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MoneyRP: Black Market Dealer Application



Describe your activity on the server:

My playtime would be best described as 22+ hours per week.

Specify your Discord username (USER) and if you have a microphone:

veluci65 and I do have a microphone

Specify your country of origin and time zone:

Germany CEST (UTC+2)

What are your motivations in applying for the black market dealer role?:

Interacting with new people involved in crime roleplay and supplying the gangs with everything they need is what I am trying to achieve with this application.

What helps you to stand out from other applicants & what can you uniquely provide to the team?:

As I have been playing on the server for over half a decade I would say I know how to handle crime-related situations appropriately which makes me believe that I would be a great addition to the team. Always following the rules and knowing how to take a loss with honor are also my strengths.

What previous experience do you have in working with a team?:

Over the years I have been involved in quite a bit of criminal roleplay in which I learned to be a great team player.

What suggestions do you have to help better the crime faction?:

In my opinion, the crime- and combat-related side of SchoolRP has never been in a better state than as of right now. If I had to mention something I would think of increasing the amount of money a person can mug.

Are you familiar with all rules pertaining to weapon profiles, combat, permissions, and player conduct on the server?:

I am up-to-date with all the rules and guidelines listed on the SRP Forum and crime discord.

Are you familiar with that if you leave the black market at any point, the black market lead will have permanent kill permissions on your character?:

I am aware of the consequences of leaving the black market.

Are you familiar with that if your character(s) is/are killed or permanently arrested twice, you will be removed from the black market?:

I do understand the effect IC Situations can have on the role of a black market dealer.

Are you familiar with that you cannot reveal any out-of-character plans or potential additions to the black market to others?:

I will be keeping all plans, additions and discussions about the black market to myself.


Full Legal Name:
Latu Heidenhain

Criminal Alias: Mon

Age & Occupation: He would be 25 years of age and worked as a chauffeur.

Gender & Marital Status: Latu was a single male.

Ethnicity & Race: european & white

Known Languages: Japanese, German

Former Associations/Occupations: N/A

Highest Level of Education: Grade-12 Highschool

Physical/Mental Ailments: N/A

Known Family Members: Asus Heidenhain

Describe your character's appearance to the greatest detail:

Being from Europe Latu would be a tall male standing at 6' 3" with ivory-white skin color. He had light blue eyes which would indicate a very calm expression. His hair would be a darker shade of brown with a rather short haircut. His build was athletic but mostly hidden under loose clothing.

Describe your character's personality to the greatest detail:

Latu would seem very calm to the point that it gives the impression of boredom. Being very unreceptive to strangers makes him hard to be empathic at first but he would open up a lot to his close friends and people he could truly trust. He would be quick to act but also believed to be an unlucky guy in general.

Describe your character's backstory to the greatest detail: (200+ words minimum)

Latu Heidenhain was born on the 12. of June 1998 in a small village in Germany. When he was seven years old his parents had another child which motivated him to be the best example a big brother could be. His little brother Asus always was siding rather with Latu than his parents which made them get closer every day. He was not an easy child to handle and was quite rebellious in his teenage years leading to a few minor arrests. Latu always felt misunderstood by the grown-ups which could have been a side effect of having the wrong friends in his life. As he got older he realized that he needed to clean up his life and meet people that are good for him that could support him and his ideas. After long consideration he knew that he had to get away from his home village and searched for possibilities in Japan. About 2 years ago Latu finally moved to Karakura after a series of constant arguing with his parents about him getting in trouble over and over again. Fortunately he already had saved up quite a bit of money to make his dream come true. He instantly searched for a job and found himself happy working as a chauffeur. A few years later his little brother Asus followed him to Karakura which led to him being happier than ever. From this point on Latu fell in love with the culture and people around Karakura and decided to stay for good. His behavior towards making quick money still led to him having issues with law enforcement from time to time.

Describe an interaction that your character may have as a black market dealer: (This can be anything — a weapon deal, an event they may be involved in, or maybe an interaction with a gang)

Latu Heidenhain would be standing on a bridge near the sewers enjoying the view as a guy in a black suit appeared.

Stranger: Oh hey don't I know you?

Latu Heidenhain: /me he gave them a short look before leaning onto the railing in front of him

Stranger: I'm supposed to meet someone here for some equipment

Latu Heidenhain: mhm okay let's go over there /me he pointed to an underpass

Stanger: alright

Latu Heidenhain: okay this is what you wanted right? /me he would show them a fire axe and a ballistic mask in his backpack

Stranger: exactly

Latu Heidenhain: gotcha that'll be 350k total

Stranger: okay /me handed them the cash

Latu Heidenhain: appreciated /me pushed the bags contains into their hands before walking away a different way as they came from

Describe any other additional information that is notable in considering your character for the role of a black market dealer: N/A

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