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Lucien's Event Team Application

Discussion in 'Community Team Applications' started by Uncapitable, Jan 13, 2021 at 5:26 PM.

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    Luceei | [!] Main [!]
    Uncapitable | [!] Alt [!]

    Explain your activity on the Server:
    ➣ I am fairly active on the server; approximately 5 - 8 hours a day, fully depends if I have any unfinished in real life projects, and/or anything personal related.

    What previous experience do you have working in a team?:
    ➣ My past experience in working in a team is enormous; I used to work in teams in the past, a lot. As time goes, my communication and socialistic behavior among others is increasing in an expeditious way.

    ➣ Now, as most people now, I lead a huge organization called The River; I have been leading things for a while now, approximately 1 - 2 years. There hasn’t gone anything wrong at the time where I used to lead things, nor is anything going wrong in the current time of life. My leading, and organizing skills have increased as time goes; I have become extremely mature and polite, this most likely happening due to the current pandemic we currently live in. Whilst being in this pandemic, I reflected on the previous way I used to act, extremely immature and messy; though, I am more than happy to confirm now that I have become extremely mature and polite; so has my team working skills.

    ➩ In short terms; my experience in working in a team is prodigious.

    What makes you different from other applicants:
    ➣ I give everyone the chance to become an Event Team member, I’m happy for whoever gets accepted anytime soon and can’t wait to see them participate in fun, future event(s) hosted by the Event Team.

    ➣ Back to the question, the thing that makes me different from other applicants is my experience in leading, organizing, planning and communication. I possess all of these skills and I am once again, more than happy to confirm that I am extremely experienced in the things mentioned above.

    ➣ Now, the thing that makes me apart and unique from different applicants is my current, and previous planning skills; my experience in planning is enormous, I have been planning things for a while now and I always keep track of new updated things. I make sure to see every situation from both parties’ perspective and give everyone a fair chance to react or do their thing in a certain situation.

    Provide a detailed event proposal(s) that would be seen by the Event-Team:


    [1] HOSTAGE EVENT [Inspired by Uncapitable | The River x KPD x EMS related]

    [!] STEP 1 | ETIFY

    This event could be executed very well, I am currently planning this event with the KPD, and the EMS faction and it’s most likely going to take place in the weekends, but as of now, we’re taking recordings and screenshots to publish;

    Back to the topic, etifying; as for this, edifying and setting this event up is pretty simple.

    1-2 EMS member(s) seem not to be showing up to their work for a certain amount of days, which causes worryness and confusion among other Hospital Staff members.

    Days have passed by, it seems like both EMS members haven’t returned to their job for almost 5 days which causes the Hospital Team to be in an extremely worrying period. After a few more days waiting, the Hospital Team decided to inform the Karakura Police Department about this mysterious situation.

    Hours after notifying and informing the Karakura Police Department about this, a strange message would be send to every single phone in Karakura City;

    /event &6[&c&MESSAGE] &fA message would be send to every single person who owns a phone in Karakura City; “Hello! I don’t think you know us, let us introduce ourselves; we are The River, we are here to take over this disgusting town and execute justice for those who do not deserve to walk on the streets. We are here to ensure that this disgusting town fails. Now, to begin with, we took down a gang that goes by the name of UNFORGIVEN, such a lovely day, amazing feeling of victory, though. . a team, a faction in Karakura decided to ruin the fun for us and arrest 4 to 5 of ours after the victory; The Karakura Police Department.

    ✎ /event &6[&9MESSAGE&6] &fA somewhat blurry-ish picture would be sent a few seconds later after the previous message was sent; the picture would display 1 EMS staff member lying in a somewhat abandoned and dirty place, obviously harmed and bruised. The EMS member would be tied up on the ground, unconscious;



    ✎ /event &6[&9MESSAGE&6] &f”This message is especially sent to the Karakura Police Department; we are The River, touch one of us, and face the consequences. Expect us, we are everywhere, we are near you; this is war, revenge. We will come for you and take you down, one by one.”

