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Lore-team App!

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by RoseRP, Apr 27, 2020.

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    IGN: RoseRP

    What is your discord name and tag (name#0000)?: RoseRP#5952

    What is your timezone/What country are you from?: Mountain Timezone! The U.S.

    Do you have a microphone and are able to speak VIA discord?: Yes of course!

    Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you can be removed from the team at any given time?: I acknowledge, accept, and agree that if I am inactive I will be removed from the team at any point in time, as wished. The only thing that could impede me is if I have Basketball Practice Icly! As I'm currently pretty much all but locked in my house due to having Asthma. Haha. This shouldn't be a issue, and if I'm not online, feel free to DM me!

    What makes you different from other applicants?: Personally I have always believed in the saying "each person is unique, and has there own talents." I have my own talents - just as everyone else does. We all have the things we excel at - and one thing I happen to excel at is writing! I personally detail roleplay. (And struggle with the barrier of the chat, haha!) rather heavily - and tend to write at least anywhere from 1-9 paragraphs, either it be about my character, or what she's doing. I would love to put this work into the server and write with passion the history & future lore that will vibrate on our server and give it life! I want to bring the Lore to Karakura alive, and pop in my own idea's and work as a team! I want to give creativity back into the lore, and keep my readers interested, and still informed, while they may be curious of a flair of mystery behind each paragraph. Leave 'em wanting! Notably Literature is one of my many passions. Something I deeply care about.

    Do you have any previous experience writing any lore?: I actually am! Before I met SRP 2-3+ years back, I was a heavy roleplayer on a game called 'World of warcraft' and I was into DND quite a bit recently! I built my own lore behind my characters of where they came from, how did this change them, to races, to the story behind the races, how did they come to be? I wrote an entire Lore-history of my characters connection to 'Elune' a popular goddess among the Kaldorei in the Warcraft Lore. I also created a few Warcraft races In-game for me and my friends to play personally and privately together, such as a few blood-elf mages going wrong and become more 'siren like' creatures, to Kaldorei women performing together in a old troll temple and enchanting it and the area around it to be purely Kaldorei and Elven based.



    Writing prompt #1
    Meika Soomin was leaning against the balcony of her apartment. Overlooking the bustling and busy streets of the Shopping distrinct in Karakura, Japan. Settled upon the balcony was a warm cup of Hot Chocolate between her hands - notably the right hand was trembling against the cup as she lifted it and parted her lips. Taking a long sip from it and swallowing the warm liquid after a moment. Her eyes were shiny and reflected the morning sun that laid down in soft spring warmth around her. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breathe in through her nose she lifted her head up and shook out her black mane of curls. Opening her chocolate-brown eyes that held deep emotion once more she gazed upwards towards the fluffy clouds above her. As she did live on the top floor closest to the elevator as well. For a moment she flickered her warm & kind gaze behind her into her well-lit, but.. empty apartment. She had yet to begin to construct her apartment - and so far she didn't feel the need to besides to set up a place to sleep for a few more days.

    Once more flicking her gaze back - she patted down her bangs, notably a singular deep gray streak darted through. Giving her hair a bit of 'spunk' as a teenager would in there younger years. A small smile began to form on her pretty peach-naturally colored lips as she turned and began to put one leg in front of the other. Gracefully making her way to her small set-up basket of clothes, to put on her clothes that had been laid about in the apartment in preparation, and began to lift the remains of her school-uniform she had yet to pull on. Beginning with a pair of stockings to go under her flannel blue skirt, after tucking in her white shirt, she rolled the stockings way up smoothly and hoisted them up over her rather wide hips. Once more leaning down to lift her bow and tying it rather neatly into place and then placing on her jacket over it. Attaching the arm-band she normally would wear, and slipping on a pretty pair of sleek black shoes for her feet. Buckling them into place, and lifting her school-bag which had her Notebook, Pencils, Sketchbook, and a Bento box inside. She moved her hair out of her jacket, and let it fall back in waves down her back, as a small rattle could be heard. It was a small basketball charm that she had added onto the backpack after joining the team earlier.

