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Pinkyqaz/Pinkywaz's Event-Team Application.

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by (Eden) Pinkyqaz, Aug 28, 2020.

  1. (Eden) Pinkyqaz

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    Dec 18, 2017
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    Explain your activity on the Server:
    I am extremely active! During quarantine, I have been playing excessively. Surely, you will have seen my chubby little character traipsing around Karakura. I’m usually online for about 10 hours, which is a little ridiculous, but hopefully, I can put it to good use. I am now splitting that time between my two accounts, this is because I joined the KPD.

    What previous experience do you have working in a team?:
    I do actually, it surprises myself that I’m lucky enough to have these experiences. I am currently on the Lore-Team- this will most likely weasel my chances down as I’m already on a community team. Despite this, I can channel the skills and practice of writing lore towards writing detailed and unique events. Bouncing off from that, I have gained a little bit of team experience and I know vaguely how teams go, for the most part. I have also helped out when it comes to brainstorming and writing out events for clubs! I believe that when I’m working as a team I can get so much more done; I find myself tossing around ideas which can be built upon by myself and others. You can discover an abundance of new aspects just by having different minds configure thoughts- you can spot minuscule features that you wouldn’t notice before. My next experience is rowing. Alright, alright- I’m aware I will be subject to a cheeky sprinkle of bullying for that. But, I can assure you it’s a sport of teamwork (if you would like a little essay on why rowing is a great sport, give me a DM!)

    What makes you different from other applicants:
    I’m, like others, going to try to explain why I merit a spot on this team, but that isn’t what makes me stand out from other applicants. I could ramble for days about my dedication- that’s all well and great, but why would I do that when I could simply prove it to you? With the Lore-Team, I applied several times because it’s something that I truly want to be part of. I know that my motivation for the Event-Team can match that. I acknowledge that it seems a little overzealous to be applying for this whilst being on the Lore-Team, but I hope that I could be seen as a good fit. What can make me prominent is the way you interpret my ideas and build upon them. If we drag things back to my previous applications, you will notice that I am an overly persistent person. This can be highly annoying at times, I’ll admit, but it means I will attempt to achieve what I know is possible with no prevail. For example, if I want to help out with a large event which will take time and extensive planning, I am not one to give up or burn out. When I want to aim for something, I will do everything in my power to make it happen. I’ll dive in head first, otherwise what’s the point in going for it in the first place? I won’t always succeed and I’m ready to face that, yet that won’t dull down my efforts. I hope that you can picture the potential in the following event proposals and consider me. Another point is I’ve been keeping track of Event-Team applications for a long time- I’ve been messaging WiffyBanter about it to be exact! I wanted to wait until I felt I was ready to try. Now, I won’t sit and act as though my events are elite, but whatever ideas I spurt out I am ready for this team to work on. I would adore being part of a group of like-minded individuals who are bursting with creativity.

    Provide a detailed event proposal that would be seen by the Event-Team

    SchoolRP Based Events:

    [1] “The Farm Comes To School!”

    Summary: This event idea sprung to me from real events that happened in my school life. Although, I added a little bit of a twist to keep it interesting. Every event needs a reason to slot itself smoothly into roleplay, the reason for this is it is semi-realistic and can involve the entire server. It’s also a ‘two-in-one’ kind of thing and could potentially go on for several days. I know this doesn’t seem interesting at first, but stick with me because the pace will pick up!

    What needs to be built: Now, this will take a little bit of building, however, like festival events, for example, the buildings could stay up for a little while. Either this could go fast, the event escalating over an hour or so, or you could leave it up for a day or two- ensuring the players don’t expect what will happen next. The buildings needed will be as follows:
    A Farm Truck, Hay on the floor (for where the animals will stand out of the truck,) and ‘some sort of fence’ to contain the section. Let me show you a quick little example.



    Plan: This event will start on a school day, hopefully when quite a lot of players are online. The idea is a farm trip gone wrong, however, that won’t be known in the beginning. It will be dressed up as an innocent farm visit to educate the younger students in the school- come to think of it, the teachers can host classes around it. It will be announced to the whole school that the farm has come at 7:30 (when the gates open.)
    /intercom [INTERCOM]Good Morning, students! For the younger students of our school, the local farm has come to visit. They are set up towards the back of the school.”
    /intercom [INTERCOM]Please be sure to keep your voices down when going to the back of the school- we would hate to scare them.
    If you couldn’t infer already, there’s almost no way you can stop Karakura’s students from yelling. If I use that to my advantage, I could say that the yelling would cause what happens next. Either the next OOC day or approximately one OOC hour later, the animals will escape. I specifically mentioned ‘some sort of fence,’ meaning a flimsy-ish barrier, giving ease for the animals to run lose. Now, this would result in leaving it up to the public to find the animals, bringing them back to the KPD to detain them (only for them to be sent back to the farm.)
    /event [BROADCAST] “The farm animals have run loose! You will be awarded ¥25,000 if you can find the animals.
    If an animal is found they will be caught by a player doing ‘/me grabs’ or any action along those lines. Hopefully, they will be able to stop the animals as they will be Event-Team members playing them- if that’s not possible, the Event-Team members will be able to contain the animals in barrier blocks. This will be fairly simple as Event-Team members can follow the animals in vanish if need be (there will only be a couple.) Once the animals are found, money will be given to the ones that retrieved them.
    /event [BROADCAST] “(player) Has found an animal! Only (?) left to find, please help her out!”
    The build will be removed and the animals will be safely sent back to the farm.
    /event [BROADCAST] “The animals have all been found and sent back safely. Thank you all for your help and have a great evening.”

