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Math Teacher Application

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by Sadic_Wolf, Oct 3, 2020.

  1. Sadic_Wolf

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    Sep 4, 2020
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    [Out-Of-Character Information]

    What is your Minecraft username?:


    How old are you?:

    20 years old

    Do you have any previous bans?:

    No! I think to don't have any Bans!

    What Country are you from?:

    I was born in Russia and 10 years ago I got adopted by an Italian family!

    Do you have Discord (if so, what is your discord username?):

    Yes! I have discord: Sadic_Wolf#3963

    Do you understand that most answers are found in the roleplay documents?:

    Yes, I am completely aknowledge about and I am understanding it too!

    Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:

    Yes! I am perfectly Aknowledge and aware about; I will do all my best to stay as much active as I can!

    Do you understand that all classroom activity must be documented on the "Teacher Roster" thread?:

    Yes! I understand that in all ways! I have no any issues about the documenting lessons!

    Describe your activity on the server & on the forums?:

    I will try to be active every day of the week, especially, and certainly, my greatest presence is ensured towards the weekend, or when, during the week, I am a little unloaded from school commitments in general.

    As for my availability and presence in the forum, yes, I am often, if not always active, to see and relate to the posts of others, I reread the rules, information in general and so on.

    Link(s) to any previous applications on the server?: Denied



    What is your motivation to become a teacher ?:

    I would like to be a teacher because, for me, it is one of the most coveted dreams in addition to the fact that I love teaching, especially mathematics, which is one of the most vital subjects, which we can find everywhere, it is always around and in the midst of we. It is fundamental, it is beautiful and fascinating, also very intriguing, as in real life I am very good in the subject and I have always obtained excellent marks during the tests in class, it is also my predisposition to the subject, I love it very much, for me it is one of the best that can exist on earth, together with Science

    Do you have any experience in RPG ?:

    I started role-playing on SRP for a month, but in general I am very capable and I love to do RPGs, as I always play them with my cousin Majyor_369 on our private servers of any game, not only minecraft, also others and we are both very passionate, in addition to the fact that I have always loved playing role-playing games by identifying with an adult, especially an elderly adult.

    Have you read the faculty book?:

    Yes! I read the faculty book!.

    What are class logs and why is it important ?:

    The class records are used to document all the school activities carried out by a teacher. On them, teachers document their lessons, plan topics to be done the next day, write down students' assessments of their homework and classroom assignments. The class register is also a way to keep track of everything that has taken place during the year or throughout the school.

    You want to start a school trip; How do you do it?:

    When a teacher plans to go on a school trip. at first he talks about it and asks for consent from the highest scholastic authority, that is the Principal or the Vice-Principal. To these, the teacher must present his plan of how many days and how the trip should take place outside the school walls; if the school authority were to approve, then the teacher in charge must organize to organize the trip also taking into account any problems regarding the safety of the students; if the trip is not allowed, then the teacher is not allowed to hold and carry out the school trip.

    As a teacher, what are the strict rules when in a class ?:

    These are the main rules that are introduced in the class:
    1. Ciberie or licquidi of any kind are not consumed in the classroom.

    2. Telephones in the classroom are absolutely forbidden, if after 3 warnings the student continues to use the instrument, then it will be stolen and handed over when the class ends.

    3. The maximum order and education must be in force in the classroom, blasphemies or swearing of any kind are prohibited, in addition to the fact that shouting in the classroom is prohibited.

    4. Respect the privacy of the teacher or any adult figure present in the class, students must sit in their seats and show attention to the lessons.

    5. Don't speak when a student or teacher is speaking, raise your hand to speak.

    6. Raise your hand and ask for permission to move.

    7. Always be equipped with all the basic school material to be able to face a lesson and take any notes.

    8. Before leaving, the classroom needs to be tidied up in case of any disorder, which occurred during a lesson.

    9. Always try to give your best in class before giving up, but above all to commit yourself to studying and try to give better results.

    Summarize your previous RP experience (both in general and on SchoolRP):

    If the question refers to the role playing experience as a "Teacher", well I don't have a lot of experience in this type of role playing, which is why I would like to try for the first time on the server to be a math teacher. , since in any case the subject fascinates me very much, and also the work, which in real life I would like to continue to practice. I would like to practice all my skills and give my best on this beautiful server!

    Describe the teacher classification system:

    - HD: stands for "head of department". They are considered highly qualified teachers of the subject and oversee the classes of less qualified teachers, especially new teachers.

    - QTLS: stands for "qualified teacher of learning skills". They are considered certified qualified teachers of the subject and are able to teach their class without much help.

    - NQT: stands for "Newly Qualified Teacher". They are brand new for the teaching job. They can also ask the head of the department for help and be supervised by them to verify that they are teaching their class correctly.