    Her eyes narrowed slightly as she squinted at her phone, raising it to her ear with a grin as her smooth and melodic voice erupted from her, while a nice and cute feminine voice erupted from the other. 'Hey bitch, meet at school? Alright. Haha, see you then!' Click! And then she opened the door - twisting the knob carefully with her hand as she left the empty apartment behind. Leaving her worries at the door for the future, and completely consumed by her happy thoughts of meeting her best-friend. It was going to be a good-day, she felt. And if it wasn't, she'd make it into one. Gripping the straps of her backpack she headed down the elevator- pressing the button that lead to the first-floor!

    As she stepped out of the elevator she began her walk to the school- always looking both ways before crossing the street. She began to make her way down the side-walk as she smiled. Meika thumbed through her photos with her & best-friend, and with other friends, from Silly photos with her brother, to basketball pictures of herself and her team-mates. After once more raising her gaze to look ahead of her before finding herself already at the School-gates. Stepping inside right as it turned 7:45, and moving to hug her best-friend as they walked into the building, laughing and talking and eyeing the guys together and then giggling like normal school-girls would. The girl that she had a arm wrapped around seem to make Meika light up! Until they parted when she had a college-class. Entering the doors that would lead to her education, and quite possibly - her future.

    As she picked a spot near the window within the classroom, she found herself smiling to herself as she turned off her phone and pulled out her Cosmeology notes. Briefly looking outside of the school, and into the 'Haunted Forest' behind the school. Getting lost within her own thoughts as she dug into the notebooks and subconsciously made notes, while also doodling a 'haunted' picture of a maiden of a ghost peering out from the forest, to the Campus. One side with half-of her face appearing as if it had melted via wax. The rest of her face remaining flawless, with dark eyes and soft dark lips. She had curly ringlets of black hair left in a short black bob with wearing a loose-fitting white robe with a black ribbon tied around her hips that fell behind her. The other being a older-aged man with long silky strands of black hair that stood protectively besides the maiden, he was clad in Samurai gear. It was portrayed in such a way that it looked like a loyal royal Samurai guard, protecting lovely over his long-lost maiden of a princess. Both now ghosts residing in the forest, watching approvingly over the students that learned. Getting so lost in detailing her artwork, she forgot the class ended and hurried out into the library to continue to draw into the book.

    Once she felt finished - she closed the notebook and stuffed it in her bag. Opting to do her morning stretches where she went down into the work-out room and removed her shoes, and stockings. Placing them neatly in one of the lockers within the room, while also removing her jacket and placing it inside neatly as well after folding it rather precariously. Moving over to the mat she dropped down into the splits, one leg spreading out behind her, the other in front of her, and she leaned in front of herself with her hands extended. Before raising up and tossing her hair behind her, as she stretched out her arms and back. Curving it and bending before standing up and settling herself back on her knees, she extended herself forward with her knees pressed tightly to her stomach. Reaching her hands out into a common Japanese 'forgive me' position. Extending one leg out in a bicycle motion and then the other after placing the left leg down.

    She stood up and headed for the showers where she formally got into her basketball uniform, sliding it on and then taking her clothes and locking it tightly within one of the lockers, where she made a dash out of the room and into the Basketball court. Beginning to join the others on the court as a defender of the Blue-side. Aiming to grab the ball whenever it got near to block it from being shot in. Of which these methods were in quick fluid motions as she passed the ball to the Forward. After a good round of practice in the Basketball court, she went to the showers and cleaned off. Dressing back up in the School-uniform that she wore to the school everyday. Opting to go out into the court-yard for the rest of the days to roam around and mingle with the other students.

