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Wasted Time

Level 7
Rich Kid
Your In-Game Name: FinalWasted

Rule-breaker's In-Game Name: bunniescares
Reason for request: (Continues OOC Harassment / Toxicity / False Accusations / Targetting) This was going on for months until admin @hebwig solved it by banning these people, They appealed and never did it again, I had no problems about anything since they just stopped it after the ban, until now. They bring this up as soon as I joined TOKUMEI, bunniescares tried her best to get me kicked out of the gang with these false accusations, yet again. I really hope for you guys to take this report seriously, and take action about her behaviour. Because I am tired..
Time of occurrence: 12.10.2021

Any additional members involved: GuacRP / BunnieRP / blackmarketrp
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