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Panda's College Application

Discussion in 'College Applications' started by PandaDoesNothing, May 23, 2020.

  1. PandaDoesNothing

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    May 18, 2020
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    Out-Of Character Information

    IGN: PandaBlitaxy

    Discord Tag: « Lazy Pan »#4532

    Current Grade: 12

    Previous Applications: (Accepted)

    Any Bans/Kicks: Only AFK kicks or Grade Changes.

    What is your motivation for applying for College?: My motivation for joining college is that I want my character to be able to grow into an adult, and start getting ready for the world, in terms of getting a job and worrying about things such as money. This is because if he was in college, he would be able to apply for an internship and grow his knowledge on choosing the job he wants to do when he is old enough. However, this isn’t just for character experience, because I believe that if my character makes it into college, I’ll be able to grow and improve my roleplay experience.

    How should a College Student behave during class?: A college student should be mature in class, seeing as they are moving on to become more of an adult. Always helping their peers if they’re stuck, doing their work without complaint, making notes on what the teachers say and doing everything that is asked of them.

    How should a College Student speak to School Staff?: A college student should treat school staff like any other authoritative figure; with the same respect they wish to be treated with. For example stating each professor and staff with the appropriate title they have earned. Every staff member has put in the work to be where they are and that needs to be recognized, and Aster wants to be the one to do that.

    You see another College Student being immature and possibly harming school property, What do you do?: If another College Student was being immature, I would approach them, trying to see whats wrong and collect information on them, such as their name. I would try and get them to calm down, telling them that they aren’t setting a good example for their peers, and just telling them that they shouldn't be doing that. However, if they do not stop, I would go and contact a teacher with the information I had previously found out.

    Do you understand you can be kicked from College and placed back down to Grade-12 for acting immature and disruptive?: Yes, I understand that if I am immature or disruptive I can be kicked out.

    In-Character Information

    Character Name: Aster "Spaghetti" R. Constantine

    Characters Date of Birth: 18/02/2001 (18)

    Gender: Male

    Character Description: Aster "Spaghetti" Constantine is a young male standing at 5’9 and weighing a mass of 140lbs. He has soft black hair that compliments his clear green eyes and tanned complexion. Ben has a British ethnicity, adding a hint of a British Accent to his voice. His build would seem like that of the Ectomorph build.

    Year of Graduation: 2020

    High-school Achievements: (Awards, Tokens Received. etc.) So far, Aster has not received any awards of any kind.

    Age Graduated: 18

    Backstory: [300 Words]:

    Aster Constantine originally lived in Dorset, England, with his Mother, called Mia Crowley, and his Father, called Charles Crowley, and his pet dog, called Ruffles. His family lived a calm life in the countryside. The family would enjoy their trips down to the beach, however it had shortly stopped; his parents growing distant each day. By the age of 7, his parents had barely spoken to each other, and the few times they did, Az had heard mumbles of their arguments. It was nothing he wanted to hear, and his parents had realized such.

    A few days before his 8th birthday, his mother told him to pack his bags, telling him they were going on a vacation, but such a simple thing could not trick the young boy. Yet, he still did as his mother said, packing everything important to him, and going to pet his dog and take him with them, however, his mother said that Ruffles was not allowed to come, separating the boy from his companion.

    Arriving at the airport, Az had felt sick, not wanting to leave his home behind, but he didn’t complain, knowing that his mother was upset with something. They had started to make their way to the lines, getting ready to board their plane. It had took around 18 hours, with a few stops in between the journey, but each time, the young boy just pondered, watching the clouds fly past the window

    A few days had passed and he had already begun primary school once more, though he didn’t do as well as he used to. His behaviour was low, and barely any of the teachers enjoyed him being in their class. They had begun to just give him punishments for anything done in class, thinking that because of his rough childhood, he’d been misbehaving, but that wasn’t the case; the young boy didn’t have too many friends, being awkward and not wanting to cause anything between the friend groups that had already existed.

    Years had flown past with the same behaviour, yet he didn’t want this to carry on, so as he hit the age of 13, his mother had got sick of it, sending him off to Karakura, where he would live a lonely adventure. He started his life at Kakakura Highschool making a few friends that he would later fall out with, though his closest friend he met was when he was around 17. Her name was Bonnie Grace, and he classes her as the sibling he had never had. Bonnie had introduced Ben to her fiance, Ian, who was friends with a fellow called Ace and his shrimp Jeffery, this led Ben to join their little friend group, becoming one of them. His life had continued for normal, except he had started to be less noticed by teachers unlike his primary life. He kept to himself and never really did anything worth noticing

    As he watched his high school life grow on, the boy had met a special friend, someone who he had started to grow feelings for within a few weeks. He had asked for advice on how to confess, and eventually did, finding out the girl liked him back. They had spent a week or two together, but just like his parents' marriage, his relationship did not last as long as he had expected.

    Turning 18, the boy finally realised how lonely he was without family. He knew a friend who had a family that would adopt anyone within reason. the Constantines. His friend, Kagami Constantine was the first he spoke to about it, and he understood it all. Within the next few days, Kagami had took Ben to meet the family's head, a fellow who went by "Task". The process was easy, as Task had already took a liking to Ben, therefore letting him become a Constantine.

    IC Letter: (Address the letter to the 'Dean') (The letter must be 150 words) (The letter must be from the perspective of YOUR character) (Use a standard letter format)

    Dear Dean,

    I am Aster Constantine and I am currently in Karakura high, as a grade twelve student. I am writing you this letter to express how I would love to come and join Karakura College.

    Firstly, I would like to say that one of the main reasons is that I want to be able to further my education in either teaching or medical assistance. This is because, if I come to your college, I will be able to apply for an internship to see exactly what happens in one of the lives of a staff member, therefore opening my eyes further to the real world.

    Another is that I would like to grow up, as during my time in primary school, I was always misbehaving, though as I realised what I was doing was wrong, I started to pay more attention within lessons, and I would love to carry on doing that within the college.

    Thank you for reading my college letter,

    Yours sincerely,
    Aster R. Constantine
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