    As the day began to darken, and home-time approached. Meika headed her way out, while calling friends to see if they wanted to hang out, or just talk. If they did not - she would usually head home, but in this case she called her 'Waifu' once more and they went to the bowling alley to hang out for a few hours and enjoy each other's company. Laughing and talking among each-other, while scoring points as they downed pins together and highfived each other every now and then. A enjoyable night overall, before soon enough - Meika crashed at her apartment. Changing into a nice pair of pajamas and laying across her bed. Smiling fondly at the memories made of the day before flopping onto her back. Calling her best-friend late at night to talk about -boys- and what they would do tomorrow. The usual girl-things that they did together. Laughing and enjoying each others company. After ending the call she laid back - staring at her ceiling and closed her eyes briefly, deeply in haling as the images of today flashed back.

    Slowly her intense chocolate brown eyes darted across the room as she stared out the window at the night sky. Soon enough a small drowsy smile settled itself on her peach-lips. The black mane of curls spread around her like a pretty halo, the streak still darting through her bangs. For a moment her hand raised - up towards where the streaks of sunlight would dart through her fingers. Once more she flopped her hand back down. Letting out a soft hum, as she lowered her voice to a soothing whisper. "Remember - you are like a Flower, you may fall down, and lose your petals, but you always grow back into another bloom."

    To the next day..


    Writing Prompt #2

    Meika was born on September 28th, of the year 2000, in Seoul, of South Korea. Right at the beginning of the fall! Meika was born to Kimmie Soomin, and Jeong Soomin. Jeong however, was not present the birth of his eldest, and currently only daughter Meika. This was only the beginning of her story, as her mother was incredibly thrilled to have born a sweet daughter as her 3-years older son was being taken care of by a aunt at the time of the birth in the Lobby. A funny memory is Min-Joon's reaction to having a little sister as a toddler, was that he held her hand and called her 'tiny', wrinkling his nose afterwards and asking funny kid questions like. 'Are all girls this small?', and the likes. As a year passed by with baby Meika, her mother Kimmie ended up pregnant with a third-child. This time another little boy named Nikko Soomin, which Meika at one years old, held his tiny little hand with her own when introduced to him at such a young-age.

    Nikko & Meika bonded over there youth, there wasn't anyone quite as close as either of them, as they were inseparable, and shared similar interests. However that could cause a few sisterly-brotherly jokes at each-other. During the youth, Nikko looked up to his oldest sister as a role-model. When the cursed age of 6 came along with Meika, with her older brother at 9, and her younger brother at 5. Her father filed a divorce against her Mother, and took the oldest son with him after a compromise had been made between the two. This lead for Minjoon to be spoiled rotten, and mistreated as he was not given a good & healthy childhood with teachings on how to behave. Nikko & Meika however became even closer then before during this time, as Nikko often seeking protection from Meika, which she would of course provide to her brother.

    Things were pretty peaceful after her Father left, her mother - an actress & novel-writer, began to write another book while they were in London, in the UK for one of her shows, when filming a 'plane-crash'. While Meika was being private-tutored at age 8 now, and her brother being 7. This is when a tree-incident occurred, where her brother had climbed a tree - and got scared of heights. This is when Meika personally had comforted her brother - and extended her arms, her brother at the time was much smaller then her - so it was pretty easy for her to catch him from such a small height from the tree, and set him back on his feet, and then hug him and protect him. Giving him comforting words like it'll be okay, and that he did well. They then went inside and memorably ate some sugar cookies & green-tea with honey. This is recalled as one of there most fondest memories of being together. Despite Nikko calling himself a 'wimp' at the time. Later she'd be diagnosed with REDACTED, REDACTED, and REDACTED.

    Another focal point of there memory was when there Dad had came crashing in to visit his 'kids' mostly for appearances, where he began to berate, verbally abuse, and toss unkind words at age 12 & 11 respectively to Meika & Nikko. This developed there absolute HATRED, for there father. As they found out everything he was about as a person, this lead to Meika once more protecting her brother and shouting & screaming at her dad until her mother came home and told Jeong he needed to leave, and that he wasn't welcome. Meika's asthma had activated up during this time, along with her REDACTED, flaring up. This lead to Kimmie having to sit down for a hour and soothe her kids to sleep. Of which Meika woke up in the midst of the night...

