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Level 4

Suki E. Takahara

More About Suki

A young girl, around 5'5 would stand before you. She has few friends who talk to her, but the ones she has are very special. She has a subtle hourglass figure, making her pretty attractive. She does not take compliments well, as she believes that she has nothing compared to others. If someone gives her something, she will immediately give them that and better. You could call her a bit over selfless. She is taken by the Takahara family and is happy with this family. She is single but likes someone. She has long, curly brown hair and dark hazel eyes. She loves jewelry and expensive things. She is super dedicated and smart. She has a passion for making
flipbooks and art. Her favourite colors are Black and Pink.
She loves Boku No Hero Acadamia (My Hero Acadamia)

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