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KPD Application #3 | tfyo


Level 5

Created by tfyo

- Format Inspiration YWTC

Out-Of-Character (OOC) Section

IGN (In-Game Name):

Discord Name & Tag:

Previous bans:

tfyo account
Throughout the time I have been on SchoolRP, unfortunately, I’ve been banned three times. The first ban was a mistake that was quickly amended after an explanation of the situation was displayed. Although, the next two bans were completely righteous. I understand my past can never be forgiven and I do not have the best past on the server. Although, I hope to redeem myself by becoming more involved in the community. I’d like to make up for my mistakes in the past by shouldering responsibilities to slowly make up for my misdeeds. I do hope I can be given a second chance to right my wrongs, after my time in the News Reporter faction, I'd like to continue my experiences elsewhere. I don't expect any leniency based on this small explanation, but I do hope that my application can be graded off my recent actions and judge of my character. The link to the two ban appeals are displayed below.

Appeal [#1]
Appeal [#2]

newpIay Account

playnew Account
Describe your activity on the server:
Honestly, I haven’t been the most active person on the server. I feel as if because I’ve played this server for such a long time, I lose interest quickly. Although this is a negative quality, I have found myself participating more in the server as of late. As of right now, I am more active on my highschool account other than my usual adult character. Recently, I’ve been setting my characters up socially and financially. From the time I’ve rejoined the server, I’ve bought an apartment to support myself in later endeavors. A few months ago, I left the news reporter faction after having to take some time off due to difficult situations outside of the server.

Now, I’m striving to have both my characters become working citizens in Karakura. If I were to rate my activity on a scale from 1-10, I’d most likely rate it a 5.5 / 10, seeing as I have only recently gotten back into the server and haven’t played as much as I’d hoped to in order to up my activity rating. I understand activity plays a major part in having such a responsibility and role on SchoolRP, but I'd like to use this opportunity and job to improve my activity on the server. I feel as if I've never been committed towards a job, because I struggled with activity. Although, I'd like to improve this quality by focusing on one job at a time and pursuing a career in this pathway.

Which timezone are you in?

List your current and past IC/OOC faction applications:
Karakura Police Application [ACCEPTED]
News Reporter Application [ACCEPTED]

News Reporter Application [ACCEPTED]
Teacher Application [ACCEPTED]
Nurse Application [ACCEPTED]
Student Council Application [DENIED]

EMS Application #1 [DENIED]
EMS Application #2 [DENIED]
EMS Application #3 [DENIED]

Karakura Police Application [DENIED]

What is your motivation for applying?:
The responsibility is one of the reasons I was motivated towards applying to become an officer. My past reputation with the two previous bans has lowered my trust in the community. Although it may have been over two years ago, I feel that if I don’t participate in the community enough to better ameliorate past actions, my reputation will remain the same. However, the focus I have towards applying to become a part of the Police Force is the experiences that follow. Previously, I never really got the entire experience of being an officer as I quit too early. I understand that there are a plethora of people who have a way better reputation than I and much better activity, but I would be more than welcome to use my knowledge from past jobs and the little time I had on the police force to strengthen my chances of becoming an officer.

Furthermore, the Karakura Police job is one of the most respectable roles on the server. Through every job I have participated in, I always felt drawn towards the Karakura Emergency aspect of the server. My goal as a SchoolRP player has always been to widen my scope in terms of roleplaying. I've taught, I've healed, written, and played some pivotal roles throughout my time on the server. I believe that the first step towards a better future is helping out in any way I can, all I need is the opportunity wherever and however. Overall, I'm looking for a distinct experience other than the usual school roleplay. There is so much to learn on this server, and being on the Karakura Police Team would be an amazing experience for me. Despite my past, I wouldn't want that to prevent me from contributing to the team as a valuable asset.

What knowledge do you have of Police Work?

