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Level 25
Community Team
Lore Team
(alternative accounts include wkoi, wfairy, koeui and my main account atkoi)

List your discord name and tag (name#0000): (Please note, communication and discord access is vital, and not having access to the site is a dealbreaker for the team)
Additionally, do you have a microphone and can speak via discord?

My discord tag is atkoi#7205 and I do indeed have a microphone

Your time zone and current country of residence:
My timezone is EST, and I currently reside in the United States.

Link any previous community team applications if applicable:
I have four community teams I've been a part of.
Builder Application - Accepted
3D Modeler Application - Accepted
Event Team Application - Accepted
Media Team (Skin) Application - Accepted

Do you recognize you could be removed from the community team?
I understand and acknowledge that I can be removed from the community team at any given time for a variety of reasons.

List a few things that may obstruct your progress/development on the Lore Team.
When it comes to possible situations that could potentially obstruct my development or progress on the lore team, the first thing that comes to mind is my time management.
Keeping up on all the tasks given to me is pretty easy to do, although at times I do end up falling behind simply due to having things happen to me in my life outside of SRP. It isn’t often, but at times I do end up putting an inactivity log in solely for the purpose to be sure the coordinator of my teams I’m on know I’m going on decreased activity: This does not mean that I won’t still get work done, it just means that I may take a little longer to do so than usual or I’ll end up being unable to get on for a short period of time.
That being said, if you know who I am, you know that I’m fairly active and consistent in what I do: Which makes me a great candidate to get stuff done depending on what it is. Currently I’m on the build team and I help out the community with building up events, apartments, houses and shops.
Another possible obstruction that comes to mind is how the other community team members may not like me. Currently as it stands, as far as I’m aware, I have no issues with anyone. If anyone does end up disliking me, I typically try my best to pacify the situation enough so we can work together if that ends up being the case: The situation will be brought up to the coordinator ahead of time so they’re at the very least aware of what’s going on.
The last possible thing I can see getting into the way is a possible burnout.
Everyone has a limit, and I’m pretty patient and capable of giving myself a list to focus on my responsibilities, although at times burnout still occurs. For me, burnout results in a decrease in my activity while I take time for my mental health. It doesn’t mean I’ll fully go inactive, and I typically know ahead of time when that may happen, but it doesn’t mean that I’m going to completely give up on whatever task I may have.

To summarize:
  • General decreased activity if I’m needed for event building
  • Decreased activity due to being burnt out (Rare, but it does happen)
  • If any members don’t get along with me for one reason or another (But it’ll be resolved pretty quickly)

What makes you passionate about writing?:
Ever since I was young, I’d written stories. I was always creative growing up, and I tended to write short stories and create worlds where things were different: Magical. I had been a fast learner and read way above my grade-level. A book series I’d grown hooked on in middle school was Maximum Ride by James Patterson. That series had helped shape part of my writing style up into this point, and I recall writing many stories based off of the ones I’d read. I have a few stories written online from over the years.
My passion stems from the need to creatively write to bring to life a story in someone's mind. I love to write in detail, describe scenes and bring others along with me in a world of make believe. I’m passionate about creating a world to escape to, where someone can go to escape reality for a little while and place themselves in a character's shoes: Feel what they feel, imagine what they see, to latch onto the story and flip to the next page so they aren’t left on a cliffhanger.
The idea that you can write to create, to bring someone on a journey through creativity and imagination; To pull someone into a story where they are hooked onto the character and feel emotion towards them, that’s where the roots start.

Do you have any previous experience with writing lore or creative writing as a general aspect?:
I’d mostly answered this in the last question, but I’m more than happy to reiterate.
In the past, I’ve had plenty of opportunities where I’ve written short stories and created OC’s for different universes and worlds I’d come up with as a way to escape. Currently on SRP, one of my main characters, Christian Green, has plenty of lore written out for him. I’ve gone as far as writing out short snippets for his lore and shown it to others.

In your own words, give your definition of lore:
Lore is the stepping stone to the history of a person, place, or thing. When I think of the lore of something, the first thing that comes to mind is the history, the background, the story of whatever it may be. The lore consists of the history, but it’s similar to that of a biography, giving something importance in its own sense. How it came to be, the hardships it may have faced, the changes it’s gone through.
On SRP, lore ties into the background of places that have significant history to the map. It can be lore for, say, a haunted classroom, or an abandoned train station. The key destinations like the family store, the shrine, the school’s past and even the powerplant have information blocks you can right click and they give you a quick run-down of their history, their lore. The estates themselves, although not much if anything is written and set on information blocks or the forums, have plenty of lore that tie into the past of Karakura long before modern times.