    [Knowledge of the teacher]

    Tell us your knowledge about in-game and out-of-game teachers, what the teachers are used for. What salary do they receive? Include a paragraph on how teachers teach, what they do in their free time in general.

    Teachers in real life and those in the game are all the same, except that in real life the teachers are all adults, while in the game it is the kids who identify themselves as teachers. This last aspect is fundamental, as it would help the children to understand what a teacher's life is like, how he does his job and understand his salary. In Italy, where I live, teachers are always paid by the state, even during their inactivity, if for example a teacher has been absent from school for two weeks, for example, he is still salaried, that is, his money is always guaranteed to end of month. While teachers in the game are paid based on the number of lessons they teach and record, 250,000 is our pay base for 15 lessons and an extra 50,000 for another 5 lessons they teach. In both cases, if one wants to become a teacher, he must do it for passion or vocation, not only because he wants to feel great or have only insured money, when one works in general, he must always do it, if he has, with love, passion and dedication, also thinking about the monthly profit and at the same time, if you work well, you can also ensure a reputation of the teacher most loved and desired by students or by any school.

    Why are teachers important to a SchoolRP server ?:

    Teachers are nothing more than the so-called "Brain" or "Bearers of Knowledge and Culture" in a State, without them, the world population would have remained in ignorance, would still have remained a primitive man, who would never have evolved , thanks to different experiences, history, scientific discoveries and mathematical calculations, which allowed man to better understand how the world is made, also how nature is made, how a society is constituted and so on. Culture is the basis of everything, without it you cannot live happy and serene, and the Teachers are none other than the "Bearers" of this Culture, Wisdom. Teachers are also like second parents to pupils, who educate them on school grounds, when parents are working or busy.

    What lesson planning system does the school work on:

    The lesson planning system on which the school works is one in which a student must try to give his best during the study, remembering that he does not do it for the school, but for his future, the student must learn for a good purpose to earn a quiet and trouble-free future, but this is possible if the student is committed.


    [Character Knowledge]

    Knowledge of the character

    Tell us everything you know about the character you will play in a few paragraphs. What does it look like? What makes it unique and different? What is your student vision? What about the other teachers? What is your personality like? What is your plan for the future?

    Arina "Severa" Povlov is a 70 year old woman who wears light gray hair, as a young man she had all black hair, her height is estimated at 6'3 feet. Her eyes are small and cyan in color that are covered by her curly hair on her forehead and also cover her stern and almost often serious face, pale and discolored, but she is also sweet and outgoing with guys. It is true that Arina at first glance may seem a severe and cold woman, but if you know her better, after all, she is a very sweet, calm, always calm and peaceful old woman, it is really very rare to make her angry because his language is very diplomatic and professional.

    As I said before, being elderly, Arina can seem very strict, in part she is because she demands from the students the maximum of their commitment and sacrifice, not only that, she does not teach only from a scholastic point of view, she does it above all for students , teaching them how to face the future and the world outside the protection of school and parents. On the other hand, for Arina, students are all the same in front of her eyes, and all must be treated equally, regardless of the race or origin of the students. However, she does not have a great tolerance towards those who disturb or behave inappropriately, this does not mean that if she were to meet an undisciplined student, then she would raise her voice, indeed, Arina will take the student in question in private and how a mother would talk calmly with the student, making him understand where he went wrong and where he must aim to recover and not repeat his mistakes.

    Arina has never married and consequently never had children, she has always been a woman who has always preferred to live alone and not in company, she loves peace and quiet, this does not mean that she hates boys. or children, indeed, she adores them, except that she is a woman who prefers a quiet life, at most, sometimes, she allows herself a conversation with her fellow students or with other teachers confronting them. It must be said that Arina is really passionate about Mathematics, it is one of her most loved and desired subjects, she has had many teaching experiences, she began her first experience when she was 20 and immediately found enormous success, especially she received so much love from the students who all saw her more as a mother than a teacher, as she is very maternal, she interfaces with the children, with a sweet and loving voice.

    Even if she is old, this does not mean that she has stopped learning, on the contrary, every day she always learns new things, this is also possible thanks to her students, who help her to see the world from an always different point of view. She loves today's young people very much, because they are more lively and emancipated, especially in the field of technology, where, in her time, technology did not even exist, and the young people of her time had other ways to pass the time, than in the reviewing nowadays, she considers her childhood to be a bit boring as she did not have much to spend as time, when she was freer, and at the same time it was also fun, because she devoted herself to mathematics, to her study, which he considered his greatest enjoyment.



    You find a gang of criminals in the corridor swearing and cursing, what do you do ?:

    If I were to hear students swearing along a school corridor, obviously I would interface with them asking them to stop with calm and calm tones, trying to make them understand that they are so wrong in saying certain words; if I really don't manage to calm the situation, at this point I would ask the Principal for help to intervene and punish the rude and unruly students.

