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Monastery staff

Discussion in 'Reviewed' started by PashOP, Jan 13, 2021 at 7:39 PM.

  1. PashOP

    PashOP Saudi Arabia Level 7

    Nov 17, 2019
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    9:34 AM

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    2021 January the 13th


    The monastery is an official thing in SRP- yet many people doesn't know it and gets surprised to know there's a Priest role. As well as it's a part of the city and it's not fair how it's treated.

    I wanted to suggest these things that would really be good for to monastery and for SRP.

    (1) Make the roles in the city tab. The shrine is part of the city and even adults are in the city tab and so should the monastery staff.

    (2) Put it in the forums. It's an official SRP thing and it's part of the city it's more fair if it's added to the forums like any other job.

    (3) Salary of 150,000 yen with additional 100,000 for extra quotas which is total of 250,000 yen. We enjoy shopping and buying things- and we got no way to make money else than the hourly allowance which sometimes isn't much helpful. I used to have ways to make money which all I can't do anymore with the priest role.
    (Edit) 100,000 yen with additional 25,000 for extra quotas maybe

    (4) Make the monastery a safe-zone that you can't do anything major there.

    (5) If a Priest or Priestess call KPD at the Shrine on someone it's not KPs as they're doing their job. It's just like how when a hospital staff call KPD and there's no perms as they're doing their job.

    (6) Put the Monastery staff discord with the other discords of the jobs such as Karakura crimes, Krakura EMS, and Karakura Academics. It's also a lot more fair and it will end the players getting surprised thingie.
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  2. Yume_

    Yume_ United States Level 28

    Dec 11, 2017
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    11:34 PM
    1. +1
    2. +1
    3. is where I have my problems, most shinto priests/priestesses tend to make a living off of donations. I don't really like how high paying a lot of the jobs are because the economy is dying/inflation is a problem. Priests have a less needy job than say KPD or EMS, it's not that they only stand there and look pretty, but a lot of the time they do.
    4. neutral
    5. +1
    6. +1 In general, having the shrine/monastery be more accessible would be great. I feel like right now it's tucked into the corner where you HAVE to go looking for it.
  3. BleuLittleMuffin

    BleuLittleMuffin Canada Level 47 Administrator

    Nov 27, 2016
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    1:34 AM
    I understand where you come from saying we would make money from donations, however the issue with SRP is that players do not yet make donations to the shrine. Nobody truly knows of the customs, as we are working to make them known. As players, monastery staff do enjoy buying themselves items from shops and etc, without the pay, we are quite poor and literally cannot afford anything, though I would say

    What could be fair would be a base of 100,000 when doing your tasks, additional with 15,000 per more quotas completed
  4. dattokkatji

    dattokkatji United States Level 69

    Nov 17, 2016
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    1:34 AM
    the pay shouldnt be that high that is all i have to say
  5. Totalore

    Totalore United States Level 276

    Aug 20, 2016
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    12:34 AM
    believe it or not when i ran the monastery i tried to have 4/6 of these put in. i got shut down more times than i've walked

    safezone - i bugged srp staff about this so many times. i was immediately shut down about the idea because the monastery is a "gangrp hotspot"

    salary - if srp's economy was a little less unstable it could probably work out if they werent being paid, but now that its really bad theres nothing anyone can do unless you want to break the realism of the job. from my understanding the monastery was turned into a shopping district (joking..... but there are many stands you can buy from), turn that into donation money and it should work out fine

    i never cared too much about the monastery's income because, frankly, there was no need for it. my main focus was to improve roleplay for others, whether i was getting paid or whether my staff was getting paid didnt matter to me and it barely mattered to them

    tab - yeah +1 nuff said

    kps - i think i've said to the staff that if they called the police it wouldnt matter cuz they're just doing their job, idk if the rules different now but they shouldn't be killed for doing their job

    forums - i dmed samra a lot lol and was denied about it, i forgot the reason
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