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Level 9
(might get some new ones)

Previous bans/warns/kicks:P
Mainly warnings for Chat flood/spam
I have one registered ban for a Medium Offense

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Describe your activity on the server:

Being an older player on the server my overall playtime is higher than most players and I still actively play the server for around 5-6 hours a day. I am balancing out working full-time though so my activity may waiver a little bit but I actively try to get on daily so that I am never looked upon as an inactive leader or player. I do have my inactive times though mainly coming and going as family stuff pops up which is the biggest patches of inactivity on my playtime but outside the family drama here and there I have kept my 5-6 hours a day relatively well for the last few years.

Specify your Discord name and discriminator (USER#????):

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Ketsueki Clan

Specify the amount of members currently in your gang:
As of the time of making this application 9/7/2022
Ketsueki has 28 members with a majority of them being active daily and the ones that aren't on daily get one at least once to twice a week unless otherwise stated in our clans inactivity channel. We actively purge those who become inactive and those who don't meet our standards for activity within the public posted channel and activity kept privately for future means.

Specify one (1) idea for an event your gang would do:
While making this application it was hard to choose just one event to use so below I have listed two events of which we believe to be more creative while the last is more or less a copy and paste for most applications. I would also like to state that while the last two are ones we would love to host our main focus is on the Christmas Bash event as I am working closely to organize it and run it this year.

Event (1)

Christmas Bash

*As the sun would begin to set on December first your phone would begin to glitch for a moment before four men dressed in Santa costumes and ballistic masks on their heads would appear on your screen a dimly lit fire in the background with what seemed to be a man lying dead on the fire. The video would glitch out for a second cutting back on to the man on the fire letting out a loud scream with the words "HELLO KARAKURA" barely audible in the background.*

We want to utilize video equipment along with our understanding of editing to make this event more in-depth for those who participate rather than just writing out paragraphs for people to read. This use of video will also make it more interesting for the KPD side of things as it leaves them an IC video that they can use for tracking and trying to dismantle the event from happening. While this will take more time for us to plan and work with staff on it we have a chart to help make it flow easier for our side and allows for minimum work on the staff side as we work through the process.

*as your phone would return to normal being usable again you would receive a singular text directing you to a video and an invite link for an event the text would read as follows "Good Morning Karakura or should I say our puppets... WE HAVE RETURNED HOME. You shall once again call us your kings and return to us our rightful throne but before that, we have some fun ahead for you" Below that would be the link to a single video and a second link inviting all citizens to a fun-filled Christmas*

Now obviously we sit at a cross road here as it has been announced to everyone what we are planning but at the same time, it gives them a choice if they are interested or not in joining the festive fun. For those who do click the lin,k they will be sent to a website with a countdown until midnight of December 1st going into December 2nd. This link would be a video announcing what the event is about and the rules of the event.

For simple context we have a basic outline of the rules with more to come and some to be removed as necessary

Murder: 4 points
Cop Killing: 6 points but must prove situation wasn't voided
Major: 2 points
Minor: 1 point

Cheating: This can be blatantly faking screenshots, using screenshots from before December, submitting voiding situations and more
1st time 50% point reduction
2nd time: 75% point reduction
3rd time: Disqualified

No baiting perms
No using spars
Teams are 4 players
All activities must be done in either a santa gang attire or elf gang attire. The attires will be provided to you don't worry.
All activities must include the K.O attack and at least 1-2 other actions to verify.
Murder must contain 3-5 actions and then one additional screenshot for the bleed-out timer.

Now while this can be limiting for players we need to keep the playing field fair and fun at the same time. We can't have them going around blatantly breaking the rules and expecting to get away with it.

