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RancidPee | Police Application

RancidPee (CRAIG)

Level 3

Out-Of-Character (OOC) Section

IGN (In-Game Name):

RancidPee [Adult] Saburo Denvers
Alt Account - gorefetish [Grade-12][Football] Ryota Saiky

Discord Name & Tag:


Previous bans:

None, only a few warns.

Describe your activity on the server:

I am active on SRP everyday, unless I am doing something that day. No matter what, I notify when I will not be offline, or my situation. I have been roleplaying and experiencing the server since around late 2019.

Which timezone are you in?

Eastern Standard Time (EST).

List your current and past IC/OOC faction applications:

Most recent to Least recent:
Cosplay Club Leader Application (Denied because the club was disbanded)
Caretaker Application (Accepted)
Police Application (Denied)
Police Application (Accepted)
Korean Application (Accepted).
German Application (Accepted).
German Application (Denied).
French Application (Accepted).

What is your motivation for applying?:

I honestly miss roleplaying and being apart of the KPD. When I was last in KPD, I made some wonderful friends, I had a 'family' in a sense. Not only did being in the KPD give me a so called family, but it gave me more roleplay experience, as well as something to do. SRP recently has been getting a little bit more bland, but when I was KPD I remember never being bored. Being in the KPD once more would rekindle my love for SRP, as well as make it more fun. You never know what's going to happen as a KPD officer, as it teaches you how to be more aware in situations and to be honest, I need to actually polish on some abilities. I am hopeful that I get accepted, so I can learn what's changed and what hasn't. I would be able to be on the server most of the time when an officer isn't going to be on, as I am a night-owl. I usually will stay on most of the day. The account I am applying on is sadly getting less and less played on everyday, along with Saburo. This role would allow me to continue playing my favorite oc with a purpose other than wandering aimlessly around the city, and use the account once more for something I enjoyed doing, and will enjoy doing. I would also like to mention I do have 100% endurance, swim-speed, and running. I am working on my Acrobatics, so the account I am applying on would be useful in all sorts of situations. I know the sewers like my left hand, and all gang hideouts. I think I would be a great asset to the team, and I really really really hope I could be apart of the KPD once more. I left the KPD early due to something personal, and I would like to experience life of being a Sergeant+, and I would be devoting a ton of my time to the force for a long time.

What knowledge do you have of Police Work?

I do, I used to be an officer. I know the ins and outs of training, situations such as an officer getting stabbed (I've been there before LOL), as well as raiding. I've been in multiple situations where we've had to raid apartments, manhunt people, as well as flash events. I know the basic police codes, and I am willing to learn even more than what is needed. I know about the code names officers can pick or get given, for when they get into their swat gear. Police are meant to enforce the law, catch criminals, and bring peace to the public. Cops are expected to not have dyed hair, ponytails out, or colored contacts. They are supposed to be professional, not looking like y2k emo adults. Uniforms are to be worn on-duty at all times, and must not be wrinkled.

I know the ranking system, and what each rank is able to do. If someone wants to patrol, they must ask the Highest rank online if they can go out.

Your job as a Cadet is to mainly learn. Cadet is a stage where you need to understand every scenario, how to protect yourself, and how to defend not only your fellow officers and civilians, but also the city. Other than that, Cadets are able to file reports, use CCTV, Go on patrols with Patrol Officers and up, as well as attend their training. Over a course of 2-3 OOC weeks, you will be tested in various situations. When you are finally ready to take the test, you have to get a specific number of questions right to pass it right. If you do not complete this task and fail, you will have to retake it within a week. If you are unable to complete this test within a certain amount of time, you will be removed as a Cadet. If you do pass this test, you will be promoted to a Patrol Officer.

Patrol Officer
Once you are a Patrol Officer, you receive a badge to celebrate the fact you passed the test. As a Patrol Officer, you are able to start your own patrol with at least one other person, with permission from a higher-up, respond to emergency calls, and take part in more out of station work. You're able to go off-duty with permission from a higher-up, and only a higher up.

There isnt much separating Cadet and Patrol Officer, as you are still fairly new with just a bit more experience. There is still room to learn. Once you are active enough, you are promoted to Corporal. Cadet and Patrol Officer have the same equipment.

