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Orien S. Lacrosse


Level 2
Orien S. Lacrosse

◜Basic Information◝

The birthdate of which Orien was born, was honestly not that special. He was born August 21st, 2003 in a small village in Russia. It is to be believed somewhere around Moscow, but it’s not something he nor his peers remember.

Obviously, Orien being born in Russia would mean that he has Russian descent. However, his mother, being German, ties into his race as well. Orien has always identified himself as a Russian-German, because that is what he believed he was. However, he has recently found an article specifying that the official term for people like him is of the name Russo German.

Orien was, at least in his eyes, one for height. He stood roughly 5’9, and weighed an average weight of 152lbs. As of now, Orien has no tattoos, piercings, or anything like that. Orien had the facial structure of a god, a little mix of Apollo and Zeus.


◜ General Appearance ◝

[ Build ] - The way Orien chiseled was very magnificent. Orien had a strong, assertive, and toned build. Orien had a controlled body and was very confident in it.
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[ Fashion Style ] - Orien would be wearing a fashionable set of clothes. It would be a newly tailored outfit that complimented his overall structure. His shirt would be freshly made, however definitely has the ability to get old and wrinkly over time. Just like everything else. The pants Orien has chosen to wear would be the simplest yet the best item that would create the feel that Orien knew what he was doing when he chose that outfit.

[ Skin Color ] - Orien’s skin tone would be significantly darker than a normal Russo German because of one reason. At Orien’s earlier ages he was diagnosed with a skin disease of the name Hyperpigmentation. Meaning that the melanin in his skin pigments are increased a good amount, which gives his skin pigments an extra boost causing the darker skin color.

[ Facial Features ] - The eyes that Orien was gifted with are truly remarkable. He’d have not so average hazel eyes, not so average because in some lighting areas they appear to be gray. His narrow nose would commend his lips that were very submissive.

[ Hair Style & Color ] - His relaxed hair would be very stylish. Orien had the most luxurious locks you’ve ever seen. It would be a jet-black base color with a frosted blue color in the front of his head.


◜Personality Traits◝
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