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Obito 'Tobi' Akari Biography

[ Obito 'Tobi' Akari ]


-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Basic Informations =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

First Name:
Surname: Akari

Preferred Name: Tobi, Obito

Aliases: Lost member of the Akari family

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Height: 5,11ft (182cm)

Weight: 145lbs (65,8kg)

Build: atheltic, lean muscular

Skin Color: pale white

Eye Color: green

Hair Style: messy

Hair Color: black, a few dark blue hair stripes are in it

Fashion: messy

Abnormalities: A big scar on the right side of his face

Date of Birth: January 28th 2004

Place of Birth: Singapore General Hospital (SGH)

Nationality: Singapore, now japan

Race: white, japanese

Sexual Orientation: bisexual

Religious Beliefs: none

Political Beliefs: not interested in politics

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= General Appearance =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

messy, hyperactive at first. Dark-purple painted nails

Personality: Energetic, warm, and passionate (ENFP type)

Diseases/Illness: none

Character Voice: talks in a calm and pleasant tone

Equipment: phone

Clothes: messy

Hobbies: none

Problems: ptsd & trauma from his past

Skills: creativity and self-determination

Querks: calls everyone kun or chan

Family: Has a father and mother, names are unknown (not in karakura) he has two brothers and one sister.

Born to a ``kind and loving`` family in Singapore, he would be the youngest child in the family. At the age of 4, he was involved in an incident (a box of knifes fell onto his right face) that gave him a big scar on the right side of his face. His parents mostly cared for the other 3 children, thats why he gave himself the alias of the lost member of the Akari family, also because he may be the only one today that is left of his family, the other members of it suddenly vanished because of an unknown reason. He moved to karakura to begin a new life, but his past still left scars on him.​
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