    She stepped up the steps leading to Min-Joons nursery, where there was soft sobbing erupting from the room that was getting louder with each step she took towards the Nursery. Her brother was fast-asleep in the room she had just left, and a small 12 year-old Meika opened the door, and stood at the entrance as her mother singed a slow & rather sad song while holding Min-Joon's baby clothes. As the song ended, she firmly remembered the statement that she whispered among the wind as cherry-blossoms flew into the room. 'Please bring my baby back.'. This gave a new light to Meika over her mother as she became depressed for some time as she tried to carry her mother's weight of grief over losing one of three children to her ex-husband. Meika backed into the darkness of the hallway, and back to the stairs. Her at-the-time long black hair was slightly tousled and moved a bit as she walked down to sit on the stairs. Already grabbing her ribbon from it's usual hook in the hallway that she had insisted her mother to put up for her ribbons, and for Nikko's jackets. Of which she began to tie her hair up into two buns as she softly murmured to no one quite in particular. 'I wonder where my oldest brother is, how is his life? Why does mama cry over him?'

    As Meika evolved into High school, she began to form a plan of moving her & and her brother before she would go out to college to escape there Father. Who had been planning on drawing Nikko into the music-industry, where the eldest brother resided. She began raising money to buy a new apartment, and to move to Japan. While also working on getting her, and her three brothers a Resident Visa that she would continue to renew over the years. As she gathered enough money for three plain tickets, and a nice apartment and everything else they might needed in Japan, and converting her Won into Yen, she made the move out of South Korea. Where she stopped to visit her brother while he was training & choreographing a new song....

    Meika had opened up the door as her heels clicked against the wooden floors of the training room. Where Min-joon scoffed - pausing the music, and was followed by "Who dares to inter- Meika." Meika blankly stared at him in return, and parting her lips to speak where the now fully-grown woman at 18 with her soothing voice spoke to Min-Joon. "I came to offer you a chance to start a new, and get away from our father. I've spoken to you in the past when we were younger about the visa, and how you had to keep renewing it, with Nikko. You did, I came to offer this plane ticket to come with us. We're leaving and going into hiding in about a month." With that she pushed her black shades up onto her head, as she kept up the stare at her now eyebrow-raising brother, who let out a scoff. "Like hell I'd go with you, I've been told about you and Nikko, filthy rats. You're not worthy of being apart of our money, you've got nothing and I've got everything, money, hoes, bitches, and I'm gonna even be engaged soon-" with that he was interrupted by the sharp -glare- of Meika. "Then don't come, you don't have too. I don't need your toxicity around Nikko, regardless. You've been sending us hate both online, and offline. Someone will one day see the truth behind who you've become, and they'll leave." With that she walked out after that leaving a stunned Min in place, as he blinked his eyes.. and went into a sit. Rethinking of what he has down now, and he just lost his chance of escape before his rise to fame.

    After a month when they moved out to Karakura, Japan. As a small disclosed town that there father would not know of, and there fondness for Japan - along with it being closer then there original choice, they moved. Escaping what they had back in South Korea, with them going on Visa's. As she had joined in Karakura at 18, and was placed in highschool for a year, where her younger brother was a Junior. As the year progressed, she once more applied to join Karakura's College at 19. Where she would later join the Spartan's Female Basketball Team, and her brother would become 18 and a Councillor with the school. Both undergoing major changes that are either for the better, or for the worse of each-other. Nikko & her began to be less attached to one another, as they changed. With Nikko becoming more of a 'Flirty' man that was calm & collected, and lazy. While she began to work-harder once more, and became more tense for a time. Though recently she has notably been trying to relax and chill, despite the personal drama in there life of REDACTED Event.

