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kesareta's club application!


Level 18
Famous Kid++
IGN of Club Leader (In-Game Name):

RPName of Club Leader:
Lorette Beckermann

Discord Tag (Discord#0000#):


What is the Official Title of the Club:

Social Awareness Club (SAC)

Your current Members RPName & IGN:

Vice-President - Rean Kosaku | Pluko

Sadashi Kua Ka Hua | krwxn

Seiun Igarashi | fortitudo

Taeko Kei Uchika | CarnageRP

'AJ' Delgado | xansder

Kameko Tsuruki | LLighttea

What is your Motivation for Creating this Club:

My motivation for creating this club is to help address the mental issues that the people of Karakura face in this modern-day world. I want to make sure that there are more than 3 safe spaces in the Karakura area. Mental health is brought up more, nowadays and it's another one of those issues that the world unfortunately comes across. Where there's negativity, there's hope: that's where the club steps in. In terms of character development, this could possibly be another way of supporting people's mental illnesses that can be cured by simply talking something out/confessing.

What Events could your Club do?:

A collaboration with the Performing Arts team is something that comes to mind. We can use theatre to help show how people feel and how the world tackles it. To be more specific, we could host a show/performance that includes food stalls to give positive food to the pupils! We're talking sweet treats and hot drinks here, man!

Another event the club could host would be a breakfast briefing. Located at the cafeteria, people are able to get a nice breakfast for a reasonable price to then take a seat at any table, promoting the use of discussion to help tackle loneliness.

Finally, we approach the last event idea. Simply put, we could host a car-boot sale that would take place on the baseball field. People can sign up to a form that includes their IGN and what item(s) they would like to sell (prices should be set by staff to keep prices fair). I would say that the form is first-come first-serve, filling up 4-8 spaces. This could help the people who are looking to take finance as a minor/major, promoting the use of talk, which links to the club's motto: "Interact with others, it improves your mental status."

How could your Club benefit the School?:

The club can benefit the school massively. It could affect death rates and the amount of negative people there are in the city as a whole. It could help the confident people to stand up for others, attempting to make a difference.

Could your Club benefit from a club room or space on school grounds? If so, how?:

The SA club could benefit from a club room, due to the fact that there are not many quiet spaces around during school hours, so a room could help give members some reflection time.

Does your club have a supervising Professor/Teacher? If so, who?:

Indeed, our club does have a supervising professor! Their IGN is soft_shorty_ with their RPName being Josephine DuPont.

Is your club global, or only open to specific students?:

Our club is 100% global. We want to assist as many people as possible, even if they're not a member of the club. If interested in becoming a member of the club, an application form can be filled out.



Level 133
Senior Admin
Council Lead
Thank you for your application, unfortunately, I have decided to deny this application due to the following reason:
- Even though the application was good, the concept of the club is too similar to an already existing club (acceptance club). We're currently looking for more unique ideas that are fun to roleplay out or with.

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