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Pinkyqaz's Lore-Team Application! | #3

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by (Eden) Pinkyqaz, Jul 9, 2020.

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    What is your discord name and tag (name#0000)?:

    What is your timezone/What country are you from?:
    I am from England; therefore, my timezone is BST/GMT+1

    Do you have a microphone and are able to speak VIA discord?:
    Yes, I do! I have a clear ‘Blue Snowball’ microphone, and I am more than comfortable to speak VIA discord.

    Do you recognize you could be removed from the community team?
    I completely acknowledge this condition. Like any other team, high activity and basic good conduct are essential to maintain your position- both of which will never be the slightest issue for me.

    List a few things that may obstruct your progress/development on the Lore Team.
    There appears to be nothing that could impede my progress, other than my own thoughts and preferences. When I come to address those things, here is what I found:

    Obstruction: The first point is, I can be very hard on myself if I feel I haven’t achieved what I am capable of. I will never be too disappointed by my lack of achievements that I will give up, as shown by my persistence, as it’s all part of my learning and growing. As ‘they’ say, “you are your own biggest critic” and in my case, unfortunately, that describes me perfectly; I will never settle for a lower writing standard than I think is worthy of the server.
    Solution: I am deeply determined. As much as I can harm my mind, I will never knock myself down to the point where I quit- I am a well-driven person and I have a strong work ethic; both of which could be useful for the Lore-Team. Bouncing off of that, I am working to overcome these negative emotions and I have amazing people in my life who support me. That as a subject may not be too relevant, however, it plays a critical part in how I respond to certain situations.
    Obstruction: The second thought is, I require input from my peers to achieve my best. This is not to say that I cannot work independently, it just means I can only truly reach my peak with a team. I find that, when I ask for others to read back my work, they will find errors or a lack of flow in which I wouldn’t pick up on, I can also receive opinions from other perspectives and minds.
    Solution: If I am accepted into the Lore-Team, I would be part of a community of players who would be willing to give their thoughts on my writing, therefore this wouldn’t be a problem. This does mean that I will benefit from being part of a team since I will gain experience and constructive criticism from like-minded writers.
    Obstruction: In the fullness of time, it is notable that when I am writing lore (or even stories) I spend a few hours planning out what I’m going to do. This is an obstruction because it can take up the time that is desired for my writing. I wouldn’t call myself a perfectionist, although I will strive to reach the best quality of writing possible.
    Solution: The solution to this is my dedication and mindset. I can work swiftly and effectively when I absolutely need to. My extensive planning won’t be a problem as of now since I am using the time of this stress-ridden quarantine to my advantage - meaning I have what appears to me as no rush, as time is set on one’s hands. This could also be a positive point as it means I will consistently produce extensive, well-thought lore.

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    What makes you different from other applicants?:
    Blatantly, I am going to try to prove to you why I merit a place in the team, but I am the same as any other applicant. The matchless commodity that could truly make me prominent is the way you, yourself, interpret my compositions; although I may be an 'average-joe' as a person, I can consistently present my redeeming attributes. I have my passions to be part of this collaborative group, here’s why:

    I show immense dedication. The evidence for this is clear as this is my third application; I am beyond determined to prove myself worthy of a Lore-Team spot. All of my life I have had the mindset in which I will strive for what I feel I can achieve, from being a toddler and imagining my own little chronicles, to now. It's to no surprise that I am trying to sell my prowess, yet my words are far from empty. I am extremely enthusiastic about being on the cadre, which I know I can translate that passion onward. To back up my point once more, I have been playing on SchoolRP since 2015; which will give me a head start in my description of historical events- since I was, really, there. Not only this, but my knowledge of previous happenings/events and what builds up to them can fuel my imagination when describing; my input is outside the box, whilst still being within the limits of the subject. I know that when writing, it is far from simply about using ‘big words’ and long meaty sentences - this is regarded as substantial work, whilst upon further inspection, it will never achieve what it is presupposed to be.

    Aside from that, I would like to beam on the fact that I have plenty of measures. Writing lore, in particular, can be very tedious and long-winded, yet I am certainly up for the challenge and will spend my hours, productively, towards the community. I have been playing on the server for a very protracted period; my activity will stay consistent, especially if I have a commitment to this community team. Since this server has radiated vast amounts of joy on me over the years, I feel like this would be an excellent way to repay to the server. Writing has a colossal reverberation of my esse; I want to implement it into the interior of my everyday life.

