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Pastelies Nurse Application (Second Application)

Discussion in 'Reviewed Applications' started by SadEmiily, Aug 24, 2020.

  1. SadEmiily

    SadEmiily United Arab Emirates Level 1

    Jun 8, 2020
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    Local Time:
    8:51 AM
    IGN (In-Game Name):

    What timezone are you in?:

    Do you have Discord? If you do, list it here:


    How long have you been on the server for?:
    6 Months!

    Do you have any previous bans or kicks?:
    - First (Appealed for and accepted)
    - Second (Wore out)

    List your past and current applications:
    Age 18 Application [ACCEPTED]
    KPD Application [DENIED]
    Nurse Application [ACCEPTED]

    What’s your motivation for applying?:
    I have always been wanting to become a nurse since joining SRP. It has appealed to me more than any other job on the server. I have always been a helpful person in my real life and I want to take that into my job as a nurse in the EMS. I want to provide the best help to all the doctors and surgeons at the EMS who may need my help. I will always be there if they need me and I will never be late to provide help for my fellow doctors and surgeons.

    What are you applying for?:
    I am applying for the position of being a nurse.

    What do you know about the role you’re applying for?:
    Being a nurse means that you have to help patients and find out what they need to stay well and healthy, make sure they have the required support for what they are feeling at that moment, and make sure that their health is stable and well. Nurses are also most commonly known to assist doctors, other customers in the hospital, and of course patients that do not necessarily need to be tended to by doctors. Alongside this, nurses will perform small check-ups, tend to smaller wounds; such as needing to stitch a small wound, monitor patients currently staying in the hospital, and sell prescribed and unprescribed medication in the pharmacy

    Do you know the basic Color Codes for medical emergencies?:

    Code Yellow: A disaster is going on

    Code Green: An emergency activation.

    Code Brown: Severe weather is going on outside of the hospital.

    Code White: An evacuation is needed due to an emergency.

    Code Violet: A violent/combative individual.

    Code Pink: Infant or child abduction.

    Code Silver: An active shooter is within the hospital.

    Code Red: When a fire is going on at the hospital.

    Code Black: A bomb threat and in need of evacuation

    Are you aware that each position has a set minimum age limit? (N: 23, D: 25, S: 28)*
    *(Key: N = Nurse, D = Doctor, S = Surgeon)

    Yes, I am aware. I would like to be 23 years old holding the nurse position in the EMS.

    What do you know about basic medical knowledge?:
    I do have some knowledge on some sections such as the right medicine that patients require, I can also have codes and other basic stuff memorized easily. Although this is not much, I am willing to learn more until I get it right and find out more about this type of roleplay as that is what I want to do and can assure you that I am up for the job. I'd also dedicate my time into training and hopefully become a successful nurse.

    List all the EMS roles and their jobs:

    Head Physician
    - The head physician is a person who is in charge of running the hospital and making decisions.

    Clinical Manager
    - Clinical manages are basically the 2nd head of the hospital, they play an important role, they have a variety of typical duties, such as: managing clinics, monitoring budgets, they oversee day-to-day management, they also develop policies and directives, that also requires attending meetings.

    Clinical Leads - A clinical lead has many responsibilities, they are to report any issue to the CEO, that also allows them to organize the roles around the hospital, they also solve any issues with budges and so on. They also are to make sure communications between staff member are okay.

    Surgeon - A surgeon has an extreme role, they are the ones who deal with majorities throughout surgeries, although a conversation with the patient before the start of the process to make sure they are ready and safe is required, surgeons have all rights to manage all roles that are in the operation room, they must provide excellent service.

    Doctor - Doctors have important duties, first of all document every patient they treat, they must help diagnose and help the ones who are in need of attention that includes healing minor injuries, they are to provide medications with prescriptions if needed.

    Nurse - A nurse has a special job, they are to keep a patient calm and safe at all time, treat minor psychical needs and care for patients in a bad condition, they needs excellent communication skills, throughout any surgery and such, a nurse is capable of assisting; they are to collect information about the patient’s mental health and make sure they are ready


    How are you like during and off shift?:
    My character will be very committed and hard-working during her time in the Hospital. She will be ensured help to anyone around her and will never be late for any help needed. She will be very friendly and outgoing during work and be nice to all her co-workers and be gentle and caring to any ill patients who may be present in the hospital. As for outside the job, she would be very nice, friendly, humble, and outgoing. She wants to make a lot of friends and have a good reputation generally. She wants to be very well known as a good person, be loved and cared about.

    How would you describe your personality in summary?:
    She is hardworking she loves her job she is always friendly she is always dedicated to her work she has a bubbly personality always keeps a smile and she is really outgoing she treats everyone the same and she loves everyone the same. she would always take responsibility and put much effort into work that needs to be done.

    How would you describe your appearance?
    Maddie, she would be a female that would stand at the height of 5’1, weighting almost 112lbs, when smiling you would notice her pimples. She would have a unique body shape, her brown eyes would be complemented by her pink fluffy hair.

    Do you have any mental or physical illnesses we should be aware of?


    She was born on Italy Roma on June 2002 with her 2 parents she was born on a hosptial name Emency Hosptial and after 3 years later she moved to Naples to start going to kindergarten she started kindergarten she made a lot of friends in Naples she would go outside after each day of school and just look at the view and admire it she was scared of her dad because he was an alcoholic and he used to abuse her mom and her mom is American so her mom took her at the age of 5 to America then she attended an Elementary school in Arizona USA named vanish school she was really loving her life without her abusive father and she wasn't scared of going home because here abusive dad wasn't there after 4 years she was at the age 9 her mom married a guy named Jonathan. and they loved each other till her mom caught john cheating on her so she dumped him and then Maddie turned 14 and she moved to the SZP Highschool she got bullied there for being too short and ugly after 2 years she had enough and she was gonna commit suicide twice but she stayed strong and after 2 years she had the biggest glow up, and then she moved to a new school Named Karakura Highschool at the age of 16 and she loves her friends and she is confident now in herself and she recently turned 18.

    Personal Details

    Full Name:
    Maddie ‘Mads’ C. Okumura
    Given Name(s):
    Preferred Name:
    Religious Denomination:
    Marital Status:
    Current Location:
    Japan, Karakura
    Academic Details

    Years of Residency:
    15 years
    Working Experience:
    1-2 years
    Academic Degree:
    Masters Degree
    Year of Graduation:
    General Healthcare
    Native Languages:
    Other Languages:

    Additional Information: Hey Liliana, it's me Maddie, the girl that used to be a clown in the nurse community all I gotta say that I'm so so so sorry, I mean it from the bottom of my heart I didn't want to make you mad at me all I wanted was for me and you to become close friends you a really lovely hardworking girl, I'm inspired by u and I'm willing to show u my best. Liliana, I'm sorry I don't know what I was thinking the moment i was just going thru a lot and all I wanted was someone to be there for me. and support me thru it but I did something really bad that made us no longer friends or buddies, i could keep saying sorry 24/7 without stopping just to show how much I want u to accept my apology. I promise ill improve I took of 1 month to rethink everything and become more mature of a person and I improved my grammar too :D. And for the last time I'm sorry Liliana hopefully you accept my apology.
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