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Raaevien's Teacher Application | Subject Change Request

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by Jinyoung, Aug 21, 2020.

  1. Jinyoung

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    Mar 25, 2020
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    Out-Of-Character Information

    What is your Minecraft username?:

    How old are you?:
    19 years old

    Do you have any previous bans?:

    What Country are you from?:
    From the Philippines

    Do you have Discord (if so, what is your discord username?):
    Yes, I do. It’s JinWooseok#9432

    Do you understand that most answers are found in the roleplay documents?:
    Yes, I usually am active in the forums to double check rules and some important documents needed.

    Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:
    Yes, I completely understand this, and would accept any necessary punishments from the higher ups.

    Do you understand that all classroom activity must be documented on the "Teacher Roster" thread?:
    Yes, I understand this fully.

    Describe your activity on the server & on the forums?:
    My activity on the server had been since November 2019 and counting. I usually come online everyday and every night, trying to manage both my alts and my main, giving them enough rp time with their connections and families.

    Link(s) to any previous applications on the server?: [Accepted] [Denied] [Denied] [Accepted] [Accepted] [Accepted] [Accepted] [Declined] [Accepted] [Accepted] [Accepted] [Accepted]


    What is your motivation for becoming a teacher?: (Motivation of the Change of Subject)
    I still would love to continue to be a highschool teacher. I enjoy teaching and sharing ideas that I know of to people on the server. I was able to connect closely to students, other fellow teachers and/or school employees. Recently, I have been teaching music and dance to my students. They enjoy my subject as it enables them to speak up and build their motivation. However, I have always been a fond of teaching PE ever since I started working in the teacher's department. I've always thought that Physical Education had always been fun to teach and experience but there were no slots opened for me to teach until recently. I wanted to grab that opportunity and gain that motivation to make PE fun and educational. This is an opportunity I have been waiting for months and always wanted to grab it when I get the chance. I enjoy my lessons as well as teaching it to the students through roleplay and I think that my knowledge on PE focusing on sports and teamwork would help me greater to providing a fun learning experience to the students. I think this opportunity will help me greatly into adding it to my roleplay experience.

    Do you have any experience in Roleplaying?:
    I have a vast amount of knowledge in Role playing, I have abided by the rules, perms or simple and basic roleplay that would also help other role-players to bring their story to life.

    Have you read the Faculty Handbook?:

    Yes, I am very much familiar with the Handbook as well as the teacher’s code of conduct found on the forums.

    What are the classroom logs and why is it important?:
    Classroom logs are used by the teachers to log their classes in order for them to keep track of their work. With this logs, the higher ups are able to check whether or not their employees or their teachers are active and working enough to receive a reasonable payment

    You want to start a school field trip; how do you do that?:
    First off, make an efficient plan for the field trip giving it a reasonable connection to the topic of a lesson. It can also be efficient by getting help from another teacher to plan out activities and help maintain the behaviour of the class. Once everything was planned out, a Principal or the Vice-Principal’s approval is needed- giving them a proper laid out objective of the trip, the reason it must be done and the outcome of the trip. Once a clearance had been made by the Principal and the Vice. Then the trip is all good to go.

    As a teacher, what are the strict rules when being in a class?:

    As a teacher, I have set up some strict rules which are the following:
    1. Raise your hand when you want to speak, else do not speak while the lesson is ongoing
    2. Do not disrupt the class, if you act immature or disruptive in class a warning will be made. After three warnings, the student will be punishable by detention or a strike.
    3. Cheating, talking or discussing anything with their fellow classmates during a quiz will get a zero and will be warned.
    4. All cellular devices must be switched off
    5. No violence in class, whether it be verbal or non-verbal. A strike will be given.
    Summarize your previous RP experience's (both in general and on SchoolRP):
    I have started roleplaying on discord and was suddenly moved to a minecraft roleplay which made me experience more of the scenarios that were occuring. I’ve played role play in a server called CreativeFun, however as I found a school roleplay server, it gave me more in depth experience of living as my character.

