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kesareta's club application! (2)


Level 18
Famous Kid++
IGN of Club Leader (In-Game Name):

RPName of Club Leader:
Lorette Beckermann

Discord Tag (Discord#0000#):


What is the Official Title of the Club:
Debate Club

Your current Members RPName & IGN:

Vice-President - Sadashi Kua Ka Hua | krwxn

Seiun Igarashi | fortitudo
'AJ' Delgado | xansder
Kameko Tsuruki | LLighttea
Ryo Ikezawa | x_z
Etsuko Saito | yBonnu
Miho Iwasaki | riverrhann

What is your Motivation for Creating this Club:

My motivation for creating this club is for people to simply discuss current events, and find a resolution to it if a problem in the discussion comes up. Another motive for creating this club is to bring some sort of satisfaction to the Karakura citizens by giving them time to confess anything they may have done in the past that they regret, or don't! I believe that this club could have many positive contributions to the server and the in-character community as a whole.

What Events could your Club do?:

We could possibly host an event where people use books to send in an anonymous confession/message, in which it gets put into a letterbox. This letterbox would be located in the gymnasium at first, and then moved only once to the club room, for members and temporary visitors to use it if unable to partake in the live event.

Another club event I have in mind is something called 'Hot Topic'! Multiple tables are located around the gym: for pupils to sit down at a random table and to talk about a discussion. The discussion would be told by a table 'monitor'. This table monitor is a club member who supervises a table to make sure that no fights take place. An argument can be formed as long as the pair/group treat each other with respect. The goal of this event is to help update others on recent news that people may find interesting.

How could your Club benefit the School?:

It could benefit the school by getting people to talk. To be more specific, pupils can gain confidence in speech by contributing to the club. Depending on the student's personality, the pupils don't have to talk to everyone if they don't feel like it! The club is meant to be as welcoming as humanly possible.

Could your Club benefit from a club room or space on school grounds? If so, how?:

The club could benefit from the club room, simply because it would be more comfortable for the students to discuss topics. The room could block out any outside noise, making it clear to hear what other people are saying. The club room could also benefit from a room because some storage may be needed to keep conclusion papers in tact. (Conclusion papers are used when a discussion has well, concluded. It sums up the two sides of the argument, and what the conclusion has come to.)

Does your club have a supervising Professor/Teacher? If so, who?:

Indeed, our club does have a supervising professor! Their IGN is soft_shorty_ with their RPName being Josephine DuPont.

Is your club global, or only open to specific students?:

Our club is 100% global. We want to bring in as many people as possible. An application form will be used in order to join the club.



Level 133
Senior Admin
Council Lead
Congratulations your club application has been accepted! You'll receive a DM from me soon for further information on what's next.

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