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Pay Phones (or anonymous calling)

Stewart Pot

Level 6
What's your Minecraft Username?: Mr_Mow
What's the title of your suggestion?: Pay Phones (or anonymous calling)

What's your suggestion?:
I'm thinking that pay phone booths or just straight pay phones hooked up to walls would be neat for anonymous calling. You could pay like 250 or 2500 for a minute long call. These could be implemented in the train stations or emergency lines that automatically only call KPD in the sewers due to the low reception down there. If not the pay phone, then the option to dial *67 before a number to call anonymously without call ID. I had a salad earlier today, the onions were really good.


How will this benefit the server and community?:
I'm sure there's a ton of people who agree anonymous calls would be helpful in some situations, this is of course if this is even possible to be implement. Whether it's to call in anonymous tips, prank phone, calls or just to call someone without them knowing it's your character. Emergency boxes would be good in sewers or crime oriented areas because not everyone may have a phone or a phone may have been mugged. Pay phones are realistic in cities or towns like Karakura.
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Level 39
A suggestion like this would make good use on RPing, maybe some creative idea's that the community can use upon.


Level 48

Honestly this is a good suggestion! I can see a lot of potential behind being able to do this. It would give GangRPers the ability to make annoumous calls too either other criminals or even KPD allowing better roleplay. Overall yeah +1


Level 138
Community Team
Lore Team

Pretty sure they said this would be a thing in future updates when they released the whole character profile thing, but i could be wrong(they also mentioned about adding different SIM cards)


Level 72
This can improve not just the roleplay aspect of gangrp, but also crimerp and yakuzarp, as this can serve as a line of communication without kpd tracking criminals down and making it more challenging.


Level 78
Anonymous calling is already planned for the future, This would be a great way to do it in my opinion if they don't have anything planned already! +1

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