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Matt's Lore Team Application | Matt Reawakens

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by Lemons, Jul 14, 2020.

  1. Lemons

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    Apr 16, 2020
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    Not doing fancy formtting.​
    IGN: Currently my main account is 4kLemons, although my alt accounts are 8kLemons and formerly 12kPears and B1byPl3t0

    What is your discord name and tag (name#0000)?: My current discord tag is Matt-#2010, if there are to be any updates to this, the post will be edited to mention this.

    What is your timezone/What country are you from?: I am currently within the timezone of EDT, which will change over to EST during the fall. I currently reside and are from the United States of America.

    Do you have a microphone and are able to speak VIA discord?: I currently own a headset, A10s, although having a microphone attached- it may not be the best, it does work and allows me to communicate within VCs. Although, due to my previous computer breaking, I am incapable of joining VCs for longer periods of time (due to the fact that I am on an older computer if you need more info about this DM me).

    Do you recognize you could be removed from community team?: I was once apart of the Community team, and I understand that I can be removed from the team at any notice, although previously I was removed/left due to some of my own IRL issues- which although have not passed, have since then calmed down.

    List a few things that may obstruct your progress/development on the Lore Team.: There are not many things that can obstruct my progress/development on the Lore Team, although most of them are due to IRL things. Such as my current situation, although it may be weird at the moment, it will get better soon. As everything is going along, at the moment. My attitude towards things tends to flip within a matter of hours, and my depression does kind of get ahold of me at times, with that being said- I am not capable of controlling this nor am I really able to fix this as I refuse to touch medication and I have not been officially diagnosed with any type of Bipolar Disorder, despite it running in my family. One last thing that may obstruct my progress/development on the Lore Team would definitely be writer’s block, as anyone who may be applying or maybe a part of the Lore-Team would know- it can cause issues with most writing and has caused issues with my previous work on the lore-team. I’m capable of stopping this from happening normally by re-reading and editing and see what comes to mind after a bit or try to work on something else or even just try to relax or something of that nature.

    Besides what is mentioned above, I am very confident in the fact that there is not a lot that can obstruct my progress or development on the Lore-Team, as I was once a part of it and I usually have a decent work ethic, as some members and previous members have seen.

    What makes you different from other applicants?: I’ve enjoyed writing since I was young, I love writing essays and there’s not much to say that makes me stick out from other applicants, besides the fact that I have a pretty good work ethic if I say so myself, and the fact that I am currently running a verified gang with actual writing involved with it (Yeah, I know SHOCKING for a gang to have writing involved with it). Which two current members have seen, although I have kinda been away and I have been on break for it too, besides the point. More onto my work ethic, I’d describe it more of a short-burst, trying to take as much as I can and then doing it all, when I want to, without really stopping. Although as of recently, I’ve been trying to make it more of a longer, more sustained work ethic, allowing for me to spread the work out instead of just doing it all at once.
    Besides the work ethic, I cannot really say what makes me different from other applicants, although some members may have ideas of what may belong here- I personally do not know what truly makes me different.

    What makes you passionate about writing?: Living with my grandma for my entire life, I have always been challenging myself to try and prove everyone wrong that I wouldn’t end up as the rest of my family did, and due to this, I did have a lot of free time on my hands and eventually, I began to journal things. Simply put, this was what made me passionate about writing. It not only was sprouted from reading nearly every book within my house but also learning about anything. Knowledge was something that entangled me within writing, and often brought me back into writing whether it was some story I was creating or if it was simply just me venting about everything in life.
    The writing was often a venting outlet to most, and it was also for me but it also allowed me to create anything that I imagined, while in 5th grade I created a 56-page fantasy story, despite them only asking for two pages. Besides the point, truly I guess I would say that my quest for knowledge would be what makes me passionate about writing.

    Do you have any previous experience with writing lore or creative writing as a general aspect?: The answer to this is quite obvious, due to me being part of the Lore-Team before, I have had experience with writing lore and creative writing. As stated above, I also created a 56-page fantasy story, showing off my creative writing. I do have some google documents of my work, which if needed can be shown to those who request to see it.

    What is lore to you?: This is quite a hard question for me to answer, but lore can be many things. Whether someone regards their character’s backstory as lore, or whether we talk about the lore-document, it’s hard to define. I cannot define it to one thing, although it can be nearly anything that can establish these two things: a Backstory and a Purpose. Others may define it as something else, but there can be lore for characters, hence why I mention a backstory, but also a purpose is needed, for example, a statue within the middle of a plaza, how did it get there? Why is it there?

    The statue is actually one of a great American hero from the civil war, defined as a ‘Yankee’, and helped fight many battles within the civil war.