    [2] “Hornet’s nest.”

    Summary: As always, events need a reason. The reason for this one is the removal of the ‘haunted forest.’ Hornets can be very dangerous especially Asian hornets - which these ones will be. After the haunted forest was removed, it was changed to a zen garden. I believe it would be interesting if there was a hornet’s nest in the new Zen garden, the hornets could be motivated by some sort of ‘spirit.’ This event will be more on the scary side. Although the hornets would have to be done through /it, I believe something could really be gathered out of this.

    The venom will cause pain, swelling, redness and itching at the site of the sting. The reaction is promoted by the release of histamine in the skin. Most reactions are relatively mild and resolve within 24 hours. (Players will have to /it and roleplay out symptoms if stung.)

    Plan: (I would have added a ‘what needs to be built’ section, but the only thing that needs placing is a temporary sign saying:
    [!] There would be an Asian Hornet’s nest. [!])
    This event will begin out of school, as it would be easier for more player interaction with the hornets. To begin, the players will be notified of the unwanted company- this could spark interest for people to investigate and potentially be the first stung.
    /event [!] There would be a large swarm of angry hornets near the back of the school [!]
    /event [BROADCAST] “Greetings, Karakura! Unfortunately there are lots of hornets on the loose- please be very careful as they can be deadly. Stay calm, we advise you to stay indoors.”
    Event-Team members will go around doing /its for the Hornets. For example, if someone controlling the hornets does ‘/it a hornet would attempt to sting (player)’ the player is allowed to roll against it out of 20. The person controlling the hornets will also do /roll 20. This is to avoid too many people being stung as the EMS will have to deal with stung patients. Despite this, it could be a whole new scenario for the EMS to deal with. They will have to give patients atihistamine and follow through with safety procedures. The ones controlling the hornets will have a set /it made for when people are stung, for example,
    /it [!] (player) was just stung! They would begin to feel a strong pain- the sting swelling slightly. [!]
    /event [!] The hornets would begin to manoeuvre their way around Karakura [!]
    The /events will vary depending on the route the hornets take.
    The event will finish with the EMS or KPD removing the Hornet’s nest- killing the majority of the colony.
    ‘Hornets return to their nests in the evening and become less active, so this is the best time to kill the majority of the colony. Use an insecticide specifically designed to kill hornets and be certain that the spray can reach from a distance of at least 15 feet, so you can be out of harm's way.’ (This will be what the EMS or KPD will have to action out.)
    /event [BROADCAST] “All of the hornets have been removed! If you were stung, please head to the hospital to get yourself checked.”

    Event Server Plans:

    [3] “Island VR”

    Summary: Well, you can’t have an event application without a natural disaster! The main feature of this event is not going to be the VR aspect- this doesn’t even have to be an aspect, it would just be there so that SRP players can take it ICly. This event doesn’t necessarily have a reason or an objective, it’s just for entertainment and to get the entire network involved.

    What needs to be built: This would take a quite a lot of preparation. What would need to be built is an island in the middle of the ocean, which is where players will load in. I have a picture for reference with this one! In this photo, you can see other spaces of land- if this event is done, you will not be able to leave the island without drowning.


    Plan: This event will be announced in the ‘Roleplay Hub’ discord at least 24 hours before the event takes place. This is to ensure that everybody is aware, whether they play on FRP, SRP or RPM. The event will begin with everybody on the island. In their inventories, they will have a stick (which could be used to defend themselves) and a fishing rod in case they get hungry and need to catch fish. After a little while, the wind will begin to pick up.
    /event [!] The wind would begin the pick up. The waves would begin splashing up onto the beach. [!]
    The water will slowly begin to rise up, but not quick enough for people to not take action. The goal is to encourage the players to make their own rafts for when the water rises up. I’m thinking that those who are planning the event could start doing actions for making their own rafts; hopefully by doing so, others will copy.
    /event [!] The water would begin to rise. The island would start to appear smaller. [!]
    The water will rise by one block using the /fill command. To avoid lag, the map will have a border- it also makes sure that players won’t just swim away. Once the water has covered the island, the rafts (which will be copied using world edit in advance) will be pasted across the ocean. The plays can stay on their rafts, getting into activities.
    /event [!] The wind would begin to die down. The water would become still, although, it wouldn’t go back down. The island would appear to be fully submerged. [!]
    The next disaster would be a shark approaching. Now, this blatantly isn’t ideal- especially for plenty of people on flimsy rafts. This could go one of two ways; either the players get out and do a ‘beach party,’ meaning they attack the shark with their bare hands- OR they could stay on their rafts in fear. If scenario ‘B’ pans out, a member of the Event-Team will likely jump into the ocean to create an uproar. Obviously, they would need a reason for that- such as they dropped their only way of filtering the salty water.
    /event [!] The shark would be preparing to eat (player,) maybe there is some way to distract the shark? [!]
    Hopefully, some players will have ideas. Of course, I can’t write out everything that will happen as that’s up to the players. Eventually, the shark will go away.
    /event [!] The shark appears to be done here, and is currently swimming away. [!]
    By night, the players will spot a boat passing by. The rafts will have to do something to get the attention of the boat- that way, they can get to safety!
    /event [!] A large cargo ship would luckily be passing by! If only there was a way to get their attention. . .[!]
    I think a good idea would be to light fires. They can use scraps of wood, rubbing them together. To light them, they would have to /roll 20 twice, the if the top one wins, they will fail to light the fire. They can try a maximum of 3 times. If they fail, they could always swim over to another one of the rafts.
    Eventually, the boat will notice the players in need of help, throwing down ladders from the ship. Players will then have to swim from their rafts to the ship. Once they are on the ship, they will be sailed back to safety. On that note, the event will end. If wanted to be taken ICly in SchoolRP, it will be remembered as a large VR game.