Now for more information

*As the video began to play on the website two men dressed in suits and wearing a ballistic masks would enter the screen with a simple silver pin on the right side of their chest reading "Phantom Corp" these men would both begin to chuckle a little before they would begin to speak the words sounding deep but mellow at the same time "Hello old friends we hope you have all kept well through these trying times and while they have been everything but easy we are here to offer you a choice" *the screen would turn to another figure this one wearing an old uniform with the name "Ketsueki" they would have a slightly different mask on looking like a reindeer. the figure would begin to laugh as the video cut out for a second showing a dead body on the same fire in the first video before cutting back to the two men only a second later. They would begin to speak again "Now that we have the attention of everyone watching LISTEN UP. We will be starting our annual events up again and we hope that everyone here will participate. Now you're probably wondering what these events might entail. MURDER, THEFT, AND MORE. That's right a month where you can be rewarded for the nasty behavior we all know you have bottled up inside you. If you're interested than when the clock strikes 12 rejoin this site and be prepared for a list of rules and special bounties we have in place*

Now to avoid targeting and what not these bounties will be limited and viewing them will become more difficult as the event goes on to reflect police interference during the event. Now obviously we want to make this two-sided for the KPD and Gang participants we will make the site easier to access if cops are killed but the death must be done properly or you may risk two strikes resulting in a 75% total point reduction and possible DQ if staff reflects on it needs to happen. This event should be fun but from a corporate standpoint, we must still abide by all rules and have a full understanding of what we can and cannot do.

Now then the clock strikes midnight and so the fun BEGINS

*As the time would shift to 12 am on December 2nd the site would reopen this time being a mangled mess of glitches and broken features with only one button on the entire site functioning properly "Deaths Door" when you open it you would be greeted with a flash of lights as if your camera had taken a photo of you (all participants will have a photo of them registered onto a secure server unknown to KPD at this point). After the photo was taken they would be granted access to the site their government ID being pulled up on the screen asking them if this is their identity. If they hit yes they will then be asked to enter aliases after which the site would reload giving them access to online forums in which they could chat with other participants in secret and show off their activities if they do so wish to*

*On the forums would be a single post by a user called "Destitute" and the post would read as follows:

Good Evening everyone and welcome to the Christmas Bash or what some will refer to as Bloody December. This will be a month-long event of chaos for you and others so I would be prepared for what is about to come. Now then as always, we have some simple rules for everyone here to follow. All kills or fights, in general, must be recorded and a secure recording sent to us over our file system to ensure no trackers are in the recording. You must always use a VPN or proxy when connecting to our site, if you cannot use one we have a built-in one that will automatically enable when entering our site. Any attempt to breach our servers will be met with immediate retaliation in form of death or the loss of multiple limbs. Now then onto the main attraction. BOUNTIES: Cops are extra points, Government members like Judges and Lawyers are also extra, Killing the member of a ranked team (1st-3rd place) is extra points, and last but not least if you can kill me the organizer YOU WIN THE ENTIRE EVENT AND EVERY PRIZE. But don't get your hopes up I am sitting in a bunker guarded by 8 guards at any given time.

The post would come to an end and then after reading through it the players would be given access to a multitude of other forum chats to talk with other participants and the staff of the event. They can ask questions, share recordings, talk about the rankings, and more. But one rule to look out for is any leaking of personal information would result in a blacklist from LIFE.*

If more info for the event is required do let us know and we can provide it at any time

Event (2)
Event Name: A blood River
Place: Sewer Sanitation Center
Involved: Ketsueki Higher Ups and a traitor
It was September and with the coming back of Phantom Corp to Japan after an expansion overseas Ketsueki is the first gang to jump onto an alliance with them. Working closely with Phantom Corp they begin to grow their business and even enter the legal market of selling Alcohol, Tabacco, and more. These dealing make quite the name for Phantom Corp who later decides to start a Japanese based company named Delta Holdings to help with taxes and to start buying up land for real estate development.

Moving into late September
With a rise in Ketsuekis name whispers begin to form as to who the leader of Phantom Corp is, even though with his identity unknown they still reap the rewards of a broken market turning dust into stone and creating what others could only dream. As with all things though a rat is discovered within the business roster digging his tunnel and biding his time to strike at the higher ups. But unknown to him the leaders had already discovered his tracks and waited their time to strike.