Police Equipment
- X26 Taser
- Handcuffs
- Pepper Spray
- Police Badge
- Glock 17
- Body Camera
- Standard Issue Baton
- Breathalyzer
- Radio
- Crowbar
- Police Cruiser

- The Police equipment would include a standard radio to communicate with their colleagues during any situation that would require it. A baton to threaten and or protect yourself from dangerous individuals and used to set authority towards those who cannot follow commands. This would not include using the baton for violent use against citizens, common sense should be applied when using the Baton.
- A taser is closely related to a firearm, it sends out a wire aimed at the target which would then send a shock through the initial point of contact to the rest of the body. The taser immobilizes the target and should only be used in dire situations. Police can also use the taser to shoot up in the air which can cause citizens in the area to scatter from the area, a tactic to remove innocent citizens away from the area of a crime.
- Police can also carry their badge, this indicates their status in society as police officers. Along with the badge, they can carry pepper spray which is used to spray in the eye of a target to stun them. The pepper spray affects the eyes if used properly [MUST AIM AT THE EYE] and disrupts their vision. It also stings the eye which leaves them vulnerable. Pepper spray should also only be used in situations that are necessary for immediate action.
- Handcuffs, a tool given to officers when needed to place a citizen in detainment. Aside from the handcuffs, police are also equipped with body cameras placed on their uniforms to record present time situations. This is useful when you need to either report an officer for disorderly conduct, have evidence of a crime being committed. In general, it is used to retain proof of an incident.
- Lastly, the Glock 17 , the standard issue weapon for an officer. Although, only higher ranking offers can acquire the weapon.
Police Rankings
- Commissioner ⥢ Police Captain
- Detective Division
⥢ Police Detective Superintendent ⥢ Police Detective Chief Inspecter
⥢ Police Detective Inspector ⥢ Police Detective Constable
Main Division
- Lieutenant ⥢ Sergeant ⥢ Corporal ⥢ Officer ⥢ Cadet
CCTVCCTV is the camera system that monitors areas throughout the city. This includes streets, schools, shops and organization buildings, anywhere security is needed. CCTV is essential to police as it helps display incidents throughout the city. If there is extensive proof of a crime being committed through CCTV, it speeds up the process by helping identify and prevent crimes from happening.
Desk WorkIn most cases, cadets are assigned this task. The majority of this type of duty involves interacting with civilians and working with filed reports. It is possible for an officer to file a restraining order against someone and collect evidence for another case that is being pressed against them. An officer can also perform this task by sitting at the CCTV desk and scanning the footage of various cameras scattered throughout the city for any criminal activity.

Why is Police important to SchoolRP?
The SchoolRP server is designed to provide its players with the most realistic experience possible. Despite the name, the entire roleplay experience is not about school. Players are exposed to small and large events on the server to enhance their roleplay awareness. There have been a number of different jobs across the server that have played an important role in some particular event, no matter how big or small. In contrast, the Karakura Police Department has become very influential on the server. This is due to the fact that over the seven years the server has been up, criminal activities have been introduced, natural disasters, man-made incidents, and etcetera have all applied themselves to the server.

The introduction of government roles has added to the power dynamic that already existed. Formerly, they were the most active and leading force driving the city to be better and keeping citizens happy. Despite many criticisms, officers are also very valuable in teaching organizations ways to better conduct themselves. This keeps the legit organizations in line while spreading warnings to those who participate in the less legal actions around the city. Without a police force, the crime aspect of the server would be severely limited, which many people enjoy. As a result, it would demonstrate how easy it is to commit crimes without being punished. Despite the advancements the police have made, they have recently become more self-involved in the server and upcoming events. Many may not have been possible if not for the presence of the Karakura Police.

Do you acknowledge that you're subject to being demoted if accepted at any given time?
I do acknowledge that I can be demoted at any given time, I'd like to dedicate my time to this role and continue to keep the job if given the chance.

Do you acknowledge that by applying for this role, you are agreeing to be 100% dedicated to the Police Officer role?
I acknowledge that by applying for this role, I agree to put my full attention towards the Police Officer position. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Do you acknowledge that if training is held whilst you are online, you are needed to attend or you will be punished?
I completely understand, if I cannot attend a training, I'll be sure to relay an inactivity log so that I have a reason for not being able to show up.

In-Character (IC) Section


Character's Full Name:

Hyeon-Yu Kim

Character's age (if accepted):

Character's gender & pronouns:


Character's Academic Background


What languages are you proficient in besides Japanese?

Describe your character; how they look, what makes them unique?

