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Accepted Maysi's Lore Team Application


Level 8

List your discord name and tag (name#0000):

Additionally, do you have a microphone and can speak via discord?
I have a mic but don't talk often, it's become more of a habit and comfort zone which is hard to break out of. If it makes certain things easier, I will use my voice to talk in vcs

Your time zone and current country of residence:
GMT | England

Link any previous community team applications if applicable:

Do you recognize you could be removed from the community team?
I do recognise this

List a few things that may obstruct your progress/development on the Lore Team.
The only things I can think of is personal problems, my parents or school work.

What makes you passionate about writing?:
Many factors have led to my passion for writing to grow, I have noticed that my enthusiasm for it hasn't died down at any point, against all odds. I love it because I know that every word choice can make or break a sentence, so I always find fun in forming phrases that work best depending on the context, mood and flow. It makes me feel in control of my emotions because I can rely on a pen and paper or document to organise any ideas that would be overbearing to keep in my mind. It's always been a hobby I take comfort in; the more I practice, the more I feel able to describe certain feelings or portrayals of settings. In relation to lore and character creation, I have always been in favour of well-thought-out storylines that piece together in a natural progression. I find it satisfying to detail actions in-game, so I emphasise on points that will impact how other people perceive my character which I have been doing ever since I joined the server.

Do you have any previous experience with writing lore or creative writing as a general aspect?:
For as long as I can remember, I have been involving myself in writing of all forms but creative writing is the one I have enjoyed the most. I almost never view that form of writing as a chore which is why I find joy in testing myself every other day, seeing what story I can come up with at random times. When I feel uninspired, I usually take to making my own stories. After doing something I truly like, I feel more lively again and know that things can be enjoyable if you keep at it. Throughout my education, I have been studying English up until now, A-Levels, which I just completed two mock literature exams for a few days ago. I think English is my favourite subject, but I prefer English language because it involves creative writing which I unfortunately could not take up as an A-Level in my school. Since the more creative side of prose is what I feel more connected to, I wish to involve myself in a team that is all about it and would also be more than happy to help write the history of different aspects in the server.

In your own words, give your definition of lore:
Lore can be defined as knowledge and information written about backgrounds of various topics, ranging from individual groups to a more broad scale such as the history of organisations, traditions or culture.


You are expected to write in the third person, and narrate in a reliable and neutral tone. Do not focus your prompts specifically on one character’s perspective, but on a bigger picture.
There is a 200-800 word limit that applies to both prompts. Because of flow, if you need to go a little over or under, you are permitted to, but as soon as a prompt is 100 words outside the limit, you will be automatically denied.

Summarize a character conflict, roleplay conflict, or event that you experienced (server-wide, personal, etcetera- there is no bar for how ‘interesting’ or ‘impactful’ it is). Be sure to follow the above guidelines.

The young adult's footsteps made a rhythmic beat as her boots met the ground, taking every stride with an unusual level of precision. It was the end of another chaotic day, the sun had just set and she was more than eager to get home. A cold evening, the wind bit at her skin with every gust that whisked across her face. Each whirl sung to her, encouraging her to hurry as it was getting darker in the confused and dangerous town, Karakura. She continued forward, taking a left, a right, the usual pathways that she was used to navigating. Upon another turn, a figure from the corner of her eye caught her attention, surfacing tension all over her body. She spun around to where her dubious gaze directed her, expecting to see nothing, but instead she was met with a tall individual looming over her . . .

This was like nothing from before. The female's eyes shot open from their previous, half-awake state and she stumbled away from their threatening presence.

"What are you running from?"

She could not decipher whether the person was female or male, their voice being of a resonance that almost lulled her to sleep. Blinking hard, she snapped herself out of the haze she was falling into and backed away from the aura they carried themselves with. Their question fell on deaf ears since her worry left no room to respond. With a pale face that was washed over in distress, she hurried away from them, heading straight for her house. Not managing to get far, a new obstacle appeared before her, this time a little girl. Her cheerful expression became more inviting whilst the warm shade of her hair resembled sunlight, bringing out the sweet smile on her face which shone bright like a day in the middle east. Not a threat, supposedly.

"Hello miss! You look scared. Why are you scared? What happened miss? What's wrong? Tell me!"

The voice of the girl shifted to a lower pitch, with every query, until it was to an unnatural extent. Now distraught, the adult took a step to side to pass the child without so much as a word. All she wished for was to get home after a tiresome day at work. The blissful smile the ray of sunshine had contorted into a Cheshire cat grin and she stood in the way of the female.

"I don't like being ignored, you know."

Her focus had not been on the girl's face, instead it was aimed straight ahead in longing for her bed. However, this daydream was sliced through by the unexpectedly hostile voice in which those words were spat out. Looking down, the female was instantly shocked by the grotesque beam the girl had on her face. A short cry of fear sounded from her once she made eye contact with the child. The radiance that once graced her now matched the colour of the adult herself, yet differently; both of their faces were faded, drained and grey from different causes. While the junior continued to pierce through the female with bloodshot eyes, she was frozen in place. She reminded her of her childhood: beaten down, half-gone- deplorable. For the mere second she had looked away, somehow, the being in front of her encapsulated the nature of a ghost. Tears pricked the corners of her eyes while she continued to look down at a sight she was not certain of; differentiating what was real from her perception only became more contrived by the day.

"Just leave me alone."

