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Maid Club APP | Yourdepresso


Level 46

IGN of Club Leader (In-Game Name):


RPName of Club Leader:
Sachie Demura

Discord Tag (Discord#0000#):

Permanent Discord invite to the club discord:

Why should you become a club leader over other applicants, what abilities or ideas do you have that could benefit the club you'll be in charge of?
I believe I should become a club leader over other applicants due to my ideas and possibly events to make the school somewhat more likely to interact with each other and have other possibilities of joining a club that is more active with other students being able to walk in and relax in the said Club room. Opportunities and ideas that could benefit the club would mostly be events and other ways to bond with each other with students or other club members so they can have the idea of how a club should feel like as it shouldn't feel abstract or enforcing as a type of class or something that is mandatory to do besides somewhat type of activity within the club and I want to have more people getting into more diverse clubs along with having their own little ideas blossoming for other new events and possibly things we can do to bond as club members but the possibility of new club members. The other slight idea I might have within this club is to have some fundraising to help the school with any events or future events they may need for a planned event.

Well, these are mirror ideas and possibilities of different types of events. Most of my ideas will also involve other students who may want to get into it so we will have announcements and such information in the side Club so they can get prepared if they wish to. Though is not mandatory hopefully most of the club events will be interactive with other students and if possible have a site Bond with the people overall so they can feel safe to come back to the club room.


What is the official title of the Club:

Maid Club

Your current members RPName & IGN:
(minimum of 5)

- Mikomaja ‘Mizzy’ Dobbelt | vCRASSv
-Fumihito B. Miston | Dynkai
-Jordan Hibbard | Porkchoppyu
-Seo Takahara | ChainedRP
-Nora 'Myeong' Z. Faheem | jackertyl

The club supervisor's RPName & IGN:
Iris Cortez | HighlightedTwin

What is your motivation for creating this club:
(150 Words)
My motivation for creating this club is pretty simple I mainly want to bring the ass back of different interactions to students as I haven't seen many interactions of different clubs opening their doors for other people, this will give more opportunity for people to role play out any other situations they may have in mind along with having a little fun with it mainly with acting out different roles, dressing up, and etc. Inspiration for doing this is mainly from different types of anime that have somewhat of a maid aspect to it, mainly the anime "Blend-S". So I feel like mainly interactions between other members and students will be mostly strong and getting better at possible roleplaying. Though most of it is to have more ideas like events out there to get everyone up and moving and thinking that school will be less boring now considering that there is more diversity of clubs and having more of a place to go to interact and have fun with it and having the motivation of talking or interacting with other players. So there was a past made club this one will be mostly about interactions over than just sales in general, well if I do get to have a prospect there will also be a somewhat slight chance of having a shopping side to it if we do not have the funds to keep every item on the menu to be free for the said person as they get to have around per item if they really wanted to. This was also inspired by my old shop Buck application that I have done in the past that I never got accepted for but I feel like I could do it as a club instead to bring more interactions within the school as it has been dry and uneventful for the most part.

What activities and events will your club do?:
(Work out at least one club members-only event & two school-wide club events)

School Wide
These are many events that will include other students to be in the side event if they wish to, though we may give them a week ahead to get prepared for said events if they do choose to be participating and said club events that we will be having open to the public. Though some of these events may be done on the bat, an example of this is the royal tea party.

'Royal' tea party
Students or club members can get involved like Princesses and Princes but at a Tea party. The said clubroom will act like a 'tea room' and give service to the students as if they were royal highnesses, the club room would be fully decked out for the event and prepared for any type of tea parties along with possible occasion of having some of the club members acting out as if there's a sword fight going on the background.

Animal dress-up
Anyone within this event can dress up as their favorite animals. They can wear a onesie of their favorite animal or a full-on costume to be that said animal! They have the full-on option to act like there are certain animals in their sentences. They'll mostly be hosted within the club room as it might be a smaller activity.

Under the Sea
Anything that may be 'Under the sea' themed, even creatures like Sirens and Mermaids or mystical creatures under the deep sea, can range in different mythologies as we bones have any type of way for anyone to be basically secluded from other types of mythologies or things they might want to dress up as. So we have to make sure it may be appropriate for said setting or that it is not against the dress code.

Tropical Island
Club members along with other students may act as if they're stranded on a tropical island with no way out while in the clubroom! This may include dressing up as they have been on the island for weeks if they desire to, though we may have to request that it can't be too torn to see anything too much within their skin.