    To wrap things up, I would like to mention that I currently have a ‘Councillor’ character, therefore, in meetings and everyday scenarios, I am constantly having to write and do what is described as ‘DetailRP.’ From my experience, I can work well as a team. I go into immense depth for descriptions of tiny subjects: whether it’s tapping my finger on a desk or the expression and body language when pondering about a concern. This helps me enhance my creative writing and widen the range of my lexicon. Being on the Lore-Team will not only help me improve my literature, but it will also help me improve the outcome of my roleplay experience. At most, I can learn from the escapade of being involved with the group. I adore working as a group and with like-minded people, which I have had experience in due to having an alternate account on the Basketball-Team. I believe I can transfer these skills and that teamwork in other hobbies I pursue.

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    What makes you passionate about writing?:
    The rationality behind why I am involved in writing is a little tricky to summarise in a pair of paragraphs, as it goes further for me than just ‘it lets me be creative,’ of course it does that- but there is a hidden veneer of charm to it that is unique to each writer. I am by no means trying to get ‘spiritual’ in my application for a Minecraft team, although writing will always have a special place in my heart.

    To me, writing is an ‘escape’. I can create any world that I please and take a break from my contemplations. I can do it any time I desire. I can show the fantasy I created to anyone of my choosing. When you read, you are never seeing a story from the exact same perspective as anybody else, it’s your unique mind- when writing for somebody else to read, they get to peek into your thoughts for a brisk moment. What makes it interesting and stands out to me is that everyone has different approaches and styles, meaning there are endless possibilities of what you can read and write. I have been writing and making up stories the whole of my life, I love it so much that I would love to channel it for the rest of my life- maybe even find a job that involves writing. When writing, I can truly sink my teeth into what I’m doing and gain enormous satisfaction from the end product. Being able to evaluate your finished work is an amazing sense of accomplishment, it is also something I can spend substantial portions of time on without it becoming tiresome.

    On the whole, writing helps encourage my creativity. In roleplay situations, I love to find new ways to spice up what I do which is why I think sparking new ideas is a vital part of life. It also ties tightly together with a wide imagination, which I would consider myself to have; I can never be the best writer, yet I want to learn and use any experience to reach my highest potential. I personally am a little bit of rambler, meaning I feel comfortable expressing all of my thoughts down when I’m writing.

    Do you have any previous experience with writing lore or creative writing as a general aspect?:
    I have written numerous backstories for families and characters on SchoolRP. I excel at English in school, for I am in the top set. I have written many stories with extensive lore in which I pay brilliant attentiveness to accuracy when building my world. I believe that, despite not written lore directly for a server, I have a clear understanding of creating lore and making sure that what emerges makes sense, and correlates with other aspects. In lessons, they commonly give us alternative prompts- seeing how we morph ideas from the unexpected. This is unrelated to lore, but as a bonus, I help out with script writing for a small youtube series. I have read most of the Server’s Lore to get a glimpse of what I would be diving into. I have been writing since I learned how! When I was younger, I would write my own silly novels to give to my family, which grew to be a passion.

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    What is lore to you?:
    From my perspective, lore is the magical development of one large story. It is the history of the entire roleplay/game which is essential to keep the current ways consistent. In a roleplay instance, people can create characters which are unique and true to the past, they have extensive backstories all of which can be built around the lore. When designing lore the most important part is making sure the players are interested and invested in what they’re reading. You could easily write a good story but without some sort of practical interaction, the players will never be invested. With writing, in this case, it’s quality over quantity since you need to keep the readers focused.

    The point of Lore is to write well and effectively. It’s all fun and games writing a lot, however, the players would rather read something punchier, to the point and smoothly written (which can help them develop their characters easily) rather than a lengthier story which they would skim-read. When writing this application, I am going for length to give the team a larger reference for my writing- when I am involved with Lore, I try to avoid droning on and attempt to ensure it is clear above all.

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    Writing Prompt #1

    ↳ Write a 200-400 word story for a day in the world of Karakura

    (My writing, unfortunately, exceeded the word limit! I struggle to stop myself, haha! I did one version of the day as the main prompt, and a shorter one in the perspective of my character.)