    [4] “Haunted Ski Trip”

    Summary: This event would be planned to take place around Christmas. We all love to have fun at Christmas with cute, innocent winter events- what if there was a little bit of a spin to that? The proposed event would be a regular ski trip, which can have christmassy games and details. However, it won’t be too simple forever. This event will also be inclusive to all kinds of characters. Adults and players who are too old to attend school can also be part of this by, some could potentially even be chaperones.

    What needs to be built: This is another very tricky one to manage, hence why I put it in the ‘Event Server’ section - it can have longer to be worked on. World edit can be used for mountains, (if the biome is set to be a ‘snow biome,’ setting the weather to rainy will drop snow all over them, no hassle!) cute cabins will need to be built, a food hall and a hiking route- more specifically, one with a bench.



    Plan: The event will begin with everyone spawning in the small cabin area, which was rented out. There can be sweet aspects such as Christmas themed custom items (maybe some that are being used on SchoolRP at the time to avoid extra needless work to the modelling team.) At first, people will be exploring and sitting by the campfires- hopefully engaging in new aspects of roleplay. The main feature of this event will be the hike up the mountain. It will be announced that a hike will be taking place about 20 minutes into the event, giving time for players to log on and get used to their surroundings.
    /event [MEGAPHONE] Camp Ranger says: “Good morning, everybody! We will be going on a hike in five minutes. Meet by the food hall by then and we will set off.”
    Of course, not everybody will want to go on this, but when the players return from the hike, the strange occurrences won’t stop. On their way up the trail, they will discover a simple bench in honour of somebody who died there. The camp ranger, who will be leading the hike, will do a /it when going past the bench. Putting a sign wouldn’t be clear enough, and there’s likely to be players blocking it.
    /it [!] The bench would read ‘In loving memory of Oba Takahiro, gone but never forgotten.’ [!]
    This person was supposed to have died on the mountain, which will be explained by the camp ranger on the trip. Once they reach the top of the mountain, there will be benches and food will be given out upon arrival. Suddenly, somebody will be flung off the mountain (somebody who volunteers for this, as their character will be dead for the rest of the event, likely an event planner.) This will be meant to shock everybody, the camp ranger will immediately yell, attempting to escort the others back down.
    On their way down, the mountain will begin to crumble slightly.
    /event [!] The mountain the students were hiking on would appear to be crumbling from behind them. [!]
    The camp ranger will, again, have to put in their best efforts to run back down the mountain as fast as possible. Once they make it back down to the site, he will assure everybody that the student ‘slipped’ down and is fine. He will state that it is being investigated. Next, people will be sent into the food hall to eat. The food, however, will have some kind of ‘curse’ attached to it. People will be effected with poison when they eat. How this will work is, pufferfish will be re-textured to be food- meaning that when eaten, it will affect people negatively. Deaths will be easily manageable as nobody is at risk of losing a character they have put loads of effort into. If people die, they can respawn and continue unless their death was especially significant to the ‘plot.’ For example, the one flung off the mountain will be unable to revive themselves. People will be getting mysterious injuries (not fatal ones.)
    /event [MEGAPHONE] Camp Ranger: “Something is seriously wrong with this campsite! Everybody get back to the bus, we need to leave!
    People will head towards the bus to finish the event. They will escape, heading back home. This will all wrap up swiftly after everybody reaches the bus.

    Additional Notes:
    I ensured any photos were in spoilers so it didn’t unnecessarily add to the length.

    I was originally planning to apply next time, supporting connectingwifi with her second attempt. If you couldn’t already tell, we’re quite close. When I saw a second spot open, I felt it was a golden opportunity for us to go for this together. We worked together without formatting and I hope it meets your standard. Massive thank you to her for being so supportive and to all of my friends! The best of luck to each and every applicant <3
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    - Congratulations. Welcome to the Event-Team. DM me on Discord to get yourself started.​
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