    [!] STEP 2 | ACTION

    The EMS staff member(s) will be held hostage for a day or two max, no longer. [OOC]

    After these days have passed by, a different message will be sent to the Karakura Police Department mentioning a place where they have to go in order to find the EMS staff member. Though, soon they know that the location they were given by The River is a false, and fake location.

    The soon they arrive at the scene, the fake location, they will be sent a different message, however, this time the message will be sent through their own EMS members’ radio; Loooper gave us permissions to use the EMS’ radio.

    The message will include the following;

    [!] The radio would make a somewhat screeching sound, the sound would be kind of glitched for a few seconds; a muffled, and static voice would be heard over the radio a few seconds later after the current sound glitch; “Hello there, it’s me, CHARON I. I see that you all went to the ‘fake’ spot I sent you, and told you to go. Yet, no one is there. [!] The male using the radio would be laughing in a somewhat evil way. | “The Karakura Police Department. . Not so clever; thank you for leaving the department all empty, gives us a chance to drop some surprises in there.

    ✎ /event &6[&cBROADCAST&6] &fMultiple ‘surprises’ were dropped inside the Karakura Police Department.

    LOCATION: Unidentified.
    DATE: Wednesday - Saturday.
    GENRE/TYPE: Hazardous, tensive.

    Now, this event is still a work in progress; I am still planning this event with the Karakura Emergency faction, this event will most likely be edited the soon I receive information about the full plan of this event and how it’ll work and end.

    My apologies if this event is not patent enough.


    [2] HIDE AND SEEK | [Karakura Highschool]

    [!] ABOUT |

    This event is a Hide and Seek event that could be hosted inside the Karakura Highschool; this is a rather simple, but fun event.

    Everything you should know about this event is mentioned as followed:


    Preparing this event is simple, all students gather up at the Karakura Highschool gym, this is to count the total of students in there who are willing to sign up for this event. This event is optional, you may enter if you’d like to; you can enter this event, once again, by signing up at the gym.

    ✎ /event &6[&EVENT&6] &fThe Hide and Seek event is hosted in 30 minutes, if you wish to participate, please head over to the Karakura Highschool gym and get your ticket there.


    The people who are hiding are Karakura High School students. Only students may participate in this event, anyone expelled or graduated may not attend, nor participate to this event due to this strictly being a Karakura High School-hosted event.

    HIDERS: Signed up students.

    SEEKERS: Karakura Highschool Teachers/Employees.

    [!] STEP 3 | IMPLEMENT

    Now, after all the steps above have been proceeded, it’s now time to implement this event by starting it.

    The Principal is the one to stand at the stage to announce that the students can hide now. The students have 6 minutes max to hide, if you have been found by one of the School Employee’s or Teachers, you are out.

    SIDENOTE: The soon a School Employee or Teacher found you, they are to note down your RPname to note who has been found and who hasn’t. If said student was found, they are to go to /spawn. | School gates will be closed for this event to ensure that no one is cheating or doing anything which is unfair on the behalf of other students who are trying to participate and have fun during this event.

    ✎ /event &6[&INTERCOM&6] &f”You may now hide! You have 6 minutes to hide, not more, not less. Good luck!”

    [!] STEP 4 | PRICE

    The one student that was found last wins; they are to receive 300.000 yen due to them being the winner of this long event.

    This event will take approximately 1 - 2 hours, depending on how it goes.

    • A certain number of Staff Members; they are there to ensure and keep an eye out for whoever is breaking a rule or cheating whilst hiding, they are allowed to disqualify said person if they are cheating, or breaking a rule.
    • A certain number of Event Team Members; Event Team members are allowed to participate, this event is extremely simple and could be executed by the /event command, and implementation.
    Event Team members are also allowed to keep an eye out for students who break a rule or are caught cheating whilst participating in this event.

    LOCATION: Karakura Highschool
    DATE: Unidentified; most likely decided by the Event Team Coordinator and/or when it fits perfectly with certain Staff Members.
    GENRE/TYPE: Game, fun.