    Describe the ranking system of teachers:

    - HD:
    Head of the Department
    The head of the department role is in charge of the teachers of the same department whether they be new or qualified faculty. They are also considered to be role models by the faculty.

    - QTLS:
    Qualified Teaching and Learning Skills
    They are badged professional teachers and they are rewarded once an NCT has proven their capabilities in their department. They are role models and mentors to NQTs giving them enough independence to host their own classes.

    - NQT:

    New Qualified Teacher
    These are the newly applied teachers, they are teachers in training who are slowly gaining experience in teaching a certain subject of their choosing. They look up to QTLS and HDs who are their mentors in helping them achieve experience in the field

    Teacher Knowledge

    Present to us your knowledge about Teachers in-game and out-of-game, what purpose do teachers serve. What salary do they get? Include a paragraph about the way teachers teach, what they do in their spare time in general.

    Whether it be in-game or out-of-game the work of a teacher remains the same. Their attitudes and ethics should continue to be professional and well-mannered. They teach relative lessons and topics with a proper lesson plan that would benefit their students in the long-run. They provide knowledge to their students, giving them enough opportunity for the future and a competitive chance to their career path.

    High school teachers are paid 200,000 yen monthly with an additional 50,000 yen for every overtime classes the teachers worked hard for.


    The purpose of the teacher is to educate their students to be the best they can be, help them achieve their goals in life. They provide moral support and some advice that could help the student in need. They are like parents that would help the students behave well, share their knowledge about the world and adulthood, encouraging them to pursue their career choice.They create a good path for their students to partake, ensuring that they gain hands-on-experience.
    Now during their spare time, teachers are still on duty even if they are at home by grading, planning and studying their lesson for the next day. However, if all their tasks are done they still would love to spend their time relaxing, socializing and connecting with other people.

    Why are teachers important to a SchoolRP server?:
    Teachers makes SchoolRP’s role play experience unique. It gives you distinct features of different types of teachers, attitudes and styles that would normally apply in real life situations. Teachers in SchoolRP makes the High school roleplay experience realistic. It provides players to get in depth with FearRP and build respect for the experience SRP is trying to provide. Their roles are built to create that immersive experience of being in highschool, learning something in class and being involved with their character’s life as their own.

    What lesson planning system does the school work on?:
    The School relies on the MoSCoW method: “Must have” “Should have” “Could have”

    Character Knowledge

    Tell us everything you know about the character you will be playing in a few paragraphs. How does he look like? What makes him unique and different? What is his outlook on Students? What about the other teachers? What is his personality like? What is his plan for the future?
    Kim Jinyoung is 6’5ft tall Korean male with dark blue eyes and wavy brown hair. He spoke in a monotone voice and liked to dress casually. He loves the color red and has slightly dark skin. He usually stands out in the crowd by being comedic and very mysterious at times. He loves to help other people and make them feel protected. He is a very family oriented guy, and would like to have kids of his own.

    He sees the students like his own children, who are interested in learning new things, listening to him for advice. He knows that not all students will be the same, and that all students will act the way they are uniquely. He knows how to handle kids with different attitudes and aptitudes. He knows very well that he can’t please everyone but, in certainties he knows how to listen well to the students and give them support to how he knows best.

    Kim Jinyoung has a plan of helping students grow to help them achieve their career. He has a passion to protect others, ensure their safety and help students immerse in the world as a successful young adult.


    You find a gang of delinquents in the hallway cursing and swearing, what do you do?:

    Firstly, I would approach them calmly and professionally, asking them to stop using such language within the school premises while reminding them about school policy that cursing and swearing in the halls are not allowed. If in case the students would not listen to my warning, I would stand my ground and talk to them calmly and professionally, once again showing them my authority that following school rules will result them to a greater consequence.

    No one in your class is listening to a word you say, what do you do?:
    If I notice that no one in my class is listening to my lessons, I would take a deep breath and calm myself, to keep myself contained as I approach the center of the class, changing my lesson plan on the spot that would somehow keep them interested. If some of the students continued to be disruptive and disrespectful by not cooperating in class as I try to handle it, I would suggest calmly to the student that if he/she wishes to leave my class, they’d be welcome to walk out of the door if my subject does not interest them.

