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Monoamine Oxidase Enzyme Concerns of Karakura


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Many have spoken of food in Karakura laced with a translucent green luster, firstly ignored by its consumers. However, many have fallen subject to "poisoning" efforts done precisely by a popular group of individuals in this town. For the safety of me and others, this organization will not be disclosed in this message.

The reason why I put "poison" in quotation marks as the food consumed in school lunches and eateries of the shopping district is that it is not inherently poisonous when consumed. It is the type of chemical laced on food that is not harmful if taken as recommended. It was discerned to be a "MAO inhibitor" (MAO: monoamine oxidase enzyme) to quite literally inhibit the oxidation of monoamines in one's body. The enzyme serves to work quickly of ridding the body's harmful substances, an example being tyramine.

Tyramine is found in contents of food, many which have been used in the creation of Karakura school lunches and its other restaurants north of the school. The monoamine oxidase enzyme is responsible of breaking down that tyramine, however the substance (tyramine) is known for causing stimulation in the brain's sympathetic nervous system.

The sympathetic nervous system is one of the components of the autonomic nervous system. The regulation of blood pressure, blood sugar levels, blood vessel constriction throughout the body, and the accumulation of blood in brain and muscles is all controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. The important part comes here: the MAO inhibitor serves to break down monoamine oxidase enzymes in one's body. When the enzyme is prevented from breaking down tyramine, the sympathetic nerves get overstimulated and cause one's blood pressure to rise. The result of the rising blood pressure can result in vessels of the brain rupturing which can result in cases of death.

Although, if you do not consume tyramine for 48 hours, your body is safe from the inhibitor lacing food across town. This is practically an impossible task considering the amount of foods which possess the chemical: chocolate, bananas, pollack roe, salmon roe, wine, beer, coffee, raisins, fig, liver, herring, and dairy products such as yogurt, butter, and cheese all consist of tyramine. It is best that you do your research before eating with others in public and buying groceries. Another concern of mine is the fact that a food may not be laced with the inhibitor; rather, it be infused in the food item.

With more information, I will update this at a later date. My plan of action in this first stage of inhibitors is to simply inform. Stay safe, Karakura.



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