    [2] QUIZ | [Karakura Highschool]

    [!] ABOUT |

    This is another simple, but rather fun event; this event is a quiz event. Questions about certain and random subjects will be asked to each group of students; this event is also hosted in the gym.

    You are to create groups of 5 students in order to participate, only College students are allowed to participate due to them nearly graduating. Each group will be asked questions about different subjects; math, history, etc.

    Each group who gives the correct answer, gains 1+ point.
    In short, this is a College ‘graduating’ quiz.


    Before we start this event, each group of College students are to gather up together, however, before this event starts, you are to sign in in order to participate in this event; you can sign in in the Karakura Gym, get your tickets there and create your groups.

    Now, after getting your tickets, you are to go with your group to a different line, this line is for you and your group to hand in your tickets in order to be fully signed up; after you and your group have handed in your tickets, you and your group will be send to a ‘quiz desk’. There is a maximum of 10 small desks for each group to take place at.

    This event will only be for 50 College students max.


    Now, before fully starting this event, the gym has to be designed, and build well for College students to take place at.

    There are to be at least 10 ‘quiz desks’, not too big, not too small; this is to not overwhelm the entire gym with desks. Each desk will at least have 5 chairs. This will most likely fit perfectly throughout the gym if it has been placed perfectly and suitable.

    Apart from the desks, building lines are to be created as well, where students can get their tickets in order to participate in this event. Not too many buildings, but it’s still worth the effort.

    Each desk will need to have a big red button where students who participated in the event can press on if they want to give the answer on the given quiz question.

    Students are to copy an action mentioning that they are pressing on the button if they want to answer, in a big radius; /mel would press on the red button.

    Whoever person of a certain group has pushed the button first, which is mentioned in chat if you scroll a little above due to the /mel spam that will most likely happen when a question was given; will have the privilege to answer the question.

    [!] EXAMPLE:

    ✎ /event &6[&INTERCOM&6] &f”First question! When did World War Two end?”

    ✏︎ Player 1 - /mel presses button

    ✏︎ Player 2 - /mel proceeds to press on the button

    ✏︎ Player 3 - /mel presses on the red button

    ✏︎ Player 4 - /mel presses the button

    Now, as you can see, Player 1 was the first to action pressing the button, which means that Player 1 is the one who may answer the question, who has pressed the button faster than the other students did.

    TIME: These buildings are to be finished 1 hour before the event starts, this is to ensure that there is no thing missing and to host, or start the event perfectly at the given time.

    [!] STEP 3 | GROUPS

    Once again, each group will have 5 College students max; only College students may participate in this event.

    The Principal, or the Vice Principal are the one(s) to ask the questions to each group. Whoever the person will be to ask the questions, is to use a microphone in order to ask the quiz questions to succeed talking in a big radius, and to ensure that everyone can see their message.

    ✎ /event &6[&INTERCOM&6] &f”Test, test.”


    The first group that reached 10 points goes to the next round, they have won the first round.

    The group that has nearly as many points as the winning group also moves to the next round, and the group that has almost as many points as the second group also moves to the next round, which is the same for the fourth and fifth groups.

    The other 5 groups with the fewest points are disqualified.

    This will just repeat ‘till there are 2 more groups left, each winning round will decrease a group by 1 ‘till there are 2 more remaining groups left.
    These 2 remaining groups will play ‘till they reach 50 points; the group that reached 50 points first won. A price is of course given to each member of the group that won;

    Each member of the group that won will receive a ‘trophy’, and 100k each member.

    TIME: Unidentified, is most likely decided by the Event Team Coordinator and/or School Roleplay Owner/Staff.
    LOCATION: Karakura Highschool, Gym.
    GENRE/TYPE: Instructive, fun; exciting.

    This is my Event Team Application, I tried to detail it as much as I could and made sure that I didn’t miss any minor, or major detail in my application.

    This is my second Event Team Application.

    thank you for reading.

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