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Announcement Patch Notes - August 31st, 2022

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Patch Notes • 3.57

This month, we've made minor updates and bug fixes to SchoolRP. The development of ONRAIN is still ongoing, however it has been somewhat delayed; we're now aiming to release the new version of the In-Character Social Media in September.

Server Changes

Below is a list of implemented changes made to SchoolRP within the last month.

- Additional settings have been added to the Settings Star.
- You can now toggle chat filter (which now saves between sessions)
- You can now toggle your chat focus to avoid mistakenly shift-clicking players.​
- New functional items have been added to the server.​
- Pepper spray now properly functions with a blindness effect for Police Officers.​
- Togglable Flashlights have been added which will be allowed to be sold in shops.​
- Players now receive a message when they miss a phone call.​
- The /findname command can now be tab-completed with online players' RPNames.​
- A new filter has been added to prevent dangerous links from entering chat.​

Bug Fixes
- Fixed issues with containers in editmode.
- Fixed the display name of items in the chat messages of the item pickup & item drop toggles.
- Fixed a bug where Police Officers were unable to use the breathalyzer item.
Found a bug? Report it here.

Faction & Community Changes

Below is a list of changes made to server factions within the last month by our faction leaders.

School Factions
- The Professor Application format has been updated.
- School Employee roles (Chef and Nurse) now have optional uniforms.
- The Summer Sports Tournaments have concluded.
- A Sports Club has been re-added to the Council & Clubs Faction.
- A 'Speculation' Club has been added to the Council & Clubs Faction.
- The Senior Leadership Team plan to host Summer Exams & a School Dance in the month of September.
City Factions
- Police Officers now have a paycheck system that relies on a quota system to increase faction activity and encourage roleplay.​
- All bails taken from players by Police Officers will now be directly taken from the economy to help with inflation.​
- Police Pepper Spray is now a functional item which gives a blindness effect when used. It has a 60 second cooldown and 3 uses.​
- Custom Weapon stats have been reworked to match stats given to public weapons sold by the Black Market.​
- Weapon Profiles have been updated on the forums as well as on the description of all applicable in-game items.​
- Karakura's Constitution has been re-written / amended by the Government.​
- NoZinth now leads the Government faction.​
- The Shrine and Event Team plan to host a 'Festival of the Dead' event in the coming weeks.​
- The Pharmacy & Legality document on the forums have been updated.​
- News Reporters now have their own Identification badges.​
Community & Staff Team
- gncme has been assigned as Lore Coordinator.​
- The Geography of Karakura Lore document has been released.​
- The Lore Team are now working on creating a School & Town lore document for Karakura.​
- The Event Team are now working on creating a Town-related Event Calendar.​
- BACKR00MS has been brought on as Trial Moderator.​
- NoZinth has been brought on as Trial Moderator.​

A huge thank you to our Community Teams, Faction Leads and Staff for all of their hard work this month.

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