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Proper GangRP Etiquette + More


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Proper GangRP Etiquette + More

Hello there folks, I’m Kana. You may know me from running several gangs in the past, including a few large ones. While I don’t necessarily GangRP anymore, I’d like to guide how to act when GangRPing properly. GangRP can be very confusing starting out, especially for new players. It’s something that pretty much everyone tries in their early phases of SRP. Some happen to never leave it, including many who’ve gotten banned while still in their GangRP phase. While GangRP is undoubtedly fun, it’s essential to be realistic and logical in your gang roleplay. For example, if a big man standing at 7’5” height tries to punch you, regardless of rolls, there is practically nothing you could do besides dodge. This is why I suggest you use P2L, a system that doesn’t require rolling. It allows you to put full detail into your actions, getting rid of the flaws from the rolling technique. The rolling system has many flaws, though it can also be helpful at times. This goes without saying; the P2L system has drawbacks as well. I don’t believe it should be your primary combat system, though it’s suitable for when you want to get detailed and experience more with your RP.
What exactly is P2L, and when/how should you use it?
As stated above, P2L (Play To Lose) is a combat style that uses full detail and no rolling. The logic and brains of your opponent determine who wins the fight. It is a much more skilled-based combat system than rolling, but it can often be challenging for new players to pick up. Few people teach P2L to the new players of SchoolRP. While there used to be more, P2L has pretty much died out as a fighting style. While it isn’t used often, you should make an effort to ask your opponent if they want to P2L before engaging in a full-on fight. Many people will be willing to P2L with you as long as you make an effort to ask. I personally still teach P2L to newer players. If you’d like to learn how to utilize the skill of P2L fully, you may DM me on discord Kana#2526.

What should you do when P2Ling?

Ask your opponent beforehand.

2. Use logic determined by realistic factors in your fight.

3. Don’t focus on winning; focus on adding to the development of your character.

4. Be a good sport.

5. Don’t get angry when losing. You are playing with the knowledge you might lose after all.

6. Detail your actions but make them readable, do remember children play SRP as well.

When should you use P2L?

When you can’t handle a situation by rolling, for example, an argument.

2. When your actions aren’t pure chance and are pretty much impossible to dodge/block.

3. When you want to have fun.

Simple P2L Example.

GangRP Etiquette
These rules aren’t what the entire server uses, but this is my opinion on how you should act during GangRP.

1. Respect
Treat EVERY player with respect. Even if you have a grudge against them, everyone deserves the same respect you do.

2. Arguing
Don’t argue over GangRP rules or proper perms. If you 100% know you’re right, take a screenshot of the rule that says it and resolve it right there. If the person continues after you’ve shown them proof of the rules, don’t get toxic with them; simply call staff to provide their opinion and confirm it for sure. This situation should NOT often happen, and if you find yourself in this situation a lot, you should call upon staff to supervise you during your GangRP.

3. Permissions
Don’t mindlessly use perms. Think realistically about the situation. Would you ever cut someone’s eye out for knocking you out in real life? Knocking out is the most common finisher to a fight; typically, nobody will go berserk and cut your eye out with some black attire on in the sewers. Characters take a long time to develop. Mindlessly killing them off for your enjoyment that adds nothing to the actual story of SchoolRP is utterly useless. You have fun for about 30 seconds and then move on to the next person; it’s repetitive and boring. There are cases when it is necessary to use perms in roleplay, Major Assault Permissions and Kill Permissions shouldn’t be taken lightly. Just because the rules state that you CAN use them doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

4. Edgy Nicknames + GangRP red.
Please, for the LOVE OF GOD, do not use edgy nicknames. I’ve never seen any criminal named “Anarchist.” I shouldn’t even have to explain why you shouldn’t use GangRP red. It makes you look stereotypical and cringy. GangRP red hurts a lot of people’s eyes, especially people like me with color sensitivity. It’s better to use something that’s universally understood by most people, like gray or pink.

When should you kill someone?
While there are very few reasons you should EVER kill someone on the server, a few would be valid in my opinion.

The player agrees OOCly to give you kill permissions along with creating lore leading up to the death.

It contributes to an event or leads up to something exciting afterward.

It contributes to a storyline that will further develop your character past a simple body count. For example, your character has schizophrenia and can’t take the harassment she’s been getting since her early school years. She goes crazy and kills someone before profoundly regretting it, throwing her into a depressive fit in the future.