Corporals are supposed to train the newer cadets and teach them the things they are required to know to become a Patrol Officer. They have a set schedule, I'm not too sure if it's everyday they host a training, or every other day. Usually, Corporals can handle situations well, knowing what to do when things get dire. They're more experienced usually than a Patrol Officer, so they'd be able to attend more severe missions with the higher-ups. When Corporal's are to be promoted, they are able to go into the detective division and start out as a Detective Constable, much like a Cadet they'd be trained to focus on the crime-scene and interrogation aspects. If they choose not to become a detective, they will become a Sergeant and receive a Glock. They can also have a Police Motorcycle.

Sergeants are the middle of the rankings, mostly being there to help the lower ranks through the day. They may help the Corporals train Cadets, Supervise and correct mistakes they make, as well as go on missions with the Higher-ups. This is the last official 'Promotion' Rank, as the rest of the ranks are unable to be promoted to. Sergeants are able to carry Glocks at any time, and police cars.

Lieutenants are meant to control their own divisions, and only three Sergeants can be Lieutenants, and that is by taking a test. Its a very hard test, as well as having to deal with one scenario. They are expected to know how to get out of nearly every situation or threat alive, and are known to have the most experience out of all the lower ranks. Lieutenant is known as a 'Higher-Up'. They're the highest obtainable rank.

This rank is not obtainable, as the Captain is like the Commissioners right-hand man. This is the second to highest rank, like Commissioner but with a little less authority.

Commissioner is the Highest rank out of everything. The Commissioner keeps EVERYONE in line, makes MAJOR decisions and is the face of the KPD. They should be able to trust their Captain and Lieutenants to take control of issues that are not of major importance, only dealing with the utmost dangerous missions.

Taser Information
You are only to have your taser out if its a specific situation. Always have your tasers out and ready if you are searching someone, even if you are the one patting them down. It's for your own safety, your partners safety, and the city's safety. There are some areas such as the sewers where you shouldn't tase someone, unless they have kidnapped and harmed a fellow officer, such as the sewers and basement of the Powerplant. In these areas, you use batons.

Danger Zones
In Danger Zones, all officers should be alert for anything as there could be criminals anywhere. They should watch corners, keep their tasers or guns out at all times, making sure they won't have any blind spots, as well as protecting themselves.

All officers should be alert in general when on duty, especially if they have recently arrested someone. Anything could happen at ANY time, and I know this personally. . I was unaware of my surroundings once, and suddenly me and my patrol partner was ambushed. We could've avoided the situation, but we didn't think through thoroughly. Your bodycams should be on every time you go out, they should never be off. You are equipped with a radio and should be able to access it 24/7 no matter what.

Officers are supposed to be equipped with the following;

Police Radio
Badge (Police Officer and up)

Pepper Spray
Crowbar (Corporal up I think?)
Glock (Sergeant up)
Riot Gear
Police Motorcycle (Corporal up)
Police Car (Sergeant up)


Why is Police important to SchoolRP?

To balance out Gang-roleplay. There may not be that many verified gangs, but there is one. Many underground gangs and cults are also rampant, as well as drug lords and corrupt hospital staff. Without the KPD, or Police in general, the town would be running with crime. There wouldn't be any balance, even if there isn't any majorly verified gangs. Sometimes people in Verified Gangs sell weapons to unverified players, giving them access to even deadlier weapons than what's publicly obtainable. Gangs are growing each day, and the only way to stop that is to serve and protect the city as an officer.

KPD Offers the public a safe space, as well as people they can trust with their life to protect. Other factions also help the city of Karakura stay safe, but it is mostly the job of KPD to enforce laws and keep everyone in check. They're one of the beacons that hold the city together, and are needed. SchoolRP is supposed to be a slice of life roleplay, having mostly realistic roles and things happen in game. Police are a real asset needed in every town, therefore it is needed in Karakura.

Do you acknowledge that you're subject to being demoted if accepted at any given time?

Yes, I acknowledge and accept that fact.

Do you acknowledge that by applying for this role, you are agreeing to be 100% dedicated to the Police Officer role?
Yes, I acknowledge and I will dedicate myself to being a KPD Officer.

Do you acknowledge that if training is held whilst you are online, you are needed to attend or you will be punished?
Yes, I acknowledge and accept that fact.

