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QwQMeHarder's Journalist Application


Level 4
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[OOC Section]

IGN (In Game Name):

Previous bans:
No Previous Bans

Describe your activity on the server:
I’m on for at least 10 hours every day, so about

Do you have Discord?
Yes, my discord is QwQMeHarderDaddy#6854

Do you have a microphone?
Yes, I have a working microphone

List your current and past applications: (Accepted) (Denied) (Accepted) (Accepted)

What is your motivation for applying?:
I have more than just a few reasons why I'm applying and why I'd like to be accepted to be a Journalist, but one of my motivations for applying to be a Journalist is to help others get caught up on everything that’s happening in Karakura, especially in school. I like letting people in the City, especially who go to our High School know what's going on in Karakura. I’d also like to further my knowledge and experience in writing stories and how to take notes of important parts of stories.

What knowledge do you have of journalist Work?:
My current knowledge of Journalist Work is that Journalists are supposed to take note of important parts of the story to further the Reader’s knowledge on what’s going on in their town and in their school. Journalists should also know how to make their writing factual, but interesting at the same time. They’re expected to have good grammar and spelling when writing their stories.

Why are Reporters important to SchoolRP?:
Reporters are important to SchoolRP to help release information to the public about what’s going on in school and in the City of Karakura, like events, holidays, news, etc. Reporters are also important to SchoolRP to help promote people’s businesses. For example, something like Eirmon Services, or a business server of some sort to help them gain customers/popularity among the city.

[IC Section]

Tell us about your character, how do they look, what makes them unique? What are they like on and off the job? Outlook on their co-workers? Plans for the future?:
Antoinette Corbin is a female who stands at the height of 6’5 and weighed around 225lbs. She’d be missing one eye and her right pinky finger, her left leg would be prosthetic as it was cut off. She’d be almost covered in burn wounds and scars from various injuries that she’s received from protecting others. She’d have a thick French accent that complimented her deep, raspy voice. What makes Antoinette unique are her writing skills, especially her Japanese grammar since she’s only known Japanese for two years, alongside the fact that she’s still learning Japanese and how to write in it. On the job, Antoinette is professional and formal as possible, she asks the right questions at the right time and she only takes note of important things of the story that will help intrigue others to read her reports. Off of the job, Antoinette loves to mess around with her friends and family members, she’s very goofy and is as friendly as she can be while out in public. Antoinette’s outlook on her Co-Workers is that they should always be as formal and friendly as possible when they’re on the job, they should always know how to take notes and how to figure out what the main idea of the report should be. Antoinette’s plans for the future are to climb her way up to the top from being a Journalist, to being a School Faculty Worker, to working as an EMS, after she completes her missions, she’s planning on staying in Karakura, or going back to Zurich Switzerland where she can eventually spend the rest of her days with her friends and family that she loves.

Antoinette Corbin, a light brown French female who was born in the beautiful city of Zurich, Switzerland grew up in a household that only spoke French. When she moved to Karakura with her father and non-identical twin sister, her and her sister didn’t know Japanese. After moving to Karakura, Antoinette made a few friends, along with a Private Tutor who helped her and her sister learn Japanese. Before moving to Karakura, Antoinette was already getting a pretty good education at her current school, but she was seeking a higher education in a different area other than Switzerland, so her and her family decided to go to Karakura when her and her sister were just 16. They also decided to move to Karakura to get Antoinette away from the trauma after what had recently happened to her and her best friend, Searle. While in Karakura, she had joined a few gangs and families here and there to get more experience and protection, as well as to protect her close ones from anything bad happening to them. When Antoinette finally got enrolled at Karakura Highschool, her father got a job as a professor and she became friends with a lot of students and school faculty. She’d then go on to become the daughter of four different adults, Oscar, her blood related father, Haruki, her adoptive father, Ume, her adoptive mother and Don, her second adoptive father. Antoinette is slowly working her way up in the factions, she’ll be applying for Journalist, then work her way up to being a Teacher or some sort of School Faculty, then she’ll work for a longer while to eventually become a part of the Medical Team as an EMS worker.

[SECTION 1: Personal Details]

Full Name:
Antoinette Corbin


Given Name(s):
Wrath, Net, Corbin, Ace

Preferred Name:



Native Languages:

Other Languages:
Japanese & Spanish


Current Location:
Karakura, Japan

Phone Number:

Other notes:
Thank you for taking the time and effort to read my application, I hope you have a good day!

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Level 75
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Applications are done via discord.
Please dm shu#2310 for a discord invitation.

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