    When in the teacher's lounge, how does your character act?:
    My character would enter the lounge in a sophisticated manner without making any sound to disturb his other co-teachers. He’ll smile politely and greet the other teachers that would somehow give him the pleasure to socialize lightly before doing the rest of his work quietly.

    Provide at least 5 detailed /me's of your character inside a classroom:

    /me would have his chest out and his arms around his back pacing around the class ensuring that silence is observed and eyes are onto their papers.

    /me approached the teacher’s desk placing down his books gently and smiling at his students. He would look over the students and clasps his hands to get their attention before greeting them

    /me He slowly bounced in place, lifting his right hand up to his head height, doing a circular motion. Following the rhythm as he watched them follow on the mirror

    /me would stare at the line of students, observing their gestures and body language. He would point to one of the students to lead the first activity session.

    /me would walk in class and stand in an attentive position as he stared to his class, observing them quietly


    Kim Jinyoung was born on the 1st of February, 2002 in Gyeonggi-do, Korea. He lived with his mother Kim Eunbi, his father Kim Jongseon, and two younger sisters- Kim Chaemin and Kim Soohyun. He studied at Hanlim Academy, taking up a career in performing arts. At the age of 12 his second sister died due to depression and their family were devastated to hear about the news. From then on, he took up science and psychology majors to help others in need. He was passionate about helping and understanding others, working his way up to the point of saving them- Something he could have done to his sister.

    At the age of 15, he was deemed to be one of the Elite students in their highschool, gaining a reputation of being part of the student council at a young age and year level. He was satisfied with the recognition he had been getting and that the family had been slowly moving on from their downfall. His grades were outstanding, his dreams were big, and his passion were endless.

    However, another tragic obstacle had met the family, His father had lost his job at the same year. Jinyoung- despite the bad luck his family is having- strived harder to get better grades in school as he continued to apply for part time jobs, freelance jobs or even a small side job to help the family. Jinyoung’s family earnings dropped drastically and his stress was getting the best of him. In 4 months of hard work for the family, Jinyoung’s father was able to grab an opportunity with a Japanese client that was recommended to him. The family was sent to relocate to Tokyo, Japan and for him and his remaining sister to transfer to Karakura High.

    Upon arrival in Tokyo, Jinyoung and his Family seemed to be happier with their lifestyle and trying to cope up with a newer beginning. Jinyoung took up performing arts in college majoring in dance and vocals however had to shift to the course of media entertainment. After college he worked to become a trainer that would help aspiring artists to get through their career choice. He helped out teachers in the media, film and entertainment courses that gave him a greater understanding of his field while he took up masters in Multimedia arts. At the age of 25, he applied to teach a course he is passionate about and help students realize that self pride and confidence will give them a good boost on their career path.

    In-Character Information
    (Pretend your character is filling this out, not you)

    SECTION 1: Personal Details

    Full Name:
    Jin Eunsang Whyos De. Kyeon

    Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss):

    Given Name(s):
    Jin, Jinyoung, Eunsang

    Preferred Name:



    Religious Denomination:

    Marital Status:


    Current Location:
    Karakura, Japan

    SECTION 2: Academic Details

    Teaching Experience (# of years):
    3 years of training and teaching experience

    Working Experience (# of years):
    4 years total work experience

    Academic Degree:
    Master’s in Sports Management

    Year of Graduation:

    Sports Science and Psychology

    Nutrition and Wellness

    Native Languages:

    Other Languages:
    Japanese, English

    Do you have a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certificate?:
    Yes, I have TEFL Certificate that enables me to teach english as a foreign language

    Preferred Teaching Subject:
    Physical Education

    Additional notes about your application (if any): None
    Do you have any questions?: None
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  2. Mistalee

    Mistalee Germany Level 114

    Jun 17, 2019
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    - Good application; There's plenty of detail in it, just like your previous ones - Good job! However, all P.E Teacher slots are currently filled.
    - Please message Knot#6368 for an option to switch to another subject, seeing as P.E is already maxed out teacher-wise.
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