists can also help protect civilians by interviewing police officers about criminals and crimes that may happen a lot, or if there is going to be a heat wave or certain other natural disasters.

    [IC Section]


    Tell us about your character, how do they look, what makes them unique? What are they like on and off the job? Outlook on their co-workers? Plans for the future?:

    Louis V. Watson is an African American male standing at 6’1 and weighing 170lbs. You’d always see him wearing designer streetwear clothing. Louis is more of an up-beat guy, always keeping a good attitude wherever he goes. On the job he’s a focused guy, though he may be more of a goofy person, that personality completely changes once he enters the workplace. Off the job you’d almost constantly see him hanging around with friends or driving around the city in this car. Louis has always looked up to a lot of the Emergency Services in Karaura. EMS has always been a job that has caught his eye, he’s always looking to help others either mentally with advice or physically if someone gets hurt. Louis is a more out-going person, happy to hang out with anyone who crosses his way. Meeting new people is not hard for him at all.


    Born on April 13th, 2000, Louis Himmelvakt would be born into a fairly wealthy family. Two short years after his brother Armani Himmelvakt would be born as well on September 23rd, 2002. His mother dying from a heart attack when he was only four years old left him with only his brother Armani and his father Andre. His father tried to give both of his sons the best life a single father could do. The children's father always had a certain thing for fashion and clothing. His father worked as hard as he could when he was a child to become a lawyer and have enough money for the whole family. The high paying job was the reasoning for having enough money for designer clothing for his children. When Louis was 14 years old they moved from Oregon, America to Tokyo, Japan. It was at that age where he truly fell in love with the dress style of the city. While in Tokyo he met a few friends that he still talks to today, he also learnt how to speak Japanese from those friends. Though, once Louis turned 18 years old he moved out of the house from Tokyo to Karakura, Japan. His brother shortly following along just a year later. While in Karakura that’s when he met a few of his life long friends and was adopted into a family called the Watsons. His brother stayed away from the family for unknown reasons. The Watson family convinced Louis to apply for College, after studying and spending an immense amount of extra time in classes he applied for and was accepted into College. Something that has always piqued Louis’s interest though was the College Track Team, it has always been something that Louis has been intrigued by because of how fast of a runner he is. After moving into Karakura Louis still kept the ‘legacy’ of his father by wearing the same type of designer/streetwear clothing that his father had shown him since he was a little kid.

    [SECTION 1: Personal Details]

    Full Name:
    Louis Watson Himmelvakt.


    Given Name(s):

    Preferred Name:



    Native Languages:

    Other Languages:
    Russian, French

    African American

    Current Location:

    Phone Number:
    (+81) 301-888-980

    Other notes:

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  2. oph

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    Mar 21, 2017
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    ╰──➢ ;── [ACCEPTED] ──;

    ╭ ⁞ ❏. You should get door perms to the club room soon. ;

    ┊ ⁞ ❏.You will receive all of your roles eventually. ;

    ┊ ⁞ ❏.Contact me once you’re online for your rank on the server (And door perms). ;

    ┊ ⁞ ❏.Read all chats listed under the “REPORTER” category. ;

    ┊ ⁞ ❏. Post a message in general of the Journalist Club discord in order to receive your role quicker.;

    Dm me on discord once you have read this message.