  1. You are expected to write in the third person, and narrate in a reliable and neutral tone. Do not focus your prompts specifically on one character’s perspective, but on a bigger picture.
  2. There is a 300-1000 word limit that applies to both prompts. Because of flow, if you need to go a little over or under, you are permitted to, but as soon as a prompt is 100 words outside the limit, you will be automatically denied.
  3. The effort and quality of both prompts will be taken into consideration when we accept applications.
Summarize a character conflict, roleplay conflict, or event that you experienced (server-wide, personal, etcetera- there is no bar for how ‘interesting’ or ‘impactful’ it is). Be sure to follow the above guidelines.

This is based off of a SRP experience that took place.

Stepping into the dark entrance of the cave, the only thing any visitor could hear was the echoing dripping of water from further inside. Where they'd entered, there was nothing more than slick gray rock with dusted moss. It was the middle of late June, the sun was beginning to set, and a surgeon from the local hospital alongside a younger male had started an expedition.

The young man in question, Ichigo Masanori, was a frequent visitor and patient of the surgeon, Christian Green. Working in Karakura Hospital, it wasn't a surprise a hospital worker would find themselves bonding with the patients who frequently visited.

Only a few months prior to this hiking trip, Christian had been packing for his travels to Karakura, Japan. A fresh start in a different hospital. He'd taken this opportunity after having spent the majority of his life in Tokyo, and he wasn't aware of the horrors he would face.

Little did Christian Green know, this cave exploration was going to be the start of a very rough welcome into Karakura's crime-ridden underground city. That's typically how it went for most visitors of Karakura- or those new to the town. The surgeon held his phone out, freely texting and using the built-in flashlight to illuminate the path as he ventured in. The further he and Ichigo had gone, the darker it was, their eyes adjusting with the added light from the phone.

The cave itself wasn't too big, large enough for a small cabin to be built inside if one wished to do so. The center of the rocky, uneven floor, sported a murky but shallow pool of water. The dripping sound was a result of the water falling from the ceiling that made a steady stream into the pond below: As if you were to leave a faucet running.
The cave was humid, Christian's two-tone jacket hardly helping his case as sweat formed on his brow. Ichigo on the other hand was fairly used to this, hands casually tucked into his pocket as he followed the hospital worker from a distance.
Looking at the situation, it'd seem as though these two were doing some sightseeing as father and son, taking in the views despite how dark it may be and enjoying nature for what it was. A painting on the far wall had caught Christian's interest, and the closer he made his way over to it, the more he could understand exactly what it was. A dragon of some sort, with bold black writing 'Akihito', streams of the excess paint having long-since dried as it streaked down the wall from when it'd first been sprayed on.
Ichigo's voice piped up from somewhere behind him, 'Hey, my sister's calling, I need to go take it. I won't be long, alright?'.
The surgeon hardly turned in the direction of the voice, bobbing his head in a nod. The cell reception in the cave wasn't the best, so it made sense the college student would need to step out for a call to properly understand whatever would be said without the connection falling midway through a sentence.
It was a boring few minutes, the surgeon caught up on checking out the cave's secrets as he ventured further in on his own.
Then, there were heavy footfalls that cut through the silence.
As the surgeon's head rose, he was met with a horrifying scene: A masked individual wearing all-black attire, a katana in their hand. Christian stumbled back a step while the individual parried, stepping forward. Unbeknownst to the surgeon, he'd sealed his fate by coming in here.
Frozen in fear, his hold on the phone was like a vice grip as the two stared down at one another. There were no words he could utter at the moment as the gloved hand holding the katana clenched, raising into the air slowly. Christian had plenty of time to react if it weren't for the obvious panic that would set in on any person in this situation. The surgeon's response instead was to raise his arm in a meek attempt at stopping the attack as the sharp blade swung back down, the masked male darting forward with the shift of his weight to swing at an arc right into the surgeon's shoulder.
The finely crafted metal cut through the cloth and into the skin, pulling a terrified yell from the hospital worker's mouth.
The adrenaline that had managed to kick in had caused Christian's feet to move faster than his brain, fight or flight is a primal instinct as he attempted to run past the attacker towards the only exit. With ease, he'd been tripped, tumbling over the ankle that had suddenly stuck out in his path. Both hands had made a failed attempt to catch himself, head bouncing off the slick rocks.
What took only a few moments of torturous pain seemingly without reason resulted in the surgeon's body bleeding out, mangled really, as it rest in its pool of blood. A picture had been taken and sent to the last contact that he'd been messaging.
Within seconds of it being sent, the phone was ringing and the masked man had taken his leave. It was a casual exit as if they'd been leaving a simple conversation.
Christian could hardly function, reaching for the phone blindly, weak from blood loss. When he'd answered, the contact that had been sent the picture, an officer coincidentally, was frantic and asking for his location. The only response given was a few slurred words and a series of groans.
That was when the world went black.

(934 words)

Create a folklore tale based on an existing area in Karakura of your choosing; tell us a story! Show us how creative you can get. Be sure to follow the above guidelines.

