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"Operation: CHANGE", a revamp thread. (I'll take this L here...)


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Most of all the replies in this forum is agreeable, still want to put my input to a latest response.
Since some people may have taken a different way because I was awake at the hour of 1 AM lol, I would like to clarify some things:

I am not requesting that staff "force" every EMS worker to be online at all times, I was requesting that if any EMS workers were online but AFK for an extended period of time, they shouldn't be online (e.g. an EMS worker is doing something OOCly that takes time away from IC interaction for a long time) and that if anyone was actually available, they should be at the front desk like now.

I was not aware KPD was required to have tags off due to word of mouth of KPD metagaming Guang Feng's location nor was I aware this was even in-place due to my ignorance for not being in KPD, and I apologize for accusing KPD of metagaming.

For the Government ID NPC, I would say "yeah, it's a bad idea" because of not just roleplay interaction reasons, but also timing reasons. Nobody is going to ask for an ID at 2 AM. Though, if anything, I advise at least experimenting with it for a week or so.
- Government issue is solved now, all workers are allowed to give out IDs, not just governors.

- KPD was indeed not metagaming Guang Feng's location as CCTV can catch who and where someone is going, KPD just simply needs to follow along plus all were told to turn off nametags. (They know punishment can go towards a demotion if anyone is found to be metagaming).

- If an EMS is doing something OOCly that takes time away from an IC interaction and didn't log off, that means when they're done they'll come back. Of course we're going to prioritize something OOCly rather than ICly considering a game can wait. EMS are not fully required to be at front desk at all time, they can roam around the hospital and do other tasks as that's not the only thing they have to do. The simple solution for this is to call 110 to have an EMS worker come down, wait in the waiting room, come back another time, or SkipRP.


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coming from an EMS worker. everyone put their points very well. it's just unrealistic to ask EMS workers to be online constantly. As Alex said, if EMS were forced to be online every day so that people can be tended to, it would become a great demotivator. automating the ID process limits roleplay and eliminates a crucial aspect of the governor's job. metagaming AT ALL is against the rules, and although I see your point as to prevent it in the first place, it's just not realistic and players already face the consequences. simply report it if you suspect metagaming.


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Thank you for your suggestion! After discussing this with the team we have decided to decline it.

- A lot of these issues are fixed/being fixed.​
- /togglenametags exists, we won't be adding features to hide players from the tablist.​
- All Government workers can now hand out ID cards, just call the government hotline if there's no one at the front desk, but there are people online with in the faction; their tags are teal/cyan​
- The Hospital situation is already being dealt with.​

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