    Through all of the hardships, the losses, and the wins - Meika has always kept her head facing the sky, to keep herself from bursting at the seams, and keeping her fears locked away, while trying to protect her remaining family from turning out like her father.

    Each day that moves - is another day of Meika's life, through tears & sadness, to love & happiness, to anger & hate. It is just another cycle for her, and even though the slipping feeling of losing both of her brothers, and some other close-friends, Meika has been coping, dealing, and continuing on her path despite it all. Head tilted high, a smile on her face. Focusing on the brightness and positivity of her life, instead of the negativity. For each day has a storm that will make itself into a beautiful rainbow. A flower that wilts, while another blooms. A blossom flying against the wind.

    Small Writing Prompt of 'Meika's Changes, Quotes, and More!'
    (This has more to do with the Backstory - and the changes she's underwent in the past, from character design, to name, to relationship wise. To even her personal quotes that I find fitting of Meika. This is meant to be more of like a small sample of her mini stories I create on a google doc.)

    Slowly.. Meika began to look up as she raised her fingertips on her first day in the College several weeks back. The streaks of sunlight darting between her fingertip, her black hair sealed up into two buns, with her chocolate colored eyes staring up towards the sunset. Even going as far as to curl a strand of hair behind her ear as she smiled refreshingly as the breeze warmed around her - blossoms flying from the cherry-tree's around her. She lifted both of her hands to her hair and released the buns. Letting the blue ribbon slip from her hands as the scene began to fade away into another memory of letting go of the past worries... Letting her lips part to breathe as she softly and rather soothingly spoke.. Only a half of the sentence that would be stated over time... "Sometimes you have to make a change.."

    As the scene faded to black, we were once more with a new scene. Freshly dyed brown hair, Meika stared off the roof of the Spartan side of the Karakura High & College, building. Letting her brown hair flow in the wind for a moment before looking down at the at the box of black colored dyed, and the other to lift a singular streak to be that of a 'raccoon' a nickname her brother had seemed to have came up for her in the past. As she let out a soft hum. She raised her face to the night sky at the still night, letting the stars reflect in her eyes, and the bright pale moon. Having pursed her lips together she parted them, beginning to speak once more as she let out a soft breathe. "But don't change yourself to make yourself cool, or until you can't see the person you are anymore..."

    Once more, the scene had faded to black. The long black hair that flowed down her back had slightly grown since her hair had been dyed in the past, now with the single white streak in her bangs - smiling briefly as she kept her eyes closed and sat upon the railing - the streaks of sunlight washing over her as it started to go down. Before opening them. Looking to the direction it was falling. Causing the usual intense dark brown eyes, to appear more hazel under the light. Meika's hair blew softly in the wind back and forth, as she deeply inhaled and exhaled calmly. "Because while life is all about changing, if you change for the worse- not a one will remember your name, besides as the one who died for poor reasons." With that she began to recite herself - and her quotes from a personal journal she kept with her.

    ""You can't forget yourself, and expect people to make you remember." - As "Sae-mi"

    "Changing yourself for other people's happiness, will not make YOU happier, it will make you lonely. Love yourself the way you are, and if people don't, then fuck them." - As "Sae-mi", towards another girl, who wanted to change for a guy.

    "Each person goes under a change- for some this seems to happen under night, for some it could take weeks.. Months.. Years. For some - you don't even notice the change til' it's too late to fix it." - To myself as Meika, about her brother & Alex.

    "I wish to be like a flower - for even when they wilt and die, they are undying, as there is always a new bloom that peaks through - a new seed to begin a new adventure. Does that remind you of us? We bloom, we hit our lowest, and then we raise back up. There's always a new discovery, a new adventure, something new to happen." - To myself about my brother in my youth."

    Thank you to everyone who has given me support, advice, and more about this - much love to you.

    Please stay safe!
    Word count in total: 4000+


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    - We'll be making our decision at the end of the week, however we would like to still give other people a chance to apply if they wish to.
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    Welcome to the team!