Each four words were uttered in a more controlled voice than expected. They were more dismissive than anything, providing an out of place tone for her internal conflict. Taking a closer look, the twenty-five-year-old was trembling despite the simulated demeanour she had created for herself. Her mouth was sealed shut while her teeth grit together, all in a manner that pointed to a subtle cover-up. She managed to suck up the tears that attempted to wind down her cheeks, leaving her with a forced but believable deadpan. The short girl — or creature — began to sink away once the female turned away. Another second of this and she thought she would go insane. Finally released from their presence, the adult made a break for her house until she was right at the entrance of block A.

"Around you. You need to go inside. Hurry. They are coming. Don't just stand there!"

Every demand chastised her, coming from all sides to which she could only stare up at the sky in despair. It hardly took a moment before she dropped to her knees, crawling into a ball while the uproar started an endless headache.

"What is she doing?"

"Get up."

"They are getting closer! Hurry!"

. . .

"Go away."

. . .


A group of friends stood around the female who now had her hands on either side of her head. Their faces were filled with concern as they looked between each other, unsure of what she was cowering away from. One extended their arm, offering her a hand to get up. It was then that she raised her head, looking at them with a face of complete fatigue.

All she wanted was to go home.

Create a folklore tale based on an existing area in Karakura of your choosing; Tell us a story! Show us how creative you can get. Be sure to follow the above guidelines.

Amongst the bustling town, Karakura, many attractions are scattered with stories waiting to be unveiled. Some share tales more discreetly than others, though all hold meanings that are tailored to their scenery. By taking their unique course, citizens may find the forest whose pathways twist in copious directions. Snake-like, the routes slink over the forest's ground, cheering the followers to go further and further into the darkening area. One might think that if they turned, the entranceway would be closed off by an unknown force. Magnifying — the forest stands in conflicted elegance, where mother nature's beauty is tarnished when evergreen turns into shades of scarlet.

Karakura in its truest form. Many have learned to live in the town that has one of the highest crimes rates in Japan, putting up with the news and rising cases of murder in silent discomfort. The forest, much like the sewers, seems to be a popular location for lives to be taken. Not even a cloudless day in the forest can liberate those who let bloodthirst control their every move. A few levels above, on top of the mountains, rests the Shinsei Seinaru Monastery which stares at the disarray that unravels beneath it. They watch every move, restraining themselves from intervention in the face of calamity. A lack of belief could be thought to drive such people to commit sins, anywhere, anyplace. What some are unaware of is that the onlookers can only be disrespected for so long, within their own home.

One too many innocents gone. It was reaching a point of absolute bitterness for the deities.
They felt their pent-up fury rise to an all new high; one summer afternoon was all it took to release them from their resigned positions. There was a total of four students to witness it that day: three perpetrators and a victim.

. . .

The bell had just rung to signal the end of school and a girl darted out of the gates, constantly looking over her shoulder to confirm her restlessness. Just as they had threatened, three male students were right behind her. Chasing. It was clear on their determined faces that they were not letting her go, though she could not see this as they were masked. Like a pack of wolves, they were all in formation; two were behind the main aggressor on either side, forming a triangular shape of callous intent. As soon as they passed the police station, they took out their weaponry in readiness to lash her once close enough. She heard the sound of a knife being unsheathed, urging her to move with accelerated haste.

Surges of adrenaline were the only thing that kept her legs mobile, but she felt her rationality disperse. It led the female to her comfort place, the forest. Affectively, a dead end. The girl tossed herself through the entrance and her movements grew clumsier. Gasps of air broke free from her stifling; she could feel her temperature heighten as if flames were trying to erupt from her. All of them were closing in and she was a few metres away, reaching the centre of the woodland before she was submerged in ruin. They had not reached her but her legs gave out, leaving her splayed on the grass. Her locket hung around her neck, containing the nostalgic image of her deceased sister; the burnout paired with physical exhaustion made her feel ready. She knew she would be reunited with the one who cared for her once again.

The boys' laughter interrupted her thoughts, bringing her back to reality. As soon as she looked up, a remorseless kick was sent straight into her face. They did not wait for her to weep in pain, each delivering a fresh blow to her face and torso with bats. At last, the group leader revealed the knife she had not missed from earlier, raising it high so that it was outlined by the sun's glow. Through squinted eyes and a mouth full of blood, she could only thank the warmth that seemed to wrap its arms around her. A kiss goodbye, the weather was comforting in what would be her last moments.

Eyes shut. Mouth closed. Body numb.

She was waiting for a stab that never came. When she stopped hiding away from the world, she was greeted with three headless bodies lying in front of her.

Everything seemed to stop. One moment they were there, clutching their weapons with strength and the next they were . . . gone.

Her palms came flying up to her mouth, suppressing a scream that tried with all its might to tear through the cracks of her fingers. Through all the torment, she coughed out coils of red that were hardly comparable to the pools around the males' heads. She felt the familiar touch from before. Two hands clasped her shoulders, pulling her back to rest against an invisible body. Although she was terrified, she did not move from her new position and eased back into the embrace. Soon, her injuries were healed when a luminous shadow revealed itself to her. The spirit took form of her sister, offering a tender look as it caressed her woundless face. At that moment, they were at one. While the evening commenced, the spirit held her and she sobbed her pain away.​
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Lore Coordinator
We thank you for applying, however, we are currently placing you on pending. Your application will be properly reviewed next weekend!


Level 30
Lore Coordinator
Congratulations, after a full discussion with the team we've decided to accept your application. Again, apologies for the long wait but welcome to the team! DM me at sophia#3114 to get all your roles set up.

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