    A Gloomy Day.
    It was a morning in late July; the rain was plummeting down upon the streets of Karakura, Japan. Before the general public awoke, the pitter-patter of the water echoed through the whole city- dribbling off of the windows of buildings and the traditional Japanese rooftops (which were placed, delicately, on the peak of the mountain houses.) Nearing the earlier seven A.M region, citizens are likely to be awake, in fact, today they were. Commuters barged their way past others, stepping in, and splashing up shallow puddles as they rushed towards their workplaces. The howling wind, to add to the rain, was tugging at the leaves, dropping them in a messy display, as if to prepare them to be trampled on by the hustling, bustling students who were notably displeased by their introduction to the day. Towards eight o’clock most pedestrians, typically, have reached their destinations. Upon arrival, the rain was still trickling down umbrellas and raincoats, and even still bouncing off of the pavements. The water gets lost and distracted, tossing and turning along the roads and drains before taking a detour in between the cracks of the pavement. The water welling up in the gaps began to form larger, deeper pools. No, of course, Karakura wasn’t about to face a flood, especially since the rain had transitioned to drizzle at around mid-day, coincidentally, stopping in time for the students’ lunch break. Most of the students were lounging around in the courtyard or practising sports by this time; this was very common considering there were so many sports teams in Karakura, in which most were constantly attempting to get onto. Typically, residents of Karakura spend their money on snacks from the vending machines scattered around town- this usually means that students eat unhealthily rather than food from the school cafeteria.

    During school hours, the adults and those not enrolled in academic aspects of life must have their days consist of something. On average, younger dropouts or suspended teenagers will be found charging around recklessly in the forests or at the beach. Unfortunately, Karakura is extremely crime-ridden and, more often than not, citizens who aren’t at school are typically involved with gangs and crime. Conveniently, the Karakura Police Department will likely be patrolling during school hours to ensure the city is safe as can be- currently, emergency services are constantly fighting to lower the immense crime rate, although it is a very slow and an unsteady process. Most tourists are unaware of this condition before moving, only to dive straight into highly dangerous situations. From living in Karakura for a while, residents will find information on such subjects through the news department; the news reporters of which are documenting many things while school is going on. That day, the students of the school and college were being loud as per usual, the sound of the youth’s voices was rattling around the roads.

    After the average business hours, the school campus is ridden with litter. On this day, if you looked from a birds-eye-view you would presumably notice the ‘teacher’s pets’ scrambling to throw away as many empty plastic bottles as possible. The most common place for people to be is the flower patch opposite the school. If you were looking for somebody to befriend, you will find someone to your liking there. The sun sets fairly hastily past six o’clock, bounding behind the city, tucking the day away. The odd football appears to get kicked into back gardens, obviously very irritating to those living there. By night, approximately eleven at night for most, the only ones out were rebellious teenagers getting drunk underaged or police patrollers (both are a vicious contrast for each other.) If it was a day in which club luxe was open, which for one it wasn’t, there would be herds of residents, exhausted from the day, preparing to enter and relieve the stress they had compiled. After three to four hours, the club would close- leaving intoxicated citizens to stumble back home. The late nights are continuous amongst everyone, even when they have to awake for their classic seven o’clock rise.

    The majority of incidents get wrapped up by roughly four-thirty in the morning, leaving the roads to be deserted. The only visible life you would have seen was the glistening stars, which were casting their light heavenly down on Karakura. As it shimmered, it would be a crisp and clean way to wrap up the night. The reflections of the water, lined upon the leaves, were sparkling like glitter. All puddles had been sucked out to the last drop from the sun's exhaust. The streets were sitting comfortably, preparing for the day ahead. As per usual, the night faded to dawn at just about six in the morning; it presented the settlement as if it was refreshed and ready to face a refreshing, yet quintessential twenty-four-hours.

