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Multiple Text Group Chats


Level 8
What's your Minecraft Username?: OceanRP
What's the title of your suggestion?: Multiple Text Group Chats

What's your suggestion?:
I think having group chats for SRP would be sick as if you want to text two people the same thing such as for example.

[Messages] #Group Chat | [insert name] : Hey do you guys want to head to the beach!

[Messages] #Group Chat | [insert name2] : Totally! Let me go grab my beach stuff!

Overall, this could be a great additional way of making more group chats and having a lot of stuff be well played into SRP!

How will this benefit the server and community?:
Having additionally way of textings more players than one at a time!


Level 195
That’s a long command just to text one group chat, just invite your friends to onrain or something or use an IC group chat as stated above.
Onrain is not reliable due to the mass crashing, offline etc.
Lots of things are prone to crashing, recently crashes may have occurred due to updates but other than that, I don’t see onrain experience too many issues. If onrain does crash for instance, you can make your way to discord IC group chats as stated, which is also useful whenever the server crashes.

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