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Okushika Tokugawa's Biography | おくしか とくがわ


Level 3

Yes, I stole this from Hannah (this lil disclaimer thing) & was 99% inspired for the banners from other biographys.
Any character that is not named 'Okushika Terusuno Hamilton' do not belong to me but to their respective creators.
None of this information from this biography is to be used ICly.

‘Okay but. . .YOLO!'

Okushika Terusuno Hamilton.




Height- 5'6
Weight- ???

Hida-Takayama, Japan.

May 2nd, 2002.

Straight despite her occasional contradicting jokes...

‘Let’s do it again’
Reasoning: Oku adores this song to the fullest; both for the beat & the lyrics. She could listen to this song over and over again until she dies, literally. This song is rather- ‘romantic’ and that’s something that makes her joyful, especially when she could relate to the lyrics- Somehow.

Okushika is always-- Or mostly, seen as a naturally very kind school girl, rarely seen being a bitch and genuinely meaning it. Of course, she definitely does have her ‘moments’ where she just goes off and forgets about being nice- Happens to everyone, doesn’t it? Besides that, most people know Okushika as a very, very talkative girl. She could literally go on and on about the most irrelevant subjects without taking a break, that’s how talkative she tends to get if no one stops her. . . She is actually very well aware of this, her excuse is that it eliminates the awkwardness from a conversation- However, it probably just causes more. Not only that Okushika is a very talkative girl, she’s also an endlessly curious girl- She loves asking questions, knowing about others or just asking questions about something that does not matter to her whatsoever.

Of course, due to this, she really is not afraid to speak her mind or show her feelings. To anyone. She will say her opinions to those she hates without a single regret- Well, regrets it later just not in the moment. She tries to hold herself back when she is giving her opinion to her friends, she doesn’t wish to hurt them by her opinion-- She isn’t too subtle though. She’s one to just call a friend and rant about anything, anywhere even if this person is not even a meter away from her.

Apart from all the kindness, Okushika occasionally tends to be in a rather flirty mood. She'd unpurposely start acting differently around any male she may find attractive at certain times. This has happened multiple times where she'd get their number, however never call them back. She's always found it fun to play around sometimes, act romantically- Okushika wouldn't be exactly desperate for a relationship but she'd love to be in one and stay in one.

Acrophobia- The fear of heights. Surprisingly enough, Okushika is absolutely terrified of being on high grounds. Even if she’s been on numerous roofs, mountains in an attempt to conquer her fears, this fear is something she’ll probably never get rid off. There never really was a reason for this, she’s put it together by the fact she cannot get herself to look down without screaming at the top of her lungs and shutting her eyes closed. Funny how her favorite place in the city is the shrines.

Post-traumatic stress disorder- Okushika suffers from major PTSD. She’s got a good reason for it, however it’s rarely seen around in public. She’s suffered with this ever since she was 13, she’s never ever bothered getting treated or getting checked up due to being terrified of flashbacks. This led to multiple eating disorders, anxiety attacks, insomnia and so much more during this period, however it seems to have gotten better over time. She tries her absolute best to hide this from her loved ones, she does not want in no way from them to see her as a girl in need of help.

Okushika’s major hobby that takes up 90% of her life is literally volleyball. No surprise, she is also on the Karakura High School’s Female volleyball team and has never regretted this decision. She is not the best player on the team but she is not ashamed of this, she takes it as a chance to improve and to learn from those who are more experienced & talented. She looks up to her team as role models, she absolutely loves her team with all her heart and wishes it would never end. Considering Oku is often a major sore-loser, this brings her to want to play volleyball even more to get back at them. Some may say she may be a little bit addicted..


Aside from Okushika’s very busy life with Volleyball and socialising, she actually works at multiple shops. Taking on that communication with others is one thing she loves, well she needs to be able to pay her rent and afford her own living- So, jobs. She’s only ever planned to work at one good paying job. . However, things got out of hands and she’s gotten hired at multiple others. Balancing them out has never become a problem to her, considering they are all pretty different. She’s actually never once been fired from a shop, she wishes to someday though. Not purposely.
-Midnight Tokers, Flora Bust, Auffallen, Sakura Daiso, Karasu.

Picture of Okushika working the flora bust stand during easter festival!

As a girl of her age, Oku' tends to consider herself at the average height compared to other female students; 167,64cm. She wishes she was a little bit taller & one year younger but you cannot always get what you wish for. Her height still came in somewhat handy in her team sport, wasn't too bad after all. [cOMING soon[


Pure japanese.

Okushika would often be seen wearing rather casual outfits with no specific category of colors. She used to simply wear muted colors, wishing to not stand out. However, this has changed as she started to not bother with others opinions leading her to wear more colorful clothes. During school times, she is always seen wearing her school uniform in order to keep it 'professional'. For volleyball, she only tends to wear her volleyball uniform during practices as after a long time; they tend to become unconfortable.

Goe Kyung Mi- These two were more of a calm duo, doing stupid things were less frequent & it’s more of a talking relationship. Oku does not see that as a downfall but rather something she enjoys as it’s relaxing from all the funky stuff. Oku sees Goe as an older sister figure to her, she could talk to her about her problems and she knew Goe would be there to listen, same the other way around.

Anezka Kobayashi- Another one of Oku’s considered best friends, their relationship was always something Oku has admired so much. The chemistry they have together means the world to Oku’, from faking a sneeze to watching from the side-lines chaotic situations. All the memories they’d have together would always be meaningful, per se that entire school day with Brittany..

Dean Herrington- Okushika considers Dean as her best friend, despite them rarely seeing each other, Okushika gives him a large amount of trust. She’d tell him everything, literally everything. He’s her go to rant friend whenever she needs to let it out, whether he even wants to or not. One
thing that keeps their relationship alive is the favors they tend to give each other when needed, no matter the context.

Brittany Roswell & Mae Fujiwara- These two came in a package deal; One word; Frogs. Okushika’s always had a laugh around them, they’re always up to something dumb. Mostly. Especially when they get bored, that’s when limits might need to be set. . . Oku spends most of her time around them with both Anezka & Goe as they all seem to match the same vibe despite their extremely different personalities.

Danek Voigt- As much as Okushika HATED gingers with all her passion, she seemed to accept Danek. There relationship- Is it actually one? It's really just Okushika bothering him 99% of the time, giving him her favorite gifts to gingers; dead bushes. In a way, you can compare their relationship to some love-hate brother-sister relationship.
Mother- [Unknown] Dead
Father- [Unknown] Dead

A picture of the sorority girls + Oku

Picture of the frat & sorority + Oku in penguin onesies.

[Coming soon...]

NOTE: More new screenshots + back story will be put up soon..



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