    Ysella is a weird and wobbly one, ‘quirky’ if you will. Despite her ‘goodie-two-shoes’ reputation, she always discovers a path which trails off to a janky day. She woke up (against her will) to the smack of rain on her filthy window. In an aggravated attempt to drift back to sleep, she clenched her eyes shut- only to be ambushed a moment later by her supposed best friend.
    “Up bright and early I see,” she commented, mockingly.
    Yzzy stretched her eyelids open, beginning to call out in a groggy tone. “Etsuko?”
    Etsuko was a beautifully structured young lady, who’s ash-blonde locks lingered over Ysella’s bed. Her face was plastered with perfectly positioned makeup, her false lashes - which were in a delightful array - batted down at the tired heap, expectantly. Although Ysella isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, she picked up on the given message. Flopping out of bed like a slinky, she flicked her wrist, signalling Etsuko to exit. As Yzzy was a mishmash on the floor, she heard light footsteps distancing themselves from her. She stumbled on all fours to reach her vanity table before shoving her bulging behind onto her pink fluffy stool; Ysella pondered at where to begin. Her initial instinct was to fix the ‘bird's nest’ which was perched on her crown nastily like a woollen hat. Doing so, she reached for her brush. She began tearing through the knots which had piled up in her curly hair- dispersing frizz at several angles on her journey. She grimaced at the sight, before realising she needed another method. She snatched her favourite pink bow, shoving her hair up into it; she splashed a hasty spritz of water, which she kept in a spray-bottle behind her makeup. Speaking of makeup, this chubby-faced mess was in desperate need of it, her dark circles resembled bombs. She clasped onto her hot pink beauty blender, dampening it with the bottle- she squirted a dollop of BB-Cream on the back of her hand before dipping the sponge into the mixture. She tapped it on to each section of her face, before blending it gently with her chunky fingers - just enough to leave her freckles peeping through. Next, she applied a crisp coat of winged eyeliner, sprinkled with a whisper of blusher, traced along her cheeks and nose. She tossed on a glimmer of her mango body spray, before beginning to get dressed; she plunged her dumpy arms into her button-up shirt, tucking it into her skirt (which was notably far too short.) She squinted at the holes as she fiddled to do-up her shirt. As she grabbed her tie, the cheap polyester scratched along her nails as if they were being scraped down a blackboard- she shivered in disgust. After coming back to earth, she clonked down the stairs like an elephant, nabbing her Councillor jacket off of the stair bannister. Since she was disturbed by the rain so early, she had plenty of time before she had to head out; her excess time was spent scrolling on Onrain. Once it rolled around to leaving time, she shoved a pop-tart in her mouth before scampering out of the door.

    She plodded her way into school by seven thirty-one. Now, before we continue, I must mention that Ysella is a very sensitive person and doesn’t take too kindly to… well- anything! Although she would never admit it, yet if I’m truly honest, she usually begins weeping over nothing (and my views are probably more plausible than Ysella’s.) She rolled up to school, stunning as usual, holding her sakura umbrella with a smug expression planted on her face- that quickly wiped off once she crashed down, face first in a puddle. You wouldn’t believe that she was twenty years old! She just began to wail, however, that was who she was; there isn’t a passing day where she doesn’t find something to disrupt the peace. She was instantly filled with a pool of regret, all she desired now was a hug from Etsuko, but she toddled off alone. Yzzy is the type of girl to be very reliant on the ones she spent her time with, without them she wouldn’t have made it very far, as a matter of fact, it’s amazing she’s even enrolled in College, let alone the Council! She hauled herself up from the floor, scuttling away to conceal herself from the embarrassment. She stomped up the stairs to the top floor of the school in distress, making her appearance to her period one lecture - a couple of minutes early to avoid latching onto any unwanted attention. She crept her way to the back of the classroom; as she sat down, the chair squeaked under the pressure of her stout body resting on top. She placed her elbows firm on the table, resting her chin in the palm of her right hand - her right cheek, squashing against her fingers. The lecture began nearly immediately after she arrived. It was utterly dreary. The rambling waffled on for a draining hour and a half, she was in luck, however, as it was the only class she had of the day. Now, I won’t go on any further for your sanity, just know that if her morning was anything to go by, her days aren’t exactly very enjoyable.

    The end of the school day approached; Ysella had arrived back to the house. Her eyebrows furrowed as if to elaborate on how exhausted she was. Plodding to the kitchen like an angry dinosaur, she barged open the fridge, stuffing last night’s leftovers in between her plump lips- chewing as she stormed up the stairs. Her steps caused the wobbly wood to quiver. She immediately rubbed off her makeup and leapt into the shower, unwinding from the cold, dull day that she had just endured. After her shower, she wrapped herself up in her pink barbie dressing gown, strolled into her bedroom and tucked herself tightly into her soft, luscious duvet. She reached for the remote on her side table, turning on the latest Netflix franchise she was obsessed with. She usually does this with the light off, ensuring she can later drift off to sleep. Tonight, she reached the final episode- she dragged herself back out of bed, changed into an oversized T-Shirt and lay back down. She sailed away in her mind, trailing off into the unilluminated night.

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    Writing Prompt #2
    ↳ Write about your favourite physical aspect of Karakura (things like classrooms/gardens etc.) Why? What makes it special?

    My Treasured Settings
    There are an abundance of hidden gems in Karakura, set to be discovered. In my encounters with the city, I have found two places to be very dear to me, no matter how gorgeous various other areas may be. I was very indecisive when I had to narrow it down to one favourite aspect and come to face it I could never choose- therefore, I decided to document both. These places are the ‘Nachuraru Hot Springs,’ and the 'Plant Nursery.'

