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Format Lore Team | Information, Format, & More

Discussion in 'Community Team Applications' started by Demurity, Jul 18, 2021.

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  1. Demurity

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    Dec 16, 2019
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    ➢ These applications are always open as long as there are open slots seen on the roster in the SRP discord. When it comes to applying for this, it doesn’t matter if you hold another position on the server or not.

    What is the Lore-Team and what do they do?:
    The Lore-Team is a team of hardworking and dedicated writers, who take the information given to them from the server, and put it into history, telling the stories of Karakura and everything around it.

    While we’ve had different priorities here or there, we’re now on track to be putting out much more and the expectations of each team member are high in terms of producing writing as well as ideas, and doing research accordingly to help attribute depth to a server built on roleplay, answering questions and also allowing for entertainment and interest through our works.

    If you’ve ever taken interest in the history, events, or stories of Karakura and how they came to be, this might be the team for you!

    What is expected of Lore-Team members?:
    Not only is a lore team member expected to be creative, open-minded, and capable of putting out writing within flexible time, but they are also expected to be competent, respectful, and active community members. Members should be able to write with the use of proper grammar, and spelling, and/or have access to a spellchecker or grammar correcting service (eg: Grammarly).

    ➢ When applying for the lore team, use the format given below, and post a thread in the community team applications section. Applications will typically be marked within at most a month of a slot on the team being open unless otherwise stated.

    Be sure to read through your answers as well as answer honestly and as professionally as possible. Do not miss the prompt guidelines in the second section of the application.


    List your discord name and tag (name#0000): (Please note, communication and discord access is vital, and not having access to the site is a dealbreaker for the team)

    Additionally, do you have a microphone and can speak via discord?

    Your time zone and current country of residence:

    Link any previous community team applications if applicable:

    Do you recognize you could be removed from the community team?

    List a few things that may obstruct your progress/development on the Lore Team.

    What makes you passionate about writing?:

    Do you have any previous experience with writing lore or creative writing as a general aspect?:

    In your own words, give your definition of lore:


    1. You are expected to write in the third person, and narrate in a reliable and neutral tone. Do not focus your prompts specifically on one character’s perspective, but on a bigger picture.
    2. There is a 200-800 word limit that applies to both prompts. Because of flow, if you need to go a little over or under, you are permitted to, but as soon as a prompt is 100 words outside the limit, you will be automatically denied.

    Summarize a character conflict, roleplay conflict, or event that you experienced (server-wide, personal, etcetera- there is no bar for how ‘interesting’ or ‘impactful’ it is). Be sure to follow the above guidelines.

    Create a folklore tale based on an existing area in Karakura of your choosing; Tell us a story! Show us how creative you can get. Be sure to follow the above guidelines.
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