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3D Modelling Portfolio
Heyyoo~ I've been making models for Minecraft Resource packs for YEARS unrelated to SRP and now do models for SRP. My main focus for models is all cutesy stuff or anything for your accessory needs! I'm mostly known for making plushies, toys, hats, and my personal favorites being bows, flowers, and anything frilly (the word of my baby doll models I've heard is spread around in the community). I will try to communicate as much as possible with your models and will bend my style in order to fit with your needs! My model style is quite unique and I am no expert, but that doesn't mean I am not afraid to change things if needed or improve on my skills to make sure your model is as clean and clear as possible for you! Please do not be afraid to dm me any questions even if I don't have all the answers.

The DOs n DON'Ts
Some aspects I'm strong in while others I'm weaker at.
[ DOs ]
[ DON'Ts ]
- Plushies/Toys
(animals, objects, toy wands, staffs, the magical girl stuff)
- Baby "Dolls"
(ya'll like this one)
- Hair Accessories
(bows, flowers, hair add-ons, pigtails, scrunchies)
- Earrings
- Hats

(sun hats, caps, even your fancy feathered ones)
- Bags
(purses, backpacks)
- Simple Decor
(posters, flower vases, candles, lights)
- Food items
(cakes, sweets, even sandwiches)
- Glasses
- Phones/Technology
- Vehicles
(I'm not that skilled just yet!)
- Complex Weaponry
(I'm a pacifist)
- Instruments
(RIP your pianos)
- Big Furniture
(need more practice)
Model Examples
Here's some of my favorite models I did for the server c:


thas all folks. c:

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