Physical CharacteristicsDescription
ComplexionHyeon-Yu bore a pale complexion, his skin rather lighter than others.
HeightHyeon-Yu would stand at 6'0 / 182.9 centimeters.
Weight184lbs / 83.5 kgs.
Eye ColorHis eyes glowed with a blue, ocean shade, naturally one being slightly lighter than the other.
Hair ColorHis hair fell down to his shoulders, the blonde locks of hair waving throughout his head.
BuildHyeon-Yu hailed a lean build, not too skinny with noticeable muscles. He wore a medium sized scar that passed his lip, leading over towards his cheek.
Attributes↭ Speed
↭ Combat Experience
↭ Reaction Speed
↭ Leadership
↭ Endurance
↭ Intelligence
↭ Physical Strength
↭ Swim Speed

How does your character act in a professional/casual situation?
↭ Professional ↭
In a professional setting, he'd speak in a respectful and calm tone. Hyeon-Yu acts with efficiency and care when it comes to working. Although his qualities don't resemble that much of a leader, he has a good skill when it comes to peak group performance. Hyeon-Yu works extremely well in teams and contains the positive quality of good communication. He is an active listener and a good speaker when it comes to voicing his ideas and actions. He can adjust himself to better improve relationships with those he is working with and his outlook on his co-workers can be put into one word, inspired.

↭ Casual ↭
In a casual environment, Hyeon-Yu appears very approachable. He has an extremely social quality to him while displaying charismatic traits. On and off the job he is not that different, he's able to freely speak his mind and enjoys going into detail about topics he has a clear investment in. People describe him outside of work though to be easily distracted. This makes him extremely bad when it comes to listening to others off the job. People find it odd how he can listen so well on the job, yet be so distracted once that uniform comes off. He's extremely family-oriented and displays father-like qualities.

What is their outlook on the idea of co-workers & teamwork?
Hyeon-Yu sees the idea of co-workers and teamwork as an essential part in the working areas of life. He understands that everyone plays a major part in whatever role they are destined to play and that one person cannot depend solely on themself. He believes that co-workers and teamwork are needed to push through the obstacles that daily life throws at you.

Do you see yourself as a leader or a follower? Why?

"There hasn't been a strong point in my life where I can strongly say I've been a leader, to me a leader means a multitude of things. At my age and what I've done with my life, I can't confidently say I see myself as being a true leader. Throughout this job, I hope that one day I'll be able to live up to a leader's expectations, but right now, I've got a long way to go... I can't say whether I have the qualities to be a strong leader, it's not just something you say you are, it's your actions and mentality that bring out leadership qualities."

I would say Hyeon-Yu has the qualities of a follower, his life and experiences hasn't led him to gain the qualities of a confident leader. Of course, not everyone can be a leader even if they aspire to be, there are many ways to lend your positive traits in any line of work without having the leadership attribute. As he said, being a leader isn't something you think you are, it's what the people around you see you as and the actions you take in order to keep it that way.

BACKSTORY (100+ words)

May 23, 1995, Hyeon-Yu was born in Busan, Korea. He was born to Tae-so Kim and Eun-Soo Park. At the time of his birth, his mother was 37 years old while his father was 35. His family was financially stable, his father working as an accountant and his mother being a stay at home parent. Hyeon-Yu's father was the family's main source of income, providing for the basic necessities. Once Hyeon-Yu had an elder brother who radiated with joy each time the two would interact. At a young age, Tae-so Kim enrolled both of his children in boxing lessons, giving them a basic idea of the combat world. As Hyeon-Yu grew older, he began to take the sport more serious, becoming extremely active in the boxing world. On February 17, 2007, The Kim family emigrated from Busan, Korea to Karakura, Japan.
Over the course of this new transition, Hyeon-Yu began to focus more on his studies after enrolling into Karakura Highschool only a year after the emigration. At the time of Hyeon-Yu's early enrollment, his elder brother had begun to graduate college and pursue a career in journalism. Hyeon-Yu wasn't the smartest out of his class, but he could hold his own. He kept his grades high, yet struggled in some aspects of school. His grades would fluctuate at times, causing him stress and discomfort.
Hyeon-Yu took an interest in the study of computer science, but found it much more difficult than it seemed. He steered himself towards a less challenging pathway and focused more on finishing school than anything else. As he advanced throughout highschool, Hyeon-Yu finished his final exam which led him towards college. At the time, he hadn't figured out what he was going to pursue once he finished college, his entire family had something set for them, yet he couldn't figure out what would best suit him. He pushed through college, ending with a solid GPA.
After college, Hyeon-Yu took some time off to figure himself out. He moved back to Busan where he lived in an apartment for around four years. He bounced around from job to job, not being able to stick with one working place because of his lack of commitment to the job. Hyeon-Yu couldn't find an area that would interest him enough to stick around. At the age of 26, Hyeon-Yu decided to move back to Karakura, Japan, setting himself in the Apartment Complex K. He hadn't found his sense of belonging, but overtime began to notice a small spark for criminal justice.
He almost filled his apartment with criminal justice research books, indulging himself with knowledge on the topic. He didn't have the experience that most would prefer, but he was determined to give emergency response an attempt. Once Hyeon-Yu Kim turned 28, after a few months of preparing himself, he launched himself towards the Emergency Response area in the working careers in hopes to find a suitable career he could invest in while becoming more dedicated to the job.