    Obviously lore should be a bit longer, but this is more of a baseline of what I think lore is, whether others agree with that or disagree is all up to them, this is simply just my point of view.



    Write a 200-400 word story for a day in the world of Karakura

    The sun begins to rise at around 6:00 AM every day, who knows why though? Children are beginning to get up and getting ready to go to class, while adults may be getting ready to get to work. With children packing their bags and just getting prepared for class, some are actually on the property already. Whilst adults and students are getting ready for their day soon to come, there are of course many criminals around town being wanted by the KPD, and the KPD continues to hunt them, even during the morning.

    Despite it being early and right before school, a few shops decide to open. Most likely needed to keep their shop due to the bills and the stock prices, but it could also be for the students to get what they need. Of course, none of the bigger shops or alcohol shops are open due to them mostly waiting till late at night or after school.

    By now, the school gates are opening and students are invited to enter school grounds for breakfast, and most of them will just play sports or hang out with friends during the time, or maybe just hang off the property till 8:30, the first period for most of them. While students are getting to class, adults are often beginning to do their jobs, whether it’s an online job or working in an office, or maybe even just tailoring.

    Students go through the same classes all day, and nothing much really changes from their normal day- besides the recklessness of some younger children within the place or even the bullying of some. The same classes go on, and students mostly cut the classes, to begin with, whether they’re doing work, hanging out, or playing sports.

    By now, the school day has ended and allowed for many to try and open up their shop to make a profit, which also allows for some kids to get alcohol or something close to it to host their own parties. Despite some shops opening earlier, there seem to be more purchases now more than ever. Some may retire now, and some many not although there may be parties around at night, or even more crimes committed. Despite the nonstop crimes and the recklessness of children, the town seems to be tranquil. Hopefully, it stays that way, with the history of it being taken into consideration.

    Word Count: 401 words. Yes, I did it Cloud, I told you I would. Also, this was really just done to piss off anyone who gets upset with the word count. I know, I’m so cool.


    Write about your favorite physical aspect of Karakura (things like classrooms/gardens etc.) Why? What makes it special?

    This is a hard question for me to answer, but what really comes to mind to me is most likely the speakeasies around town. Some people have seen the previous ones before it, or the newer ones. Although, most of them have been built by the same people over and over again, whilst other ones have been created completely different from others. What really makes the speakeasies different from other things now, is the fact that a gang controls it, whilst the same cannot be said about most things now. As one of the leaders, and previous leader and higher-up of multiple different verified gangs, I’ve seen and assisted in building some speakeasies. Although some may not be able to establish the history behind these speakeasies, I like to try and think of how one got in possession of these speakeasies and contact with the Black Market and so on.

    Truly, I cannot say what makes the speakeasies so special to me, maybe it’s because I was once a gangrper and now I like to remember and try to go back to who I once was, despite being a different person. The speakeasies just remind me of my old days, when Kage ran rampant within the streets and when I was once just a namemc- it began my road in gangrp. But also, these speakeasies remind me of some of my good friends that I have met on the server, just like cooliecut or sqpportives, or even the remembrance of the strength I once had when I originally ran my first gang.

    This might seem simplistic to most, but this does hold a special place in my heart, and nothing can replace it. I’ve tried my best to try and do it myself, but it’s quite hard, but speakeasies also can be whatever you want to make it out to be. It does not have to be just a speakeasy, it can be home to a business or maybe even just office space. It could be a bar, the customizability of these speakeasies often make it special to some, and it does to me but it can’t be seen as the main reason, at least to me.

    What makes these speakeasies special, is the control that comes with it. Within the ‘gangrp realm’, owning a speakeasy often brings respect due to the fact that you run a verified gang, but it also rings multiple issues as the trash-talk OOCly and such, but the power that can be gained due to the fact that you are capable of owning all four speakeasies at once, although you may need members, it is definitely possible. Currently, nobody has owned more than two at once, but, I may sound cocky, I’ll be trying my best to try and change that. The customizability of the speakeasies comes with the location, but it also allows you to gain more control. Owning all four speakeasies shows strength but also allows you to kind of ‘flaunt’ your own power.

    Simply put, I can’t truly say why it is my favorite part of Karakura, but I can tell you this- the control and the customizability of the speakeasies does make it special, whether it’s to just me or if it’s to other gangrpers is up in the air.

    NOTE: Yes it's a star wars reference and uh good luck to other applicants, if they bother reading this. I'll be eagerly waiting on a response to this application.
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  2. Yume_

    Yume_ United States Level 25

    Dec 11, 2017
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    -Welcome to the team, DM cloud_divider#3828
    Additional note: Good job on 401 words, and there will be some discussion after this.