    Nobody in your class hears a word you say, what do you do ?:

    It is always necessary to maintain an education as it should be, and with good manners and adequate language, I will try to politely ask students to stop creating disorder in the classroom, calling them to attention, and to try to make the lesson the most quiet as possible. I also know that in the collective imagination, for many, mathematics is a so-called "Hated" subject, well, I am perfectly aware that students will rarely listen to me, but I will always keep with diplomatic tones and ways to attract their attention . But if the situation becomes more complicated than expected, then I would call the Headmaster to help me resolve it.

    When in the teacher's room, how does your character behave ?:

    Certainly Arina will behave with education, class and grace. She loves education very much, she also loves to give it to other adults, regardless of their profession, so she also loves to receive the same education from other adults. Even if another adult becomes rude to Arina, she will continue to keep his temperament quiet, calm and sober.

    Provide at least 5 details / me of your character within a class:

    / me She would be standing in front of the class, greeting all the students with a good morning as they sat in their seats

    / me She patiently waited for a student to raise his hand with a smile to answer the question that had been asked a few seconds ago

    / me She walked along each row, distributing homework to all students while he smiled reassuring them that they could do it

    / me She sat at his desk neat and tidy to carefully evaluate some tasks while making sure the class was silent while doing their homework

    / me She stood up while presenting the lesson to the class, scanning each student to make sure they were paying attention


    Arina "Severa" Povlov was born in 1950 in Russia, her parents were really sweet and good to her, they have always shown themselves available and affectionate towards her, obviously Arina is an only child, this allowed her to have many privileges, for example, parents, who were wealthy, could spend a portion of their money on the most excellent and egraceful education. This is because they saw in her the great passion that Arina has shown towards mathematics since she was 10 years old. She was the pride of the family, her parents and relatives loved her very much, as she proved helpful and helped anyone in difficulty. Arina was not very fond of social life, for her personal choice, she preferred to spend most of her childhood and adolescence between books and study, she considered studying a fun, as she could not find any interest or fun with others children or teenagers of the time.

    When Arina attended middle and high school, she never failed, she has always been number one in everything, she has always been number one thanks to her passion for studying, especially for mathematics, which she still adores today. to die for, he considers it a fabulous and fun pastime. In class she was always studying, she ignored the other peers of the time, always because of her choice, where no one forced her to dissociate herself from the others. She loved that life, but still she is always open to making friends anyway, always with anyone. She mostly makes friends with people who respect her and are polite, and she will be the same with others, always, even if certain situations degrade.

    His parents have financed any of his choice of studies, after finishing the University of Mathematics, without waiting, he immediately began to work at the age of 20 first at schools in Russia, where he taught for about 46 years and the other 26 years of teaching he spent it in southern Italy, where, however, he had a lot of difficulties, but thanks to his excellent experience behind him, he was able to manage all the problems. During these years of her experience, both the students and the other teachers have her and love her very much, as she has managed to inculcate mathematics in the children, without making her hate. Because for her, mathematics is a perfect form of art, because all life revolves around it, it is found wherever we go, in any place where we find ourselves.

    Having reached her 70 years of life, currently in 2020, Arina does not feel old and tired for her age, she is a woman full of energy, physically and with age she proves to be 70 years old, but inside, her spirit and his soul is like that of a young sportsman, insatiable and tireless in knowledge and curiosity.
    Now Arina wants to move to Karakura, and she would like to do her last years of teaching in this small town, where she is looking forward to starting a new adventure and new experiences with new students and teachers and why not, maybe try to fall in love with someone. so it's never too late.


    In-Character Information

    (Pretend your character is filling this out, not you)


    SECTION 1: Personal Details

    Full Name:

    Arina "Severa" Povlov

    Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss):

    Ma'am Arina or Miss Severa

    Given Name(s):


    Preferred Name:

    Miss Severa


    70 years old!



    Religious Denomination:


    Marital Status:



    Native from Russia

    Current Location:

    Karakura, in Japan


    SECTION 2: Academic Details

    Teaching Experience (# of years):

    She would have like 50 years in total of teaching experiences!

    Working Experience (# of years):

    50 years of experiences!

    Academic Degree:

    Bachelor of Math

    Year of Graduation:



    Science and Psychology


    Ancient Literature and Ancient Culture

    Native Languages:


    Other Languages:

    Italian Language

    Do you have a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certificate?:


    Preferred Teaching Subject:




    Additional notes about your application (if any):


    Do you have any questions?:


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  2. Mistalee

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    - Not half bad of an application, good job. You've gone into immense detail during this application, something I greatly appreciate. Welcome aboard the team!

    - To further your career as a Teacher at Karakura High, please ensure you've joined this Discord server.
    - Once you've joined the Discord, please shoot me a direct message at Knot#6368 .
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