Can you legally own a pocket knife in Karakura?

"It is prohibited to carry a pocket knife in Karakura. Any sort of lethal weapon besides a bat is considered illegal and cannot be carried on person / owned. If caught with a pocket knife, you can and will have it confiscated. Furthermore, if the weapon is sprayed with luminol and any blood is displayed across the knife, you can and will be arrested and questioned."

Name 5 medical items that do NOT require a prescription
↭ 'Unbranded Bandage'
↭ Paracetamol
↭ Cough Syrup
↭ Surgical Mask
↭ Walking Cane

If you see your co-workers physically abusing an inmate, what should you do?

"Thank God for body cameras."
To begin with, I would activate my body camera since I would need evidence later to report the officer(s) for misconduct and lack of restraint. After the body camera was on, I'd quickly call in EMS to identify and care for the inmates injuries. I would then approach my coworker(s), placing distance between the inmate and the officers in attempts to de-escalate the situation as we waited on EMS to arrive. Depending on whether the injuries are extensive, I'd apply first aid to the victim to stabilize them as we waited on the emergency services. Once the situation had been dealt with, I'd relay my body camera footage of the incident to a higher-up.

What should you do if you see your co-worker being assaulted?
★ Unarmed Target(s) v. Co-worker
- If they appear to be unarmed, I'd first radio in for backup as I described the situation whilst turning my body camera on. I'd then confront the target(s) who are assaulting my co-worker as I equipped my taser before letting off a shot in the air in hopes of scattering / scaring the individuals. Once I've put a good distance between the officer and the assailants, guarding the injured officer, I'd call 110 and relay the information, telling them the location to then care for the injured officer. My first priority would be to keep my co-worker safe before placing myself into a situation where I am outnumbered and without backup. Once backup has come, I'd begin to detain each individual involved, if possible.

★ Armed Target(s) v. Co-worker
- If they appear to be armed with lethal weapons, I'd first radio in backup as quickly as possible whilst equipping my taser. As I had my taser equipped, when given the opportunity I'd radio in for EMS and describe the situation depending on my co-worker's injuries. I'd keep a good distance between me and the assailant(s) as I aimed the taser at the individual(s). While awaiting for backup, if the targets began to rush at me, I'd make good use of my taser as I'd slowly back up whilst tasing the targets to immobilize them and keeping them away from my co-worker. Once reinforcements have arrived, I'd then be able to outnumber the target(s) and attempt to detain the individual(s).

★ Co-Worker Assailant v. Citizen Victim
- Following basic protocol, I would use my body camera to obtain evidence of the situation and the officer(s) involved. I'd then step in verbally in attempts to de-escalate the situation as I put a good distance between the victim and the assaulting officer. Depending on the citizens wounds, I'd call 110 to the location of which the attack happened and have the citizen taken to the hospital. Once the situation had been dealt with in present time, I'd display the body camera footage of the attack to a higher-up.
What do you do if you find out that your co-worker is corrupt and is helping criminal organizations?
"To figure out that your co-worker has been aiding in criminal organizations in reality is quite a difficult task. Not only are they an enforcer of the law, but depending on their rank it can be extremely difficult to not only investigate them but to provide evidence and stay out of their radar. At the end of the day, you are entitled to reporting the officer no matter their rank, you are just as bad if you let them off knowing that they are ruining the city and our police force. It's our job to put others before ourselves and despite how you may feel, officers can break the law too, everyone has to be punished for their offenses. Even if you have to confront your own commissioner about their corruption, the political system Karakura has is equipped with a great mayor and great governors. You are never alone when it comes to corruption inside the force."

How would you react to a criminal trying to bribe you?

"Bribing an officer?"
Despite how desperate they criminal seems to be, I'd charge them in addition to their fine or arrest,. Bribery is the lowest of low, and as an officer you are expected to have some self respect, pride, and common knowledge. You can be demoted, fired, and or arrested for accepting bribes and cooperating with a criminal.
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