In-Character (IC) Section


Character's Full Name:

Saburo Denvers

Character's age (if accepted):


Character's gender & pronouns:


Character's Academic Background

Masters Degree in Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology

What languages are you proficient in besides Japanese?


Describe your character; how they look, what makes them unique?

Much like a majority of the citizens in Karakura, the ex-model wore conventionally attractive features. There wasn’t anything in particular within his facial structure, simply the mixture of them together carved him into nothing short of a masterpiece. He hosted naturally black hair with a single white section thrown into it. Despite certainly being out of place, a particular charm was added onto his already undeniably gorgeous attributes. Piercings gleamed as they kissed his earlobes, though outshined by the flicker of his delicately green irises that became starry due to a particular boyfriend of his. Under layers of clothing, however, was an oil burn stained onto his left arm from a love that collapsed. Along with that, other scars were peppered onto his skin; A wide one on his left arm and another hugging his right. With long-legs that stretched him to the height of six-two, it’s no wonder he once fell into the modeling industry.

In-game description:
&7An ex-model with stories indented in his arms in the form of an oil burn and wide scar on his left, another mark hugging his right. Piercings gleamed as they kissed his earlobes, however they were outshined by the delicate hue of his irises. He was undoubtedly a masterpiece in the looks department, if the ‘ex-model’ status wasn’t enough of a hint. (6’2”/187 cm.)


How does your character act in a professional/casual situation?

Saburo is fairly professional when needed, keeping a clear mind and a good composure. He's very level-headed, and is a workaholic. He often offers to buy his co-workers things as a kind act, but when he is in a casual situation he is fairly quiet. He doesn't talk much about himself, mostly about his Husband or his Kids. He is proud of his children and Husband, they are the light of his life. When he is needed to be stern and serious, he can be without hesitation. Saburo offers his unbiased opinions for others, unless its about his family, husband, or kids. If anything regarding them is in question, he is not the person to talk about it with. Saburo is able to start small talk, it being a big joy whenever family is mentioned. As you can tell, he is a very FAMILY ORIENTED GUY.. . but he's also very into taking charge.

What is their outlook on the idea of co-workers & teamwork?

He loves it! He used to be apart of the caretaker team, and enjoyed working with them a bunch. At any opportunity, he would love to work with others. Though he is quiet and well-reserved, he doesn't mind listening to chatter and helping out in a way his fellow teammates cant. He's fairly strong, so he would be good in group situations that required someone strong. He knows you cannot be apart of a 'force' without teamwork. If he is annoyed with a co-worker, he will voice his concerns and if they do not change, he will not work with them again. He knows his limits and will try his best to work them out, though.

Do you see yourself as a leader or a follower? Why?

Saburo isn't afraid to take charge, knowing he will have a level-head in any situation. He's not one to hesitate to do things, not being 'timid' for how quiet he is. The quietness is mostly because he himself doesn't find pleasure in expressing things about himself, as stated before. He is secretive. But besides that, He will point out things he finds wrong, and things he doesn't find to be helpful to the situation. Saburo is good at holding himself accountable for things he's done, and will apologize accordingly in a well-fashioned way. Quite often, he enjoys leading a group and being in charge, still listening to everyone's concerns though!

BACKSTORY (100+ words)

Baby Era + Childhood (SO COOL)

The stars and moon bore witness to a baby being born in Meijo hospital. As his mother hugged him so close to her body, Yano and Akio Yamano tearfully accepted their second son into their family. After such a tiring endeavor, Yano drove his wife and brand new son to their home in Nagoya, Japan, where he would stay for the next nineteen years of his life. Thankfully, the couple blossomed a love that rivaled the one between the sun and blue sky. Due to their delicate and never ending affection for each other, Saburo was granted a tranquil and cheerful childhood. His childhood was fairly nice. He got good grades, had a good life at home, and was really interested in Police Work. Due to Saburo being fairly handsome, he became popular quickly amongst his classmates and the females at his school. Nothing majorly bad happened as a kid, besides his kindling in his teen years when he'd find out he was bisexual. Directly after school, he pursued a criminal-based study.