Room 317.
Karakura, Japan is full of mystery. The island is located southeast of Tokyo, noted as the largest island in the Izu archipelago. Considered a special administrative area of Japan within the Tokyo Prefecture, including its own government and constitution, this mountainous island no doubt holds secrets its citizens have yet to uncover.
Within this city is Karakura High School and College, a place where majority of Karakura's residents find themselves gathering in their day-to-day lives. Within these walls are the typical students anyone could come across, classes are hosted each period and those who attend quickly settle down to begin their lesson.
A well-known classroom in the school is room 312. Word has spread for years the room is haunted. After an incident in years prior, a student by the name of Kato Satomi supposedly resides there long after her death. Described as being a Yokai, or evil kami, her reputation precedes her. Known to haunt the classroom, she's struck fear in the hearts of students who hear the stories of what she's done. There's been warnings to avoid the classroom, and while many will assume it's nothing more than a tall-tale, there's students who have claimed to of been directly attacked by the Yokai. Due to the reputation room 312 holds, it's no wonder there's warnings not to attend the classes hosted in the room.
Room 317, however, has its own similar reputation, for a different reason.
It's known to be Professor Namiko Kusanagi's traumatology classroom, housing 28 seats, a practice IV, an ER bed and a storage bin with an old training dummy in it. The classroom is normally full of students willing to learn: More than happy to sit down through a lecture, answering questions and generally engaging in the classroom environment.
When Kusanagi's classes were first hosted, they ran smoothly. The usual lecture, question and answer. Time went on, things grew strange. The training dummy she'd had tucked away in the storage bin has been reported to make noises. Students claim they can hear tapping and bumps at random intervals from the bin it's stored in. It'd be written off as a student shutting their text book or dropping something on the ground. Scooting their chair in. As the sounds grew more frequent, however, rumors began to spread. 'The doll is haunted', they'd say. 'The spirits have returned, found new places to hide'. When confronted with questions and the suspicions raising around the origins of the dummy, the professor's responses were limited. The dummy had been ordered off of craigslist from an older man. He'd given little to no information on it, simply wanting to get it out of his storage. It was sold for relatively cheap given the usual price for these training tools, and Namiko had stated she'd been grateful to take it off his hands.
Still, despite the reassurances from Namiko, the students continued to grow wary in the coming months. Word spread; The training dummy was whispering to them, making jerky movements with its limbs that had no logical explanation. Once claims grew more extreme, saying the lights flickered, some claiming the dummy would slam around violently against the inside of its storage bin, and some documents from the nurses office stating students were leaving the room with new bruises they hadn't realized before, the situation grew much more serious and the students began to avoid the classroom entirely.
There'd been speculation from others that another Yokai, similar to the one from room 312, found itself a new home in the training dummy. Claims were made it was an old teacher, or a student who'd been murdered.
Digging into the past incidents at the school, nothing came to light to explain this strange phenomenon.
Except for one.
Misumi Kiyama, a girl no older than 13. She'd been a newly-transferred student at the school and known to prank older classmates in 2007. She'd been the type of mischievous student to sneak onto school grounds in the early morning, setting up water buckets on doors, tape traps and flour traps, anything she could come up with. Despite her antics, she was a smart student. Having been top of her classes and friends with many, she was forgiven fairly quickly for the pranks she'd set, normally being let go after a short interrogation.
During May of 2008 was when she'd had a fatal accident.
It'd been early morning, a usual time for her to set up her pranks. The high school student was seen on CCTV cameras heading into room 317, a room that had belonged to Professor Kenji Takiyama, a literature professor who'd allowed her to sit in class with him at times when he was grading students paperwork or tests. The morning was no different than any other when she'd prepared pranks, having snuck into the classroom with a handful of small items.
It was the last time anyone had seen her alive.
Days went by, and an increasingly rancid smell began to come from the classroom. It was everywhere, to the point students and the professor alike were growing sick, and they had to move classrooms. It wasn't until the seventh day they'd found [REDACTED].
Hours after the discovery, investigators recovered footage from that week, starting at when she'd last been seen entering the room and the hours after. CCTV footage picked up Professor Takiyama entering the room. She'd never left the classroom, and according to the professors witness statement, he'd never seen her. The professor went into detail of his recounts of the morning following into the next week. When the report made its way around to the discovery, The detail given included [REDACTED].
Basing any chances of this young girls death tying into room 317's supposed haunting, assumptions of the spirit being a Zashiki-warashi have been made.
Zashiki-warashi are a type of Yokai that resembles human children, typically residing in storage areas and parlors. They're mischievous pranksters by nature, hardly ever showing themselves to others. It's said that those who can catch a glimpse of this spirit-like being can bring you good luck.
Although the assumptions have little to no base to go off of, and nobody knows for sure, it still brings up more questions, more speculations.

(1,038 words)

Thank you for taking the time to read my application.
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Congratulations, after a full discussion with the team we've decided to accept your application. DM gncme#4317 on Discord to get your roles set up!
As they'd say, welcome to Lore's Court.​

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