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In Progress LightRP Event Team Application [RE-APPLY]

Discussion in 'Community Team Applications' started by Jordyn // LightRP, Nov 7, 2020.

  1. Jordyn // LightRP

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    Oct 15, 2020
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    Image-1.jpg Discord: jordyn | LightRP#3627

    IGN: LightRP
    Something about me: I am a 16 year old female from Rhode Island, USA. I am applying for this position because I think I could really help the team. I have been playing SchoolRP on and off since 2015. Something about me you should know is that I am very outgoing and I love to work with others. I know the rules of the server, and I have some pretty good ideas which I would like to share with you. I hope you will take the time to read my application, and I hope you enjoy it.

    Explain your activity on the Server:
    On SchoolRP, I am active everyday during 2-11pm. I am in Eastern Standard Time. Due to the covid pandemic, I reside in online school, so I am more active than others. I think I would be a good candidate for this server because I have been playing this server on and off since 2015. I roleplay as Ivy Shimasu in game, and I know the rules of not only GangRP, but schoolRP

    What previous experience do you have working in a team?:
    Some previous experience I have working in a team would be coordinating events in an Environment class. I was able to coordinate events and come up with ideas to fundraise for our program and our school. Working in a team is better for me because I am able to breach off of others ideas and come up with a plan together than can succeed. I am able to take on other peoples opinions and take constructive criticism to come up with ideas and plans. Another example of me working in a team would have to be when I volunteered and made a group to raise money for a local animal rescue center. I set up a group of kids called “The Lemonade Kids.” We were able to raise money together by coming up with plans such as selling lemonade, having games which people who stop at the stand can play, etc. After all of our lemonade stands and games we hosted that year, I was able to raise over 1000 dollars at the age of 9. I have been working in teams since I was young, and hosting events which are organized and planned out thoroughly. My commitment and dedication makews

    What makes you different from other applicants?
    Something that makes me different from other applicants is that once I put my mind to something, I work until I achieve or come to a point to help others. I know how to speak my mind & use my ideas to help others. Something else that could make me different from other applicants would be that I have prior experience working in groups to come up with projects, which I mentioned in the last question. I am also fully aware of the rules of the server and have been a member for multiple years. With this knowledge, I am able to coordinate not only events that provide entertainment to others, but events that can provide extracurriculars or groups such as sports teams or even involving GangRP. . I think that I would be good working in a team to brainstorm ideas to help make SchoolRP a better place for others, and to make events that can boost the server’s activity, and entertainment for it’s players.


    #1 The Missing Person

    What kind of Event?

    This event would be categorized as an interactive event. It not only would provide entertainment, it would bring Karaukura’s citizens together as a search party.


    Certain objects may be needed to fulfill this event. Such as maybe a small tent set up in the forest with belongings of the missing people. This event will require volunteers in the staff community to play as the missing people. We will need journalists handy to put out news to the citizens of Karakura. Not only interactive for the members of the server, items such as bloody clothing, shoes, and items from the missing people will be placed around for clues of where you may be able to find the missing people.
    What will be needed:

    At this point, Karakura citizens will be searching for the missing person/hints or clues which can solve this mystery. We will need Karakura Police Department cruising around the city, searching fields, forests, shopping district, etc.
    Extra: Police dogs/players could be used to search out for scents. For example, one of her pieces of clothing could be found by a search dog in the back of the forest.

    Where to begin:
    -To begin the event, It would start off on a casual day in Karakura (Or in the new map), as citizens go about their days. The weather would be cloudy and stormy on a cold fall evening. The atmosphere would be quiet on the streets as you hear your phone chime with a broadcast from Karakura’s Police Department.

    [ ! ] Attention, This is the Karakura Police Department. There has been a missing person report for our Karakura citizen (Name of the missing person). If you have any information or if you have seen (Name), please contact your local station. Our local tip line is (Number).

    -A few minutes later

    [ ! ] Attention Karakura citizens, According to tips, he/she was last seen near the Akihito Estate. A search party will begin today, (The date). As Karakura police department, we will be searching day and night, and we encourage you to help us. Please stay in groups at all times. If you have any information please call our tip line, (number).

    Mini Event: The Clothing
    Karakura citizens would be working to find the missing person. Items would be placed around the map, including an item of clothing, and the first person to find it would call the police, or if nobody is able to find it, police will find it and begin investigating.

    Journalist: [ ! ] (Name) here, I have been informed by sources that a piece of clothing from (name of missing person) has been recovered in the back of the forest. Crime Scene tape was reported to be up.

    ***In the back of the forest would be caution tape/barriers with police investigating a piece of clothing recovered by a search dog.***

    (As citizens of Karakura arrive, flooding the scene, Karakura police department attempts to keep everyone calm. Police surround the item of clothing surrounded in blood, trying to keep away people from taking pictures. (It would be like when the Akihito Estate was caught on fire)

    -As the days go by in Karakura, there is no sign of the missing person, but papers have been emerging around town, placed onto lamp posts. It would show a picture of bloody clothing which the missing person would have been reported to last be seen in.-

    After days go by in Karakura, pictures of the clothing have been stapled to almost all lamp posts around town. Citizens will be asked to keep conducting the search party, and as days or even months go by. The missing person was never found and evidence was inconclusive. This would leave Karakura’s finest citizens at edge, not knowing what happened to him/her. This could lead to a sequel event, similar to this one in the future, which connects two events together. I personally think that If we are able to make an event lead to another, such as this one, It would provide entertainment to the members. As citizens wonder what ever happened to that girl/boy, Announcements go by everyday from KPD, but no signs of any evidence or the missing person.

    Missing Person Overview:
    I think that this missing person event may be simple, but it would be an event that can last for the long run, It can help set the story of Karakura and have members even keep searching in the future, If this event is chosen, I can write up a follow up event for if/when they either find the body or the girl/boy. My idea if they find the girl/boy would be after a month in game, the person who took her would release her back into Karakura, she/he would be extremely disoriented and has lost consciousness from the reality of the world. She would describe the man as a man from the mountains. She would call him the ‘Mountain Monster’. This event can lead to many other events which can be created. It can not only be interactive for the members but create a story for Karakura.


    Flash Waterpark Event:

    What Kind of Event?
    For the pop up waterpark event, this will be a planned, organized get together for Karakura’s citizens. It will consist of mini shops, attire which members can choose to wear, such as swimwear. Shop owners will bring some of their finest foods/items which fit accordingly to the waterpark. Ex. Ice cream, coffee, etc.

    What will be needed?

    In order for this event to take place, we will need journalists to announce the Waterpark Event a few days prior, and also for staff to post it in the official Discord. For in game necessities, we will need Shop-Owners or staff to volunteer for the booths. Shop owners will be selling their items as Karakura’s citizens lounge, eat, and shop!


    When it would take place?

    This event would take place on a warm summer afternoon. Weather would be in the high 80’s. As shop owners sell their items and make a profit for their business, members who attend can lounge with their friends, meet others, shop, and go down the waterparks slides! Although this event is simple, I believe that with announcements to the event in days prior, this can bring all of of Karakura’s members to come together and have an event everyone can remember. I think that this pop up event can be something to bring together the members, not only to meet new people, but for entertainment. Having a waterpark event would not only make SchoolRP feel as a real life experience, it would provide a moment of fun for all of our members, from all the way from GangRP, to Sports group members.


    I hope that you enjoyed reading my application and I hope that you see that I am dedicated and ready to work hard to help come up with events for this server. Again, thank you for reading my application and I hope to work with the team soon.
    - LightRP
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