Young Adult Era
Though he studied a criminal-based study, Saburo suddenly found himself swarmed with designer clothing. He proceeded to enter the modeling industry, in which he met his soon-to-be wife. A beautiful French woman named Elise, who once was the reason warmth overwhelmed his cheeks and chest. However, after their marriage, his perspective of her shifted and he took the rose-tinted shades he once wore. It had become clear she was, in actuality, rather malevolent; a person selfish, arrogant, and undoubtedly manipulative. Her true nature would leak into different parts of their marriage, until it pooled at his feet and he was forced to come to terms with it. Unfortunately for him, he simply was too late. By the time he had realized how much he despised such a person, they’d already created a family; two sons and one daughter she gave to him. Sixteen years had passed since their vows and Saburo was stuck on the idea of how to break the news to his wife, and much more importantly, the kids. However, Elise had beat him to it. During an especially cold night, she invaded his arm with hot oil before disappearing into the darkness, shattering his reality much too fast for him to comprehend. Elise would also go to tell and frame Saburo for many things; crushing his reputation even more than it already was with the hot oil. Even though the things Saburo was framed for was false and proven to be false; Elise was once again, a fairly beautiful woman and was fairly high in the industry. This caused him to take his children and move to Karakura, during a four year timespan.

Current Life
During Saburo's current life, he applied for the job of a Caretaker where he'd meet his boyfriend, Jack Denvers. It was love at first sight, and surely was going to be a faithful and good relationship. Jack got along with his children, and they got along with Jack. It was perfect harmony. Saburo eventually got a house, where Jack frequently slept in, with welcoming arms from Saburo. There would be a few rough patches in his life with Jack, but they were small and clearly weren't enough to break them up. After about 11 months of dating and quitting his job with his friends, Saburo decided to propose to his lover. Jack happily accepted, the room around the two being full of rose-petals and sakura tree leaves littered around invitingly warm candles. Kimitsu had also joined in on the fun, hiding on the stairs playing the song 'Careless Whisper' from her phone. On their one year, they got married at the Saiky estate, Elias Saiky being Saburo's best man. He lived in bliss for the first month or two being married to Jack, until suddenly he was attacked at the Koji Towers. . A masked man kidnapped him and stabbed him multiple times, dumping his passed out body on the side of the road. His husband, Jack, was looking for him. Saburo woke up, slowly limping his way to the hospital, that was until he collapsed in-front of a young girl who eventually got someone to bring him to the hospital successfully. He knew that the tragic thing would happen one day, but he accepted it. He survived, continuing to love and stay with Jack.

Motivation for Joining

Sabruo would later find out that the same man who attacked him, had also attacked Jack. However, Jack nearly died. Saburo couldn't forget about this, wanting to find this assailant. He can't do it alone, so he decided to put his masters degrees to work, and apply for KPD. He'd do anything for Jack, making sure that he is safe. . Even if it means risking his life everyday to make sure that happens.


Can you legally own a pocket knife in Karakura?

No, you cannot. If you are found with one in your inventory, you will be arrested with Minor Possession of Illegal Weaponry. No weapons are able to legally processed besides the Metal Baseball Bat and Wooden Baseball Bat with proof you use them for baseball.

Name 5 medical items that do NOT require a prescription

Paracetamol (Maximum of five)
Cough Syrup (Maximum of two)
Birth Control (Maximum of five)

Lactulose (Maximum of five)
Eyepatch (Maximum of two)

If you see your co-workers physically abusing an inmate, what should you do?

Assuming my body-cam was on, I would catch it. if it was not, I would turn it on for my safety, and the inmates safety as well as my fellow officers safety. If an inmate reports that an officer is abusing them, I will report it to a higher-up and ask to see their bodycam footage. If there is no bodycam footage that is obtainable from said officer, I would continue to send my body-footage to the higher-up. No cop should go into the cell room without their bodycams on.

What should you do if you see your co-worker being assaulted?

Check surroundings quickly incase there is more than one Assailant, then tase said attacker and cuff them. Radio for backup if the situation goes south quickly, and if my partner needs medical assistance, radio an EMS to the location. After doing all this and securing the are around us, arrest the attacker for assaulting an officer.

What do you do if you find out that your co-worker is corrupt and is helping criminal organizations?

I would thoroughly watch them to see if I could find anything suspicious that provides evidence and catch it on my body-cam. If I found something against said officer, I would report them to a higher-up immediately.

How would you react to a criminal trying to bribe you?
Deny the bribe and then warn them to stop; however if they do it again after my warning, I will fine them. If they cannot pay this fine, I will arrest them.

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