Medieval day
The club members will dress and act like those in medieval times. On top of this, they will have some sword fighting to entertain the customers if they wish to between knights. Of course, it won't be actual swords, probably lightsabers or toy swords, these days may be spread out or occasional depending on how the workers may feel about it.

Heroes vs. Villains
Club members will have an 'enemy' in costume; they will 'despise' another during this day; their outfits may be their own or an iconic superhero or villain. EX: Superman, Joker, Batman, or even their own said costumes. Students may participate in this also by dressing up as a hero or a villain and discussing with the side club members if they would dislike each other with the consent of course within the session or event.

Club events
Those at the club events may be not as eventful as the ones that are made for school-wide events. We will have different ways of bonding with each other along with getting to know each other than seeing each other as club members and not knowing who or how they are.

Ice breakers
We will be doing ice breakers whether that be out of school or in the club room we will start to sit down in a circle and go one by one we will all get to know each other and share sweets and desserts with each other as we get to learn about each other more and more within the more sessions we have together with these said events.

Pajamas party!
This will be an act of a sleepover in the club room but it will be obviously supervised but supervisor whenever they're available to, this will give us some more opportunity to know about each other along with meaning watching movies and eating popcorn to hear any type of school gossip with each other. This is more of a club meeting that is more of bonding along with the icebreakers though the Icebreaker may be mostly used for new club members as pajama parties will be more throughout the school year.

How could your club benefit the School?:
My club could benefit the school by being very active and letting people interact with the set of club members as other clubs haven't really interacted with each other or other students to the knowledge I know of as most of the school events are usually dances, this which makes the school mainly boring for the most part. However, I believe that having a club that mainly devotes to school events that will get people going and interacting with other people and getting into more roleplaying with each other will have a better impact on making the school less boring for others. I could also benefit the school by also giving them some fundraising ideas and raising enough money to give to said school. This will also have a better opportunity to have students look into different types of clubs that may suit their interests within clubs if they don't want to fool you by being in a club like theater club or acting type club that is more serious and heavy about what they do.

How would your club use the club room the club will be assigned?
I will use a club room mainly as an area where there will be where people can sit down and conversate with a slight small back area where there will be storage rooms units that may be helpful for other club members along with an area where we can store the of the menus that maybe use or utilized along with other props that may help us in future types of school-wide events. There will also be posters around the sad club room to influence people to join the set club or get interested and said posters will be made by club members. The club room will give a somewhat cozy feeling with leaves around along with cozy couches in the corners of the club room.

What will be the requirements for future members, if any?:
There will be a few requirements for future members: this is to be mindful that they should not act rude while not in your set persona in the club room or school-wide events. They must respect said other members and other students and explain to the students that their persona is not their actual personality behind closed doors if it is needed. Along with that, a requirement of the members will have to be 16+, this is to not risk any type of immaturity of professionalism gone wrong that may happen behind closed doors though if there are younger students who have shown that they are mature enough to be instead of a club we will accept them right away. Though those are maybe the only requirements we have as we won't be as strict on the people we may pick though applications may have to be done with diligence and not rushed.​


Level 105
Council Lead
3D Modeller

Hello, thank you for taking the time to apply, however, I have unfortunately decided to deny this application for the following reasons.

Why should you become a club leader over other applicants, what abilities or ideas do you have that could benefit the club you'll be in charge of?
What it looks like you are trying to do is take the original idea of Maid Club and expand on it in a way that's creative in your own right, however, what you have done is taken the pre-existing idea and built off it in a way that strays from the original theme, instead of trying to sell a better and newer Maid club to me it feels as if you are selling "Cosplay Club" as a cafe, which we see in the themes of your events.
What activities and events will your club do?:
A lot of the events listed here feel as if they are all simply theme based, there is no new and unique interesting idea, and whilst I do understand how hard it is to build originality on an idea that was performed before, it is ultimately setting the club up for a prolonged failure with nothing new besides one event pasted into different varieties.
How could your club benefit the School?:
The answer provided here feels very generic, a response that all clubs could provide me with, any club can provide to the school through activity but that's not all I want you to show me, I want you to explain to me how your club can specifically benefit the school, how your addition to the roster will bring new and interesting changes to the club setting.

Anyone can host a fundraiser, so what makes you specifically unique?
How would your club use the club room the club will be assigned?
This is once again a very generic response to the question, You are taking something every club member can do or that the previous club has done and adding small editions to it rather than finding new and intuitive ways to make use of the club room, Interaction is something every club can strive to do, so what makes your club opening its doors special? A cafe? The cooking club also plans a cafe, what can you do different that provides the attraction?

If you have any questions about club applications or your application, please feel free to DM Customable#1590

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