    Firstly, I believe it is apparent that the ‘Nachuraru Hot Springs’ will always be unique; this is not just because of the architecture of the area, it is also because of the sentimental value. The hot-springs, to begin, is next to an alluring assortment of constructions. These traditional Japanese structures, resting peacefully on the top of the mountain, scrape the sky with the elegant tips and vertices of the roofs. What makes this land so distinct is that it has been so beautifully crafted; plenty of labour has been pushed into such a project. When I myself cast a glance amongst such a sight, the classic Japanese charm is the voice that can be heard. In Karakura, plenty of the buildings aren’t true to Japan, and are the type you could find scattered in other regions- this being the reason I am so fascinated by such remarkable structures. This place gives a sense of ease. The way students hike up to the mountain, only to enjoy themselves, playing ‘catch’ with baseballs- itching furiously at the skin, drenched in their sweat-ridden clothing; countless hours spent up there typically retire very well.

    If you can part yourself from such a prepossessing view, you can find yourself trekking down to the ‘Hot Springs,’ my own, personal main attraction. From the outside, all that can be viewed is an underwhelming mountain, staring back at you just as unappreciative; upon striding in it all changes. At the most basic level of thought, the Hot Springs is a natural spa- typically fully in swing during summer. A hot spring is a naturally created emergence of geothermally heated groundwater- lifted from the crust of the earth. It is a natural phenomenon, sitting patiently for citizens of Karakura. You start by entering a room, which is laced with mystical traits- such as the gorgeous reflections. The water shimmers, wavering tenderly in the cleansing air. When in the rooms with bodies of water, I can feel molecules of condensation forming an array on my skin- my inhales suggest salt, similar to strolling on a deserted beach in the evening. There are several separate rooms, each to their own- specified by gender.

    How this came to be is it’s own, constant mystery. In my unprofessional eyes, I adore every aspect, from the anonymity to the secrets of the past. Yes, of course, it’s used currently for people to relax, but why does it exist in such a pleasing way? I am going to avoid speculation, for story’s sake, yet the questions it brings are just another tip to my fascinations. The sentimental value can also spark from the connections and relationships, built upon their time. Not only is the Hot Springs unlike any other creation in Karakura, but it enhances the idea of nature. More residents end up scrambling up the mountain and casting their eyes upon the beauty; the world, in my opinion, needs to be exposed to the aesthetics of a pure, untampered world.

    The next place that intrigued me, is the 'Plant Nursery.' This is an outlier to me as it isn’t large and gorgeous like plenty of other places in the city; it’s miniature, content and homely. I am an extrovert, yet everybody needs time to tuck themselves back and relax- I have found that this is precisely the place to do so. It is beautifully crafted with love and skill; sprinkled with a dash of safety in a sense. If it wasn’t maintained well, it would have never acquired such a charming aura. I can express my emotions there, telling nobody but nature. The different types of plants all wrapped up together in this calm environment sparks inspiration to my mind, fueling my work ethic and gratification from life. My favourite section by far is the little nook around the corner, enclosed by the crystal-like glass. I perch on the tip of the bushes sometimes, to write my own tales about what I believe to have happened there.

    I appreciate the easy access. I spend the vast majority of my waking hours on my school campus - hence why it’s so simple for me to visit. More often than not, it's empty which grants me the chance to do my work there with no disruptions. Trailing on from that, if I need somewhere to bring somebody to unwind, I know exactly where to go. School can become very stress-ridden, which is why I am so passionate about having such a wondrous scene to fall back to if it all gets too much.

    For the cherry on top, there is always something that led this to be. This is what I am persuaded to investigate. Similar to my feelings about the Hot Springs, I find that the reasoning and history behind my cherished places are what really sets them in place. The plant nursery is student-ran, which is an amazing way to educate pupils on the benefits of nature and how to upkeep things in their lives- this is why I think it was created. Look at me, conspiring again, but sometimes it’s all you can do when you are so engrossed in a place which is beyond you. Despite the overt fact that it is a simple area, it’s beyond basic in my wide imagination.

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    Total Word Count: 4,850+

    Hiya! Thank you for reading my application, I worked really hard on it. I’m sorry it’s a little long, especially to the ones marking as I’m sure you have plenty to go through- I am extremely thankful for your time

    Previous Lore Applications:

    I would also really like to take the time to thank my best friends for giving me the motivation a third time. They are always there for me, even when I’m being a cheeky bit of a b***h. I love you guys more than anyone in the world, thank you for lifting me up.

    Julia, Laura, Uku.
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