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Missing Car


Level 9
IGN: Fancyri
VEHICLE OR ITEM NAME: 1998 Subaru Impreza
EVIDENCE: 2022-11-27 10_20_14-Window.png
The car disappeared. I can't /qav callback it, and last where I saw it placed, it's gone now. I suspect it's due to the server glicthing out that happened recently, although I was offline at the time. I am 100% certain I didn't have it in my inventory or my apartment chests, as I usually forget calling back the car, and this time was no exception. I went to check by the post office, where I left my car, and it wasn't there either, so the glitching out must've caused it to disappear


Level 451
Senior Admin
Police Lead
Media Team
Your item request has been denied!

We're afraid to see that you are having difficulties when playing SchoolRP,
but we have decided to deny your request due to the following reason(s)

The item you're requesting is a private vehicle that is currently owned by
another player. As you can see in the Custom Donations thread, vehicles
were never meant to be traded / sold, meaning that I'm unfortunately
unable to return the vehicle

- If you have proof that you were the person who originally paid for the
custom vehicle slot, please DM RAYHM#0960 for further instructions.​

If you need further assistance, you can privately message
me (Yonio#5112) or any other available Admin+ via Discord
so that we can solve any other inquiries you may have

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