A remarkable example of a storyline to kill off a character would be a wife whose husband left a will for her, leading up to her killing him to receive it early. This could be done through something like poisoning, though it’d be best if this storyline were used on someone of importance in the community ICly as it’s very fitting.
How to properly create a gang

Creating a gang can be challenging, especially getting it to grow. The first step to making any gang is to recognize what type it will be. Will it be an organized crime syndicate, a street gang, a delinquent group, or even a chaos group?

How to create an in-character organized crime syndicate
Creating and understanding an organized crime syndicate is most likely the most complicated type of gang to make. The first step is to do your research. I can assure you, what do you think you know about organized crime? You don’t. Each type of organized crime syndicate is different, for example, a Yakuza. Yakuza syndicates are very different from your average Italian mafia. The Japanese police recognize them as a completely legal organization. While they DO engage in illegal acts, the police don’t engage with them unless their crimes are atrocious since the Yakuza clean up the streets more than destroy them. That Wikipedia article you read? It won’t cover nearly enough information to start an IC organized crime syndicate, and you’ll be studying for hours if you want to make it properly. The police don’t know much about organized crime in real life, so imagine how hard it is for us to find it? You will be searching for web pages for hours and hours, but I promise it will pay off.

How to create an in-character street gang?
This one will take a bit less research; street gangs are recognized typically as “unorganized crime” due to their sloppy way of doing things. They leave lots of evidence at crime scenes, make their members known, etc. This allows the police force in real life to see a lot about them. The more information they know, the easier it is to find that info for yourself. Street gangs typically focus on selling drugs, selling weapons, and becoming a “brotherhood” of the sort. If your character owns OR is in a street gang, they should never be too organized. Despite what you may think, street gangs don’t kill that often. Gang murders happen a lot between different gangs, though they generally don’t touch innocent civilians. They may bash you around a little but will typically never go as far as to murder you.

How to create an in-character delinquent gang?
Delinquent gangs are usually a lot more mellow than usual gangs. They may beat people up, shake them for their money, and sell minimal drugs. All of this is usually done by juveniles, along with their prominent place of operations being the school. There should rarely be an incident where you kill someone while partaking in a delinquent gang. That is unrealistic and rarely happens.

How to create an in-character chaos group?
while Chaos groups are a rare concept in the real world, I've seen a lot of them on SRP. Chaos group's main reasoning for their doings is to cause chaos, hence the name "Chaos Group." They do things like arson, public humiliation, blackmail, etc. Anything to cause as much chaos as possible. While there isn't any real reason for these existing, try to make some sort of backstory for them. They're kind of an overused concept in the GangRP community, but if done right they can turn out really well. If you run a chaos group, try to get some events scheduled with it. Things that impact the server, you're trying to cause chaos after all.
Firstly, I’m in NO way supporting throwaway characters of any kind. If you are going to make your character, it should definitely not be made for the sheer fact of GangRP. I’m simply going over a few ways to make your character that is mainly used for GangRP unique and have more of a lasting impact. While many people say you shouldn’t get attached to GangRP characters, I’ve personally had my character for nearly 3 years. He’s been in many gangs and has led some as well, I’m very attached to him but I don’t plan on losing him any time soon. While I don’t plan on it, I understand the risk of using him for any gang activities. Firstly, you should think about your character and if they’re fit for a criminal life at all. If they aren’t, you most likely shouldn’t use them. Your characters should always have less gang interaction than normal interaction. This keeps a balance between the amount of story being incorporated with your character and your character being used for gang activities. Gangs shouldn’t be your character’s entire life. When roleplaying out a gang character, you should put yourself in the shoes of a real gang member. Think about why your character is doing it, and not a simple reason like “it’s fun.” An actual reason that includes a backstory, current story, and struggles that placed your character here. Your gang character shouldn’t contain any “serial killer” aspects, such as going around and killing people just because you have KPS. It’s boring and discourages proper roleplay, at that point you’re just wasting characters. Don’t give your characters mental disorders just to use as an excuse for their GangRP tendencies, while this can definitely add to the story, it shouldn’t be your character’s main reason for their gang affiliation.
Final Notes
While this wasn’t meant to offend any gang roleplayers who do the things I mentioned not to do, these are simple tips that I’ve discovered from my few years of GangRP. I can assure you, following these will make your experience a whole lot better. I hope this can help out anyone trying to gain a more immersive gangrp experience, along with new players getting into it for the first time. Always remember, as a member of this community it is not only your job to have fun for yourself, it's also your job to allow others to have fun as well.
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I'll probably continue to add to this over time, there are some other things I'd like to mention in the future.


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na but it's aight i wldn't mind p2l'ing since it doesnt make sense tht a 6'5 200lbs dude could get absolutely bulldozed by a 5'0 80lbs cop/student. Not realistic 2 me at all.

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