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MIMBU's news reporter application


Level 52
Authorization Team
Out of Character | Basic information
What is your in-game name?:
MIMBU (toranekos, toranyankos, mimbs1993)
Do you have discord? (If so, what is your username):
Do you have a microphone?
List your timezone and country:
BST - England
How active are you on the server?:
Super active. When I have a purpose for an account I log on regularly for at least a few hours. Distribution will be a little more difficult with summer ending in a few days but I should be more than capable
Do you have any previous bans? (If so, link your appeals):
Link any past applications below:

x3 Police application - ACCEPTED | First one is unable to be linked

x1 Forensics application - ACCEPTED | Unable to link

x1 Psychiatrist application - ACCEPTED
x1 Surgeon application - ACCEPTED
x2 Staff application - DENIED | Unable to link
x1 Staff application - ACCEPTED | Unable to link

Out of Character | Morals & ideas
What position are you applying for?:
News Reporter!!!!!
What is your motivation for applying?:
Honestly, I want to try it out. It seems really cool and I was inspired mainly by the current reporters (Primarily Sun and Jessie). Their work looks pretty cool and I feel as if it won't be an entirely time consuming job that I can juggle with my other responsibilities. Whilst I didn't really do much on my own accord, I got the reporter role for like . . . an hour during the earthquake event and it was a fairly fun experience. I want to contribute to things like this in the future, too, along with covering events that have occurred just like Jessie did when it came to the music festival.
To cut it short, I want to pursue this role because it has something to do with writing - a thing I thoroughly enjoy and have committed to on SRP for more-or-less 4-5 years. Plus, the environment would make me feel super comfortable and motivated thanks to the awesome lead. . .
Do you have any experience in this work?
Not particularly. I've applied for journalist on my alt to dip my feet into the water but upon realising that News Reporter has an open slot... I ran to my pc and began writing this bad boy up. I suppose that I have assisted a reporter in the past, and dabbled in my fair share of journalism on the server, but it isn't much. If we're talking OOC experience, theeeen... a little bit! I do journalism for my school's newsletter every now and again, but I cover more controversial topics like politics. I doubt that it'll be too difficult to take those skills and write about wacky fun stuff such as Alex Ironside Koji's failed assassination or what colour socks Datenshi Akihito wears on what day of the week.. [/j]
Are you aware of the rules each person must follow?:
Yep! As a staff member it is my duty to follow rules, and I have pretty much agreed to enforce these amongst all of the players.. + Myself.
Why should you be accepted over others?
I have the time and dedication! I'm not known for role-hopping or doing the unspeakable when given a position. . There is nothing tainting my reputation, and nothing I personally see that could make you place any distrust in me when it comes to choosing someone for the role. I know that I want this, and I know that I'm willing to put 110% in to make sure that all of my duties are fulfilled . . Along with not overworking myself and allowing time for character development or some relaxing roleplay with my buds. A lot of people have the tendency of focusing on the role and the role only when getting accepted. Not me, chief! I will stay on top of my game, and make sure that I am slotting this into my routine accordingly.
Do you have a good understanding of this position?:
I'd say it's a mediocre understanding. I have listened to Jessie talk about it every now and then. . But if there's anything I don't get you can just fill me in on it.
Summarize what your position does in the town:
Report.. stuff.
NEWS stands for notable events, weather and sports! This is what the reporter role is in charge of.. Say, there's an awesome event going on such as a musical festival, and many credible acts that appear to be quite stunning such as SUTA or SFH are playing.. It is your job as a reporter to take notes of what went on at that event and write a proper article covering a very brief basis of it -- and any additional information worth noting. Maybe, rather than writing about the event, there may be an instance where a reporter is called in to report some news mid-chaos! This is another time the reporter may step in, giving a live statement of what's going on in the city.

In Character | Questionnaire
Pretend that it is as if your character is filling this out, not yourself
Full Name:
Tomochin Uemara
Preferred name & Title:
Miss Uemara / Miss 'MEOW'
Current age? (25+):
Past job experiences?:
Bagpiping instructor (TOKYO)
Sales assistant (TOKYO)
Tomosada records (KARAKURA)
Hakasada (KARAKURA)
How would you describe yourself?
Awesome. There is nothing about me that is not awesome, maybe other than the fact my sleep schedule is troubled beyond belief. I am a woman of values, and I commit to whatever it is I have occupied myself with, even if that means the sun is up by the time I am catching some sleep. I daresay that I am a particularly vibrant character, yet somehow my name has not become big in Karakura. . . I am cool, though. Did you know I own a record company? I bet you didn't. It's called Tomosada Records.
What sort of things would you write about?
I could easily cover all things music. You know.. Because I own a record label. Did I mentioned that yet? No? What about the clothing company I am vice president of? It's called Hakasada. I am proud of these things. Essenttially, what I'm trying to say is that pop culture is my thing. I'm very hip with the teens, you could say, I just.. get them, you know? I don't understand all of their "sus" jokes, but my writing surely could captivate them. Give me anything, like the latest concert or an economical crash thanks to clothing brands slowly taking over all other retail -- and I'll write about it.

Maybe nothing that dramatic, but trends are my forte.
What jobs will you execute with this position?
What does this mean?
I am applying for the role of a news reporter -- for the job of one.. So I will execute the job of spreading news accordingly, no?
Maybe another job would be satisfying the citizens of Karakura with my awesome reports, smiles all around and all of that jazz. This question confuses me, though, so I hope I have answered it accordingly.
Do you practice any sort of religion?:
I used to, but then a box of omamori fell on my head when I was volunteering at the shrine, now I struggle to recognise my lefts from my rights.
So, no.
Do you have a criminal record? If so, list your crimes:
Nationality & Born location:

Fluent languages (Underline your native):


Level 21
Government Lead
Lore Team
Rich Kid

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