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Accepted KiraHub's Receptionist Application


Level 1
Out-Of-Character Information

What is your Minecraft username?:
KiraHub (main) and KiraHub2 (one I'm applying on)
Do you have Discord (If so, what is your discord username?):
How old are you? (Optional):
What is your time zone?:
Describe your activity on the server:
I am very active on the server being on as much as possible which could go from 6-10 hours a day on average but more if it is needed.
Have you ever been banned (If yes, when and why?):
Yes, I have been banned before in June this year as I had returned to SRP after a 3-month break and not being too good at the rules or caring about staff but I have learned from then and haven't gotten a warning since. (that I can remember.)
Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:
Yes, I acknowledge that if I go inactive on the server or the account I'll be demoted.
School Employee Role you are applying for?:
I am applying for the receptionist role.
In as much detail as possible, describe the employee role you are applying for:
A receptionist's job is to greet the students of the school as they enter the building being sat at their station ready to answer and help students or parents with questions about the school or navigate them around to the cafeteria, track area, baseball area, or even the football field they also have to be able to tell the students when and where a school upcoming school events like dances, balls, and tryouts are happening. The receptionists also have to make sure the school is a safe area for everyone there to the best of their abilities stopping fights or arguments as soon as they see them. Receptionists also have to help students who are trading in the reward tokens they have received from another faculty member giving them the gifts that are promised for however many tokens they give them.

What experience, in general, do you have in roleplay?:
Well, I have quite a lot of experience with roleplaying having done it a lot previously on other servers or games like ROBLOX a couple of years ago and more recently Dungeons and Dragons having played the game for the last 3 years and being on SRP for about 8-9 months in total.
Link(s) to any previous applications and appeals on the server:
Spanish Application Accepted
Ban Appeal Denied
Spanish Application Redo Denied
Spanish Application Denied
What is your current role(s) on the server? (If you're in college, specify your degree level):
KiraHub | Grade 12
KiraHub2 | Grade 11

/*Do not mention the use of FearRP*/

During a work shift a student starts cursing at you for being pathetic, how does your character react?:
Mioko would approach the student calmly being shocked as to why they would call them that asking them to stop and why they were saying that to others then asking them to stop and if they don't she would ask why they weren't in class or if it was after school hours why they were still on school grounds asking them to leave politely and if they refused she would maybe call another faculty member if the student was getting aggressive attempting to handle the situation as calmly as possible not wanting anything to happen.
You notice two students are physically fighting in the hallway, – multiple punches have been thrown – how does your character react?:
Mioko would quickly walk up to them telling them to stop instantly and if they just ignored her she would grab the student hard enough to pull them away from the student if they were on top of them and if they were just facing each other she would be stepping in between them making sure they're not close to each other and giving them a few feet of space from each other then taking them to the nurse and deciding further punishment for both of them.
Another school employee is acting inappropriately, doing something very dangerous on the job, how does your character react?:
She would be shocked as she walked up to them asking why they were doing what they were doing awaiting a response from the faculty member then telling them that it's best not to do that as it could result in something worse like hurting themselves or someone acting inappropriately back at them and giving them a chance to correct themselves and tell them to take it easy.
When in the employee break room, how does your character act?
Mioko would act very happily in the break room socializing with everyone and eating a snack or lunch she brought with her while talking with everyone but being laid back at the same time being nice to everyone and making sure everyone has a good time during their break.
Provide us with at least three detailed /me's of your character whilst in your chosen role:

&8&oShe would look at the person with a smile on their face raising her hand with a small wave at the person she's looking at opening her mouth and speaking with a happy and comforting voice &f''Hello and good morning/evening! What is it you need assistance with?''
/me &8&oShe would sit herself down on the chair placing her cup of coffee on the table next to it as she sat down next to (any faculty member in the lounge) smiling at them as she took a small sip of her coffee then looking back at the person she is sitting next to doing her normal wave as she got comfortable in the seat then opening her mouth and saying &f''Hello everyone how's your morning?''
/me &8&oShe would happily grab the tokens she was handed from the student in front of her with a bright smile like always then count how many tokens she was handed before getting up and grabbing whatever the student's prize is then sitting back down looking at the student and saying &f''It's nice to see that you're doing good around school keep it up and you'll receive more tokens!'' &8&oas she finished speaking she would hand them their prize and then await the next person in line.

In-Character Section
(Pretend your character is filling this out, not you)

Full Name (First & Last only): Mioko Zawadi
Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss): Miss
Preferred Name: Miss Mioko

Age (Minimum is 25): 27
Gender: Female
Religious Denomination: Atheist
Marital Status: N/A

Academic Degree: Bachelor's Degree
Year of Graduation: 2003
Major(s): English
Minors: Health and safety

Nationality: Arabic and African
Current Location: Karakura, Japan
Native Languages: N/A
Other Languages: N/A

Mioko Zawadi was born in an Egyptian hospital on a Wednesday the 21st of May 1995. Her mother Liana Riise is an Egyptian female but died during the birth of Mioko and her father left due to that. When she died she was put up for adoption changing families at all times before one of them had moved to Japan and once again getting put up for adoption before getting adopted by her previous father before she moved to Japan, Karakura. She had been terrible in school until she was finally adopted by a Japanese male, she finally had a loving father who cared about her and helped her with school and she slowly learned Japanese forgetting about her original language as she had moved around so much. As her school life went on she did better and better as her father pushed her to do good in school so she did the best she could as a thank you to him for caring about her so much. However, as d more time went on, her father passed away from heart disease getting Mioko to once again be adopted by one of her adopted father's friends Ark Zawadi who works with the school and became a new role model for her so she did her best to finish school and get the best grades possible with her lack of experience in her new living area. As she finished school she went to work at minor jobs to keep her afloat but after years of doing something she disliked she decided she was going to find something she enjoyed and ended up finding out she enjoyed everything about school and wanted to work there as a result.

Motivation for Joining KHS:
The motivation for joining KHS is because I love working with kids and school stuff in general wanting to better students as I was once lost when it came to everything and especially school so I have a special feeling of sympathy for everyone there and feel like I need to help them as I also enjoy helping them at the same time as kids are very special and fun to be around because they have a sense of innocence that nothing else has.
Do you have any previous experience working in a school environment? If so, please elaborate (If not, respond with "N/A"):
Why should you be accepted over the other applicants?:
I think I should get accepted because I enjoy helping other people who need help with whatever they need and I will try my best to keep the role of a Receptionist by working as hard as I can and as often as possible. I want to help the kids of Karakura to become something greater than what they thought they would be when they grow up and make them excited to go to school every single day and want to participate in class more than normal to become the best they can be improving the environment as much as possible!
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Level 240
Employee Lead

Congratulations you have been accepted for the role of Receptionist! Please ping mariav#6666 and link this application on Academics Discord to get things started.​

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