A meeting is called for the business roster in an old abandoned house, this will be the first time the roster will directly speak to the overseer or more formally known as the CEO to Phantom Corp. But tis was a trap for the mole. As the members shuffle in and take their seats phantom corps executive strike team enter the building grabbing the mole and barreling him out of the room. Taking him away a shadowy figure would enter and announce ONE DOWN, AND TWO TO GO.

Later that night
As the executive strike team enters the sewer they will head straight for the sewer sanitation center to torture and kill the mole, As they traverse the landscape to the plant they would split up into three groups the main one entering the plant and the other two branching off to pick up their respected groups along the way. This could only mean more trouble. As the main detachment reaches the sewer plant they would throw the mole into Office #2 and await the executive board of Phantom and the respected leader of Ketsueki.

The Torture
It would not be a kidnapping without a little torture and phantom is known well for its specialty. Utilizing a highly trained doctor they would rip the mole piece by piece until the info they required it taken from him. After the info is extracted it would be written down on two pieces of paper left one for Ketsueki and the other for Phantom.

A river of blood
When the usefulness of a mole runs out the only chance left is death by all means. Taking a katana the leader of Ketsueki would slash their head off leaving nothing more than a sad man rotting away in a pool of his own blood. As per the customs of Phantom corp they would then throw a piece of paper at the body with the symbol of a blacked out figure, taking out a brand they would then stamp a logo into the mans chest and take his right hand completely.

Clean Up
Now this wouldn't be Phantom Corp without a clean-up duty, being workers for her Majesty in Britain they have cleaned up and covered up a multitude of murders. Utilizing their ghost division they would have the body then cleaned up and the blood washed away leaving only the letter.

What is the name of your gang?:

What are the themes/morals/beliefs/motives of your gang?:
Ketsueki is mainly a Yakuza but also its own beast hell-bent on its own goals even if it means breaking the Yakuza code and altering the ways in which it runs. We may follow some codes but others should be left in the past and used as building blocks to better your organization rather than as guidelines. As any Yakuza you should trust your Oyabun with respect at all times. While we aren't ones to steal from the everyday man, our enemies have earned the right to be added to our list of those we put below dirt and so have no claim to property or money. Never should your actions disrupt the harmony of the gang or cause any interference with our goals. You shall bring the identities of our leaders to your grave or we shall make you dig your own grave. We are motivated by these values but also to bring down this Yakuza you call Akihito an embarrassment to criminals and society as a whole. Not only will we put them under our thumb but we will not rest until their entire leadership has bowed down to us and we have taken every last finger they have as a show of force. These are the ways of Ketsueki and all those who follow us will be the ones who create this reality and form heaven and earth into what we imagine it to be. Although with all of that being said we have other goals to which is disorder and the dismantling of the corrupt government that runs Karakura as we want to see fairness in the system and not a system that betters the rich and steals from the poor. We are in no way heros or a band of people who want to better the average person though but we want to do this to line out own pockets and turn the city against its own people. The theming of Ketsueki is a mix between Yakuza and an Organized Mob, while we have the values and tenants of a Yakuza we also have the thirst of a Mob with a city to control and a government to taint.

What differs your gang from the rest of the unverified gang roster and other applicants?:
I would say the main difference is the way that we want people to view us, we don't want to be seen simply as a crime organization but a business with a goal in mind and a way to capitalize on it. We want what we do to be fun and almost like an act for a circus building up to a final number as we prepare to conquer or die trying. Our events and how we perceive ourselves should almost feel like watching a show and seeing the best and worst of us and others. This entire way of just being in it for the kills has gotten old and we want to bring back this whole way of using our name as simply a way to put on a show to entertain our viewers like we are the hosts to a television show. But this isn't the only point we can bring, our organization as a whole is completely different from others as we use detachments and divisions instead of teams. By doing this we can be ready at a moment's notice and have a better communication base when working with each other. Each division has a means to it whether this be Medical, Security, Intel, Business, or Yokai. By having each one run as its own separate entity but requiring them to work together we aren't stuck with an administration who has no idea what the other Division is doing and we have a clear outline of their place in every activity and motivation. For example, we have detachment one which consists of 3 Security members and 2 Intel members, so if we require a group that consists of Security and Intel we can simply call for Detachment one and they know what kind of mission we have and we can simplify the explanation process while keeping mission information on a need to know basis. Lastly, I want to point to our Medical division and while this has been done before nothing near this extreme has been done with a medical division. We have a multitude of codes we use for the medical division to declare whether someone needs a hospital or if our team can handle it. We plan to grow the team and hopefully get EX EMS members in it to help give us experienced and taught people so we can better the medical care our Gang can do inhouse.

What reputation does the gang uphold in-character at the moment? Where are they most actively present?:
The Reputation of ketsueki has always been a rocky road with the founding of the gang being less serious and really just getting into fights with Bonten and other criminal organizations. But I know everyone in the gang and those around us can see that we have done everything in our power to change that and to actually start and bring a meaningful light to out existence. This started with the forming of an alliance with Kama and Adobansu and later the expansion of our division roster to look and run more like an organized gang. Now while yes we have had issues with certain members or the community we want to look past that and bring a light fun side to Gangrp. So to summarize this our reputation is rocky but has improved massively the last few months and we hold an overwhelmingly positive reputation with the gangrp community and even with most of the community outside gangrp. As for activity, we are mainly focused on building our name by either getting sprays done and making sure that no one can spray over what we have placed around the map. We also every now and then deal with taking down targets that get in the way of our goals or threaten our existence in any way. This may be knocking them out or killing them off we hold nothing back to secure our throne among the greats. We are prepared to up our activity more and hope fully work closely with staff to make some if not all of our events possible.

Write a paragraph describing your gang and showcasing what they are capable of:
The Ketsueki are a [Yakuza] gang that was founded in 1985. Until today, this gang was made up of different activities. Fights, Kills, Intel, Security and last Medic no. The Ketsueki, when they came to Karakura, hid for a while, but over time the Ketsueki saw how the government worked, ignoring the people of Karakura, leaving many homeless. The Ketsueki leader, seeing this, did not sit idly by and decided to act by calling and activating all the members. To help the people of Karakura. They started from scratch, helping people by giving them money and welcoming them. They began attacking in the shadows, each seeking out people who worked for the government, extracting information from them without being discovered, so the Ketsueki's worked for years, first extracting information and then attacking. The Ketueki's can work as a team devising unique strategies and extracting information from people. Not only that, few people in the Ketsueki work as assassins in the dark and they are the most dangerous in the hierarchy. The Ketsueki's in their way of working as a team and in their strategies are capable of counterattacking by observing the situation; their minds run very fast when thinking of a strategy, giving them time to counterattack their rival. Another Ability of Ketsueki's to collect information since they can camouflage well with the crowd and impersonate people with influence making the task of gathering information very easy making the KPD look like fools, and last ability they mostly attack in the shadows in other words they camouflage themselves in the dark being difficult to follow and impossible to search for clues to where they went.

Extra Info:

I apologize to add this towards the end but I had a few questions regarding the Advert/Unverified roster.

I understand that for Unverified it is applications but in the past the verified roster has been obtained either through necessity or war, how will they be decided moving forward?

A further question on that, if a verified slot does open up and there are other ways to obtain it outside of a gang war can this be done through events? I.e One of the ones listed in this above application or a different one talked through with staff on a later date for event wise

Will the Unverified roster ever be expanded to have special weapons like the verified roster has or will it remain relatively the same moving forward?

Thank you for giving these a look at and answering them, as always have a good one!
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